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July 30, 2016
Khan is KRAZY!!! This movie is BOTH intelligent and action-packed. Fresh new story brings tension and tragedy to characters we love. First class Directing and Editing. This film breathes new life into this stellar franchise.

Everything in this movie pops. The narrative, acting, special effects. The formula is JUST RIGHT. This film is the model which every Star Trek film should aspire to be.
July 30, 2016
Khan is epic in this, he's up there with Darth Vader as one of the best movie villains of all time. Kirk and Khan at their best. Great story, great pacing, great film.
July 26, 2016
More of a commercial, fan satisfying feel than the first...some dodgy acting kind of weakens it ( Shatner shouting "Khan!!!") and the effects can only ever weaken with time, unlike some classic movies within the same generation, yet overall, enjoyable. I just wish Khan would put that plastic looking chest away and not style his hair like Peter Stringfellow.
July 23, 2016
While failing to surpass Star Trek: The Motion Picture, this second entry is a worthwhile experience, even if after multiple viewings the film gets a little weak and boring.
July 22, 2016
Another boring entry in a lesser franchise.

V: 78%
July 22, 2016
It's probably the best movie starring the original cast, that has a good villain and an ending that's iconic for a reason. However, the movies not perfect, and it's still not up there with any of the recently rebooted Star Trek films.
July 19, 2016
Arguably the best feature length offering that the Star Trek franchise has offered (including the alternative timeline reboots). The return of a popular villain, but with enough substance to make non-Trek fans understand the power of the Kirk-Khan conflict.
July 15, 2016
Slightly a little outdated now it's still a great classic.
July 2, 2016
By far the best transition of classic Star Trek to the big screen, Star Trek II features great performances from the impeccable cast. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley shine once again as their respective characters as their trail by combat with Ricardo Montalban's menacing Khan becomes its main focus. The tension continues to increase within every character and plot point as the film pits the two sides together. Not to mention much of its respect to the sci-fi elements that the original series, while also bridging it with the action, suspense, and mythology that comes with the Star Trek phenomena.
June 29, 2016
For the fans, 5-out-of-5 stars, this thinly-disguised submarine-captain film touches on being god-like and its consequences.
Super Reviewer
June 22, 2016
Arguably the high point for the original cast's film franchise. Shatner shows true vulnerability as Kirk in this film and Ricardo Montalban cements his place as one of the best portrayed villains in film as Khan. The result of the film is not seen coming and you wonder how the crew will bounce back in the inevitable next film.
June 5, 2016
The Wrath of Khan is the second film in the original Star trek film series. This movie had a lot to live up to after the disappointing first motion picture and it doesn't disappoint. This film is regarded as one of if not the best Star Trek movie in the entire series and I can see why. The story is very well written and directed. The cast is fantastic and deliver very strong performances as well as has a fantastic villain in Khan. A strong story as well as great tension make this movie a must see if you're getting into watching these movies.
½ June 5, 2016
More immediate and polished than it's predecessor, the second cinematic outing for the crew of the Enterprise trades the epic scale and slow-burning mystery of the first film for an intensely personal story focused around a battle of wits with Star Trek's most famous villain; the climatic battle against him in the style of submarine warfare is especially thrilling. Some potentially interesting supporting characters are sadly underdeveloped and while Montalban is compelling he is rather pantomime, but the film's true pivot is around the central relationship between Kirk and Spock, and in this respect it is their finest hour and their most moving voyage.
April 5, 2016
"I don't believe in no-win scenarios"-Jim Kirk. A wonderful entry in the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek is like no Sci-Fi out there. Unlike Star Wars, attempting to create the perfect fantasy tale about an alternate reality, Star Trek gives us fiction's glimpse of what could be. Love this film.
March 6, 2016
Trying not to soon on the flight
February 28, 2016
It is a picture made to entertain on a skin deep level and succeeds.
½ February 21, 2016
Much better than the first movie. Fast paced and entertaining. Khan was one of my favorite villains from the original series. I just wished they made him a little more intimidating like on the show.
February 13, 2016
The best Star Trek movie ever made.
February 10, 2016
one of the best star trek flims ever
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