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June 11, 2017
This is an enjoyable movie. Good plot and good cast.
½ May 8, 2017
A film that only exists to retcon a movie death that angered many Star Trek fans, The Search for Spock is a mess. The first twenty or so minutes are inconsequential, there's a lot of padding to reach the feature length mark, the plot is weak, the bad guy adds nothing, and there aren't any real character arcs or interesting moments. It's a competent film with good effects and decent design, but everything else feels slap-dash and unnecessary.
January 22, 2017
Though not as good as the previous film, this is still a solid effort in the series and a great continuation of the plot from the prior film. It also has a solid cast in addition to the recurring cast, the score is brilliant, I like the visuals, the plot despite being a bit plodding deals with deep themes in a commendable way and it has assured direction from Leonard Nimoy.
½ December 28, 2016
I actually like this one more than others do. It has very few flaws and is a pretty good installment.
December 17, 2016
Christopher Lloyd elevates Trek III with a surprisingly good and beyond evil performance. Kirk risks everything on the hope that Spock can be saved. And loses it all. Very underrated movie. Shatner's best performance. Ever.
½ November 19, 2016
While it fails to reach the heights of Wrath of Khan, this is a fantastically done movie. The crew sacrifices career and even family to bring back Spock. And any time Klingons are along for the ride, I'm a happy camper. The final scene still brings a smile to my face decades after first seeing it.
½ November 12, 2016
Not as good as The Wrath of Khan, but better than The Motion Picture. This one is still worth watching, even if you're not a Star Trek fan.
October 11, 2016
Great continuation of the Star Trek movie series.
½ September 16, 2016
Me gusta mas que las dos primeras, porque esta vez si siento una aventura, más interesante, se enfocan en los personajes que quiero ver, y está mejor dirigida, las tomas son más cuidadosas y elegantes, pero aún así hay partes que no causan emoción.
September 5, 2016
Much, much better than it is given credit for. Easily as good as Wrath of Khan, just very different. Really well paced, engaging story and some of the best scenes the original crew get, especially Uhura.
September 4, 2016
Saw this with the kids. Better than the first two. Kids enjoyed it, but had to explain a lot.
½ August 30, 2016
this'll hold you over until "the one with the whales." stay for Christopher Lloyd, and that's about it. It could have been the most tragic chapter however it could not hold a candle to the conclusion of ST II so it comes off as forced and boring.
August 19, 2016
This is an extremely solid film. And a lot of cool fun with Enterprise destroyed for first time, Kirk's son, Spock coming back and so on. Deserves better ratings than it got!
½ August 19, 2016
Aside from the small plot, the third Star Trek film has a strong cast and plenty of action to carry its weight to lead to another enjoyable installment. Clearly no one wanted to say goodbye to Spock, and the film handles his revival pretty well. A few flaws, but satisfying nonetheless.
August 18, 2016
Intrigue de base et personnages aux motivations obscures. Christopher Lloyd est compltement sous-utilis dans son rle de mchant gnrique.
½ August 14, 2016
Just waiting for one "Great Scott!" from Christopher Klingon.
August 14, 2016
Pretty good movie. After the 2nd movie, it was pretty obvious Spock wasn't going to stay dead for very long. Has a little bit of everything in it, and I think that's why lots of people will enjoy this one.
August 5, 2016
Ageing remains the predominant them as Search for Spock picks up right where Wrath of Khan left off ...perhaps a bit too soon after. Having Spock's re-emergence so soon weakens the effect of his incredible sacrifice and loss and one wonders what was the hurry? Still, if planet Genisis is to be taken as a metaphor, perhaps its message is that one cannot rush growing up as it's through the process of ageing that we gather the experience to learn how to deal with situations both physically and emotionally. Also still relevant is the question of mankind playing god. Are we ready to attempt recreating what's taken nature millions of years to evolve, and if not, will we ever be? It's a constant battle between man and nature with the former being caught in the latter's turbulence as the planet falls apart. It seems the harder we try to harness nature, the more this proves to be an impossible task. The in-camera effects of the planet breaking up around them are exciting and quite well done, as is the hand-to-hand scuffle between Kirk and Kruge (played by Christopher Lloyd) over molten lava (...Obi-Wan and Anakin, you were beaten to it!).
July 27, 2016
Better than the first and on a par with the second. Some really dated and corny stage effects ( watch out for Lloyd's Klingon villain falling off a rising rock on Genesis as he fights Kirk), but also some nice visuals for its time, specifically the docking station scenes and the new Starfleet ship.

Acting is average and i still cannot quite get over just how quickly Kirk gets over the execution of his son.

The plot is so busy dealing with the bromance between Spock and Kirk, it fails to deal with this personal tragedy adequately and makes the whole thing seem unnecessary.
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