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½ August 10, 2016
3.5/5-pretty much picks up right where the last film left off as far as style (unfortunately still has a lot of sorta dizzying camera work) and writing. The idea of bringing back khan in the alternate universe is interesting enough, even if the whole ending borrows perhaps too heavily from wrath of khan. The film kept my attention throughout and I was entertained. Worth seeing.
August 9, 2016
Magnificent follow up to the 1st installment. I think JJ Abrams has established himself as a top 5 director.
August 9, 2016
Into Darkness does not fall short behind of 2009's reboot -- it's a big step-down, but it's still a success when it comes to entertainment.

The crew is back, with splendid characters and natural chemistry. Kirk is immature as always -- and some romance is continuously developing between Nyota and Spock. It's not the most character-driven film -- they seriously lack more development and inside. Antagonist does on the other hand deliver relatable motivations even if a more "want-to" to win against him would have made it an even greater film. Cumberbatch brought a big win! It's a more action-anger driven version of what we know Star Trek used to be -- with a mix of mystery, corruption & some "meh:s". Visuals & cinematography is a pure wonder yes, but it simply isn't that much of a "wow" -- with its less passionate story with fragments of convenient/illogical events & plot holes. The latest installment "Beyond" success over this when it comes to character depth -- this is however a better directed and got more focus on story. It's a popcorn-flick for the sci-fi/action fan -- that's for sure. But a "meh" ride for others.

Personal rating: 80/100
Critical rating: 74/100
August 7, 2016
A great sequel to 2009s Star Trek, Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job at portraying an excellent villain. Worth a watch!
August 5, 2016
The fact that it doesn't have the unique reboot premise of its predecessor almost alone makes Star Trek Into Darkness just as impressive.

It doesn't have time travel, but it does have ridiculously awesome action sequences and a lot of jaw dropping visuals.

This time around, Captain Kirk, Spock, and the crew must face the killing machine, Khan, played by the always-macabre, Benedict Cumberbatch.

What's at stake here may not be as catastrophic as the 2009 film either, but you wouldn't know otherwise. It provides an interesting and detailed story without a complicated or convoluted narrative--sucking us right in.

The jokes are kept appropriate to the situations. They're never forced or too comic-booky. The film is fun without ever resorting to silliness, which is common among this reboot franchise. It tends to avoid the Avengers route. The quips are delivered with conviction and the banter usually comes from a place of stress, providing just the right amount of levity.

2009's Star Trek mostly blind-sided us. Fanboys were shocked at how awesome it was, and non-fans were surprised at how much they loved it. This one didn't have as much to prove, but it delivered regardless, giving us 132 minutes of gripping story, compelling characters, and near-perfect pacing. I'd say it did just fine.

Twizard Rating: 99
½ August 5, 2016
It pretty unboldly goes where others have been before, and to some places it probably didn't need to (yes, Alice Eve looks good in lingerie, but I'm not sure it was entirely necessary to show us), while failing to trek to any other stars (quick round trip to Kronos aside). The Batch is great as a somewhat less interesting (SPOILER) than (SPOILERdo SPOILERban), and Peter Weller is as commanding as ever. It's still a pretty decent Star Trek movie for Star Wars fans, but it's no Star Trek II: The Wrath of (SPOILER). Yay Nolan North!
½ August 5, 2016
One of the best Star Trek outings yet! Live long and prosper J.J. Abrams.
August 5, 2016
I finally got to see this whole movie last night. Actually not bad - much better than Star Trek Beyond. That's until the whole Captain Kirk dying thing happened. Complete rip off of The Wrath of Khan, but not nearly as emotional or well done. I don't know what J. J. Abrams was thinking but it comes off a really lazy and shoddy film making. The other thing I really hate about the new Star Trek movies is the casting of Scotty. He looks older than James Doohan did in the original series. Surely they could have found a better actor to play the role of Scott. The original Scotty also wasn't as manic as the new guy. I like the rest of the cast though.
½ August 4, 2016
Worst movie since Manos the Hands of Fate. The opening scene way too obviously foreshadows the supposed surprise later (and effectively means that disease and injury are cured in the ST Universe) and the introduction of a transporter with no limits means spaceships are now unnecessary. And why does Spock get mad at the end? He loses his composure because of something happening to someone he barely tolerates.
½ August 3, 2016
It's not as good as Star Trek, but I still had fun.
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½ August 3, 2016
A solid alternate story that ought to give most trekkies and aficionados major goose bumps thanks to its many overwhelming and well-inspired references - which compensate for how formulaic and intensely action-oriented it aims to be above everything else.
August 3, 2016
I loved the beginning. That was Star Trek: strange world, fun hijinks and adventure gone wrong. I couldn't wait to see other worlds and lands - but instead we got a lot of space. Do you know what space is? 99% lot of nothing. That said, we did get to see plenty of land of the female crew, who wear 99% less than their male counterparts.

Thankfully Kirk has charisma that could outshine a third-world dictator, and kept me interested throughout. Other characters felt less fleshed out, often appearing for brief vaudevillian flashes amidst already flashy destruction/peril scenes. I love the international flavour, but why are the aliens, aside from "Pointy" , given only enough screen time to make us raise an eyebrow? You see a few in shot that are more like a freak show on a speeding conveyor belt than characters you come to know and love. Star Trek's strengths came from the humanity of its treatment of alien culture, no matter how many pounds of make up the actors worked under.

But when it came to gratuitous underwear scenes and a female-male ratio that implies humanity may be experiencing some fertility problems, Star Trek feels like a futuristic 60s, complete with casual misogyny and whitewashing of coloured characters. Only two women are of consequence, both defined by other male characters - Urhura as a girlfriend, and Blondy Bra Girl as a daughter of one of the 'villains' as well as this movie's only iconic image.

Star Trek into Darkness indeed. One of the greatest merits of the show was showing how great the future could be, rather than endless science fiction cautionary tales about the power of technology. But the future is a grim mix of sexist uniforms, speciesism, and explosions.

That said, they were pretty explosions. And Khan was a barrel of tribbles. And the opening was still one of the best all year. And the action sequences were pretty fun, if also kind of like having your head stuck in a sliding door.

Next time, though, let's trek somewhere nice...I hear the REST of Kronos is lovely this time of year...
August 2, 2016
It was a really well done, really action-packed and really entertaining Star Trek movie. It had really amazing special effects, really great cinematography, really great characters, really awesome music, really good humor, really exciting adventure, really awesome action, really well done costumes, really well done makeup and a really good story. It was a really good sequel to the "Star Trek (2009)." I really recommend this movie to "Star Trek" fans old and new.
½ August 2, 2016
I loved the storyline this movie. The villain was perfect and another second success on this franchise.
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½ August 1, 2016
I really love the direction that this new "Star Trek" franchise is going. It's not the normal exploration drama anymore, but it's more an action piece. And it's a very good one. I really love this movie. If you take away all the previous movies, this is probably better than the first one, because it really does a lot more than the first one and it does go to new planets, for example Kronos which was a treat to see. The acting is great, especially from Cumberbatch who gives a great performance as the main villain. He gives a scary performance as well as a really emotional and lovable performance. One of the reasons, however, why we need to look at the other movies like canon, is because of a scene featuring Leonard Nimoy. And that's where the movie haults for me. This movie is a soft reboot of the great "The Wrath of Khan," and when the movie tries to be that masterpiece, it really feels sloppy for me. I didn't like the fact that Cumberbatch turned out to be Khan and that they wanted to give the character a little twist. The fact that his blood can bring people back from the dead is the most ridiculous thing that anyone has ever done in a movie and that took me out of the movie and really had a big impact on my final thoughts. But, I still ended up liking the movie very much and, while I can't say that it's better than the first one, I can say that it is definitely a worthy follow-up and a great addition to this new franchise.
August 1, 2016
Good solid summer film but was really disappointed by the last half hour. I would still recommend it though.
August 1, 2016
still fun but not as good as the original. the inclusion of khan seems to be in name only though brilliantly played by cumberbatch,
½ August 1, 2016
Il film resta coerente con lo stile del suo predecessore e ci presenta un altra avventura piena di azione e personaggi interessanti. L'ho trovato un pelo pił divertente rispetto al suo predecessore, ma in generale il voto resta sempre simile a quello che ho dato al primo.
August 1, 2016
Frenetic sci fi action
½ July 31, 2016
Firing on all cylinders, JJ Abrams finally delivers the first bona fide summer blockbuster of 2013. The weakness in the script are overcome by a strong cast, including Cumberbatch.
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