Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope Reviews

Dec 16, 2022
Part of its appeal is as a boy’s own adventure set against a vast, dangerous cosmos – but the characters’ resistance to tyranny also accommodates much grounded critique of 20th-century US imperialism.
Aug 30, 2022
It’s mindless fun while it lasts. It scoots along as impatiently and recklessly as Luke himself.
Aug 25, 2022
“Star Wars” was a rare phenomenon that blossomed into a beloved franchise whose popularity and influence can be seen across the globe regardless of age.
May 23, 2022
Star Wars is the best science fiction film that’s come down the pike to date. And every good thing you’ve heard about it is true.
May 4, 2022
The greatest kids' picture for adults since "The Wizard of Oz."
Feb 14, 2022
Star Wars belongs on a short list of important films that have been so saturated into our minds, so ingrained and present in our everyday culture, that watching the film now is almost an empty experience.
Feb 11, 2022
The one that started it all, A New Hope (or, as it was known at the time, Star Wars), set a standard and a tone that will forever be imitated, and very rarely replicated.
May 12, 2021
As a visual cartoon, Star Wars is resolutely successful, phenomenal in its impact; as an emotional adventure, Star Wars is only bubblegum entertainment, tripping us back into a black and white world where good and evil can fight it out with ray guns.
Mar 26, 2021
A New Hope is our first step into this world of galactic rebellion against the Empire and the Force versus the Dark Side, so a certain amount of exposition and world building is necessary...
Feb 16, 2021
It's far from the greatest movie ever made, but A New Hope-and its sequels-will be remembered, discussed and loved until we're all living in a galaxy far, far away.
Jan 19, 2021
The film that started it all. The one that made me fall in love with movies. The one that easily had me since the opening crawl and has never let me go. [Full review in Spanish]
Aug 31, 2020
Few films before or after it have managed to include such a celebrated, recognizable score - thanks to the masterful compositions by John Williams.
Jul 5, 2020
Few films are ingrained in pop culture like Star Wars, partly because few films changed cinema like Star Wars.
May 27, 2020
If you're out to see a movie with symbolism galore, stay away from Star Wars, but if a memory of that feeling you had at the Saturday matinee as a child is what you want, go stand in line.
May 1, 2020
Written and directed magnificently by George Lucas, the cast is excellent... but it is Chewbacca and the two robots who walk off with the acting honors. (Don't ask me what a Wookie is, go see the movie!)
Feb 27, 2020
I don't see how I can come out ahead panning Star Wars, George Lucas's science-fiction film that has been acclaimed by children of all ages as the Fun Movie of the year.
Dec 26, 2019
Star Wars began as a story that paid homage to what came before while forging its own path into the future.
Dec 20, 2019
It speaks to how timeless A New Hope has become that we take in so much of its art direction as it tends to whiz by so fast it requires multiple views to form an opinion of.
Dec 16, 2019
Star Wars single-handedly changed the game for blockbuster movies and remains one of the greatest films of all time.
Dec 12, 2019
Without the simple spiritual convictions of his predecessors, or the philosophical speculations of his contemporaries, Lucas has rather left his audience out in the cold.
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