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January 16, 2019
It's a flawed movie, but I still enjoyed it. Rey is definitely a Mary Sue, but I was still compelled to learn more about her. I liked Finn, he was a good character. Although the movie felt like a soft reboot of A New Hope, I don't reallt blame them for playing it safe for the first installment of the new series.
½ January 15, 2019
very disappointed with the new trilogy. Bringing back all the original heroes just to kill them off makes no sense and destroyed the movies for some
½ January 14, 2019
Great visuals, good pace, in many cases fun. But my God, the writing and story is terrible and this is why it gets worse every time I see it. Liked it at first, but the great ones get better every time you watch them. I have no idea why they started the story at this point instead of showing the rise of the first order and some interesting back story and characterisation.
January 14, 2019
A valid attempt to bring star wars back into the fold. Many similarities with the original trilogy. Kylo acting like a child schtick gets old quick.
January 13, 2019
Hated it! so she can use the force and lightsaber without training. gimme a break! I'm out! Star wars really ended with REVENGE OF THE SITH. i DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS NEW JUNK IS
January 13, 2019
As an avid STAR WARS fan, I was so pumped to see this movie. I knew it was to introduce the STAR WARS franchise to a whole new generation. What I didn't know was that his movie was that this movie was a shameless copy-cat rip-off from A NEW HOPE, and that I would leave the cinema pouting so hard that literally everything within a two-mile radius would stop working. Compare EPISODE IV to EPISODE VII, and you'll see too many similarities. Coincidence? For some reason, I don't think so. State of the art special effects, great characters, good acting acting....but still not enough to save this movie. How could Disney do this? Why? Oh wait, I
January 12, 2019
It was ok... but it felt like they just re-did A New Hope but with a new cast. Leaving room for cameos for nostalgia purposes. Then the new bad guy, Kylo Ren, was just an emo teenager...
January 12, 2019
Essentially a rehash of A New Hope with everything supposedly bigger and badder, but the antagonists never come off as truly menacing and the movie treats the characters from the original trilogy as simply tools to be used to show how wonderful the new poorly developed characters are supposed to be which unfortunately does not succeed.
½ January 12, 2019
Nope, nope nope, that is simply not Star Wars
½ January 11, 2019
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a droid with information. An evil army is searching for this droid and a lone desert dweller comes across the droid. With the help of someone the droid is taken off planet and the desert dweller finds a wise old man to look up to. Shortly the protagonist learns of the force and realizes that the bad guys are bad and the good guys are good. By the end of the film there is a big space battle, a light sword fight and a victory. Does this sound familiar to you? Well it should so go watch Star Wars episode IV again. However if you want new additions to episode IV this movie will give you some. Lets start with making the young protagonist so powerful that within a day she can do anything jedi-wise that we saw before that took others years to do. Let's turn the old-wise man into a deadbeat dad instead of a teacher who abandoned his son and wife and ignored any life lessons he learned in the past. Let's make the world building in this world a little unclear. There is a rebellion (or resistance) of a peaceful government that allows little children to be taken from parents to fuel a military evil empire (I mean First Order). Does that make sense to you without reading a book? Don't misunderstand me the visuals and look of the film is fantastic but unfortunately the film is so safe it ignores so many possibilities. The most interesting thing in the film is Finn (Boyega) who is a defecting stormtrooper, but rather go into depth about his views of the galaxy or his adjustment to his new world the film focus' on him blowing up fellow peer stormtroopers with joy when he could not bring himself to kill earlier and was the very reason he defected in the first place. At best this film is palatable and offers nothing really new to the Star Wars universe. The planets are retreads of classic films and the aliens are completely forgettable. It's a shame that Disney squandered the possibilities to choose a safe and political route for their film franchise. In retrospect after the Last Jedi was released this film becomes terribly worse. is completely pointless to the Star Wars universe because everything in this film is completely deleted. The stormtrooper chooses a side to choose the same side again in the next film. The heroine is a super hero who is unstoppable in both films and needs no teacher to be a godlike being. At the end of Force Awakens the bad guys loose a planet worth of assets but don't worry they are back within hours of their defeat with more assets and take over the entire galaxy after the loss. It makes complete sense for fans or mindless movie masses who love films with loud noises and no requirement for thought. Bottom line I suggest you steer clear of this entire trilogy. It has nothing to offer but forced current day political messages and desecration of things valued earlier in the franchise. What a depressing shame and such a lost opportunity. No shunning of the cast for their PERFORMANCES but someone in the film should have stood up waving their arms saying: "Hold up people, none of this is consistent!" Well since they didn't I'll do it for them and so will others who most likely be down-talked to by Lucasfilm and shills for doing so.
½ January 10, 2019
The narrative and action may be familiar and level of fan service high but there's no getting away from the fact that this is a great movie. That said, a little more originality in the plot itself would have been very welcome and the character of Rey made to earn her abilities with the force more and be a little less so self assured.
January 10, 2019
Director JJ Abrams does a marvelous job of directing a love letter to the original trilogy all while introducing new characters while some of our favorites return to the galaxy far far away.
½ January 9, 2019
This movie was soooo beautiful. I am a fool for a good Star Wars movie and this is a great way to start a new trilogy. Our new stars are fantastic and visually it is stunning!
½ January 8, 2019
You may be wondering if you have seen my reviews for the prequels why I gave them good reviews and this a bad review , and on face value you are right to ask that . They are two polar opposites when it comes to quality . prequels have cheesy dialogue childish humor bad acting and ... jar jar , and are widely hated by hardcore Star Wars fans ; the force awakens on the other hand has witty dialogue , actual funny humor , great acting by the whole cast and no characters even remotely similar to jar jar ( except maybe Finn , who I personally didn't mind , but i know people who did). Obviously there is no competition the force awakens is undoubtedly better than the prequels , Which is something, as painful as it may for me to say , I agree with . However , The catch isn't to do with the overall quality and performance of the film , its to do with the story ; more specificly the first order .
From a film making standpoint there is nothing wrong with the story of the force awakens. It flows , it makes sense , it's somewhat ingaging ; no problems here. It's only when you look at the content of the story and compare it to the previous films were you begin to notice a problem which makes the story feel less like a professional piece of work from a critically acclaimed continuation of a beloved franchise and more like a child's interpretation of what a Star Wars episode 7 would looking like . To start of the story is mainly unoriginal. It's basically just a new hope again with some tweaks here and there . This never bothered me personally but it shows how the writers were being kind of lazy which at the end of the day is the downfall of the film . Secondly making the situation worse is the fact that everything and everyone is literally bigger and more exaggerated version of the original. For example: jakku is like tatooine but more sandy and deprived. Rey is like Luke but stronger . Starkiller base is like the Death Star but bigger and can shoot multiple lasers at once . snoke is like palpatine but more mysterious and apparently more apparently more powerful (not to sure about that after the last Jedi though). You'd think this is it but the list just goes on and on , these are just the most blatantly obvious and exaggerated examples. This shows that something that was lazy now comes across as extremely lazy . It's as if the writers don't care in the very slightest about Star Wars and just want to get there money asap . In fact it is very likely it is the case . Going back to what I said before this film feels like a child wrote it. A child isn't smart enough to think of its own story so it take elements of other people's story's and seeing as kids like flashy things and usually don't understand logic properly in a story they will likely make everything more exaggerated. Now if I'm to be honest I don't usually mind if a story is like this . The only thing that matters is if your enjoying the movie and the lazy writing isn't detrimental to the plot . For the force awakens this lazy writing isn't that harmful. Rey being strong for no reason does make Rey somewhat two dimensional especially taking the last Jedi into account, is bad but it doesn't inherently bring the film down as it doesn't really matter to the viewer if Rey is flesh out or a Mary Sue . However the force awakens is detrimental to all the other films in the Star Wars franchise due to the lazy writing. Enter the first order ; a organisation with ambiguous motives which is somehow literally a billion times stronger than the empire ever wasfor no reason. And just like that the previous films are for absolutely nothing. It look three films and a tv show to build up the empire . It took nothing to build up the first order . knowing Disney they never will explain the first orders climb to power and I don't want to know why because it will probably make no sense . A good illustration of my point is the only good Disney Star Wars film to date rogue one . You never see the Death Star at its full potential yet you can feel it's true power despite this . It's hard to comprehend a whole planet being destroyed and likely billions being killed but rogue one really puts you in perspective and makes you understand the power of the Death Star , it isn't something to be put lightly. Now look at Star killer base . It is 10 times bigger and can shoot several lazers at once. This brings up many major questions for the force awakens. How did the first order build this ? How can they make a bigger version of the Death Star ? How did the first order get so powerful ? How come the republic seeming don't care about this mega Death Star ? Wouldn't they try to stop it quicker ? How come no one knew about this until now ? From what the film gives us it honestly feels like the first order magically appeared afew weeks before the film takes place , which we know didn't happen, yet that would be the only non-contrived explanation for what's happening. It's pointless to explain how disrespectful this is to original as it so obvious why . It's like that fight in Jurassic Park 3 where the spinosaurus beats the trex in a fight , but just more subtle and yet also more exaggerated. This could of easily been fixed by making the first order much weaker, which easily could of worked but the writes just had to take the lazy route. Same case with snoke . A stronger palpatine just appeared out of know were . yeah right .
There also many many more problems with this films story that I don't have time to address properly like finns contradictory abandonment of the first order to join his friends killers to kill his other friends. Now going back to the prequels, atleast at the core of the prequels was a lot more care and love for the franchise. Star Wars is George Lucas' brain child . He does care about the franchise as hard as it may be for some people to see . On the other hand Disney clearly brought Star Wars just because they want money and Star Wars is the no1 cash cow . This film doesn't have care and love to it , just a quick way of make a billion or two bucks . Some work was put into this film yes , but you can tell they were just doing it for the money . It's isn't hard to see . And even if this wasn't the case at least the prequels didn't disrespect the originals (or at least as much as people think) . Anyway , if you are a fan of Star Wars and liked this film I respect and understand your opinion (as I also liked this film when I first watched it ) but I think you should really take a step back and looked how much of a slap in the face this film is to all the previous films in the franchise. The writer can be lazy all they want but don't disrespect the originals .
January 8, 2019
Interesting...but too much promises, so bad that the next one destroys this one
½ January 8, 2019
Fun Movie, but a huge lack of imagination
January 7, 2019
Just like Tron 2. This was a rehash of A New Hope. The plot exactly the same. But I still enjoyed it.
January 7, 2019
This movie had some entertainment value in its visuals but that was it, the characters even though portrayed by some fine actors and actresses were boring and I had great difficulty feeling any empathy for any of them with the exception of the original cast members in this film. The only other positive I can think of in this film was the intrigue generated by Snoke and his potential backstory but sadly with the hindsight of writing this review in 2018 we all know how that turned out and what was a promising story arc is now destroyed. To sum up if you like visuals I recommend this film but if you are wanting a semi-decent story close to the standards of Empire and Return of the Jedi then you will probably be disappointed.
January 6, 2019
Looks like a shitty reboot. No imagination needed here, just copied from the older movies. J.J. is NOT quality.
½ January 6, 2019
Great.....return to form!
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