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August 28, 2017
Silly but enjoyable film, a good film for young kids since there is nothing offensive about it. The film is laughably bad but the colorful stars and spaceships look nice. This definetly should not get 5 stars though folks
June 13, 2017
Well the best part of this movie is the women running around in a bathing suit kind of outfits. Everything else is pretty bad. Thanks again MST 3K crew. I don't know which was worse the dialogue or the props. I don't know why they tried to make something so similar to Star Wars just with a much worse plot etc...
March 9, 2017
Many special effects are horrible, but the Floating City looks nice and Munro is quite fresh. Plummer has some fine closing lines. But best are the space torpedoes! I believe the Italians used something similar in World War II, but in the sci-fi genre this feature is quite unique.
January 15, 2017
Never thought I'd see a Star Wars rip-off worse than Turkish Star Wars.
October 7, 2016
Starcrash est l'une des ses productions de séries B (voir Z dans ce cas si) qui ont essayer de reproduire le succès de Star Wars vers la fin des années 70, bien que son univers soit imaginatif, à moin d'être fan du genre très kitsch. Difficile à croire que l'ont y retrouve David Hasselhoff et , encore plus difficile , Christopher Plummer.
July 30, 2016
Marjoe and the Hoff! Count me in!
June 25, 2016
An imminently enjoyable Italian made low budget Star Wards rip-off - it's cheeseball in the best way possible. Surprisingly excellent performance by Christopher Plummer.
February 6, 2016
There's some movies that are so pure and honest in their creation. They are amateurishly made, but done with such love you can overlook all the bad to see something truly special and unique. Such is "Starcrash". Lovingly made as a tribute to space epics and adventure films, "Starcrash" ended up being one of the most original screenplays ever written and introduced the world to the modern feminist heroine archetype. Absolutely flawless for what it is and aspires to be.

BTW, this review is having seen the uncut European version. I just tried watching the blu-ray Shout! Factory put out and it is nigh-unwatchable after having seen the real version.

Before seeing:
I don't know why every spaghetti space opera looks like "Flash Gordon 1980", but I like it!
December 21, 2015
A glorious mess of a movie. Anything with Miss Munro cavorting about in a leather bikini is worth watching. Having her voice dubbed by a different actress whose intensity does not match the performance is that much more exciting. And yes, in the future robots will be programmed to sound an Arkansas state trooper. Let's get Gortner to be the wonderfully magical being who knows all before the story even starts. Let's feed Plummer some quaaludes and have him act in our movie. Let's let Barry listen to the Star Wars theme and come up with something we can't get sued for!
August 26, 2015
This movie was a complete train wreck. I couldn't look away from the massive disaster of a film that was on screen at the time. The special effects, about on par for the late 70s, were layered, and heavy handed, so much so, it seemed like some one postulated "if there are too many things going on a once, then the audience will never be able to tell how horrible all of the things going on at once are at any one time" David Hasselhoff, and Christopher Plummer were in this, and they seemed to be along for the ride. Nearly every line delivered in old school Shatner fashion, but without any flair or style, just like it was being made up as they went along, or they were rehearsing and didn't have time to shoot the scenes again. If there were one flaw above any other, it is the pacing, the speed at which one or more characters comes to a conclusion, and then the whole party acts on that conclusion is nothing short of breakneck. This stands as a champion of nanar, as it is so bad, that it is good. More than deserving of the five star rating. This is aching to be rifftraxed, which is basically what I did while watching the entirety of said film. I HIGHLY recommend watching it. The full film is on youtube, if you get the chance.
August 20, 2015
Brilliantly atrocious space adventure! Features the worst evil tyrant since Ming The Merciless and the sensational Stella Star - whose outfits could put an end to many a Princess Leia fantasy!
(Cambridge B-movie Festival screening 19/08/15)
November 23, 2014
Terrible effects, awkward dubbing, uninspired writing and dull action... yet I can't bring myself to hate it. It has a certain campy charm, a fine cast and even a score by John Barry. (A bad Barry score is still better than most composers.) Most disappointing of all, however, is Caroline Munro dubbed by another actress. I might have given it another half or even full star if they used her voice.
October 19, 2014
It's 1978 and you're looking to maintain that Star Wars buzz. Behold, Starcrash ('n Burn) with it's thrilling adventure inspired by the very film you crave more of, and cutting edge gee whiz special effects that will have you believing those remnants of model kits, paper clips, Lego blocks, and screws glued together are real spaceships. Since it's the 70s, starscapes are convincingly rendered in appealing multicoloured disco lights, which actually make you want to do things to the scantily clad heroine (Caroline Munro, scantily clad, and that's alright). Along for the ride, a weird Mork/Spock/Luke hybrid light saber wielding character (yes, it's possible!), a Han Solo-like with a puffy, I mean PUFFY, perm (the legendary Hasselhoff), and a robot that looks like Darth Vader, but we know is good, because he speaks with a folksy southern accent, and even exclaims yeehaa when the action gets too good, which usually involves sparklers going off, ahem, spaceships blowing up. An international cast of Italian and American actors phonetically harmonize thanks to the border demolishing dub, which is hard to pick is even there because the lips rarely fall out of synch... much of the time. And no need for "making of" featurettes, jump in behind the scenes any time by spotting camera crews on reflective surfaces as they appear. Finally, Academy Award winner John Barry provides a score so rousing, it's main titles get unceremoniously cut half way through because, well, the director thought everyone would be too thrilled to notice. How right he was! Popcorn choking fun. Warning: children under 3 may actually think this is a Star Wars sequel.
September 1, 2014
Sure it's a Star Wars knockoff, that's apparent. Still, I wasn't angry or annoyed while watching it and the gorgeous Caroline Munro!
July 12, 2014
Bay-watching & Knight-riding in a galaxy far, far away... A fun sci-fi throwback to the old 30s and 40s serials--Epic adventure where the forces of good fight the forces of evil in outer space!!
March 28, 2014
Roger Corman produced low budget space opera following the success of George Lucas' "Star Wars." Taking it cues mostly from Lucas' film, the story involves a smuggler for hire, former Bond girl Caroline Munroe, sporting Barbarella-like outfits, and her alien sidekick begin hired by the Emperor of the Galaxy, Christoper Plumber (who shot his part in one day), to rescue his son, prince David Hasselhoff, and recover a secret weapon. The Darth Vader figure is the evil Count Zarth Arn, played by the oddly cast Joe Spinell. I'm a huge Spinell fan and it's a kick to see him playing a Ming the Merciless-like character, very different from his usual New York hoodlum roles. Spinell even drops his very familiar New York accent, which is fascinating on it's own. There's also a good score by, of all people, A-List composer John Barry, who reportedly the filmmakers did not want to show him the film for fear that he'd drop out of the film. Corman reportedly got involved in this film to see if there was a market low budget space operas, which was a good thing because following the success of this film, he made the highly enjoyable and far superior "Battle Beyond the Stars," which was an outer space version of "The Magnificent Seven," right down to Robert Vaughan recreating his same role for this remake. But back to "Starcrash," it's a silly campy affair, but it's definitely entertaining. I especially liked some of the Ray Harryhausen-like stop motion sequences, which kind of gave the film a Sinbad in space kind of a vibe, that actually worked pretty well. Definitely worth watching if you find Corman's cheap productions charming. If you're not a fan of low budget camp, probably don't both with this one.
½ March 25, 2014
The greatest rack in the known galaxy
½ February 8, 2014
David Hasselhoff with a lightsaber. What more needs to be said about this early Star Wars knockoff? One of the silliest, funniest movies I've ever seen. Provided of course that you like that kind of thing. Also features Redneck Bot, about the only time you're likely to see that combo.

"You would have tried to change the future, which is against the law."
February 4, 2014
So bad it's good enough for two stars.
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