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November 15, 2009
Awesome movie guys well done
November 10, 2009
Re-edited version of the pilot to the series, full review to come soon.
½ October 31, 2009
Stargate Children of the Gods' Final Cut was okay. I am going to have to watch the unedited version to really see if I like this one better or not. However, the SG-1 pilot was not really that impressive, though; no matter how much you doctor it up. SG-1 doesn't get awesome until it's 2nd Season.
½ October 30, 2009
just because they cut out the fun stuff!
½ October 12, 2009
Nastavak originalnog Stargate-a iz 1994. tj. pilot epizoda serije Stargate SG-1 se ak se mene pita ne moze mjeriti s originalom ali je dovoljno zanimljivo da vas uvuce u pricu, definitivno skidam i seriju!
½ September 14, 2009
Remaster of the original pilot episode for sg1. Wasnt really any major changes that stood out like the directors cut of the original movie but still a good watch if you havent seen sg1 in a while. strange to think this came out over ten years ago, I feel old :/
September 14, 2009
the first episode of the series reworked with studio magicianry what could be wrong with this??
½ September 10, 2009
This re-cut is actually very much worth watching. The few new FX shots aren't all that noticeable if you've kept up with the show, and this is a good thing because, in the original cut, they were distractingly dated. Some of the dialog which would later be inconsistent with the show is cut out, some lines from the then fledgling actors have been re-recorded, Tel'c's entire dialog was re-recorded, a drastic improvement, and they digitally "touched" his on-screen character so that he both looks and sounds more like the Tel'c we would come to know and admire and less like random Jaffa #4. It is interesting and amazing how the subtle shifting of a few scenes, shots with in scenes, and dialog edits, 12 years of experience later, just tells a far superior story. If you liked the original version, nothing here will disappoint or feel out of place, on-screen or in continuity.
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