Starter for 10 Reviews

September 27, 2007
There is an utter lack of visual energy at every turn, like every single take in the final cut was the last shot on that day of shooting.
September 22, 2007
There's nothing here we haven't seen done better before.
September 22, 2007
A film whose own wisdom about the world seems principally derived from innumerable coming-of-age tales.
March 5, 2007
I liked the actors and the tone, I loved the music here, but throughout the film I had a feeling of cinematic dj vu.
February 23, 2007
Starter for Ten follows the formula from one unsurprising and unrealistic anecdote to another.
February 22, 2007
It's a good thing the performances are subtle, since little else about Starter for 10 is. Director Tom Vaughan has a particularly leaden hand with music cues.
February 15, 2007
Starter for 10 is a mildly enjoyable romantic comedy that stays within the safe bounds of the genre's formula.
December 7, 2006
It is uniformly well acted, but the cast deserves better than this prepackaged, artificially preserved concoction.