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December 13, 2015
Some young American proffessionals decide to break from their successful careers to start a business and to film the whole process. The whole process is rather strange and I wonder how much of the stupid drama was for the benefit of the camera and how much was simply down to the fact that these people are extremely annoying. The story isn't very interesting but not completely dull either. If you can relate to these characters, especially the CEO, then you may enjoy this, but I pity you at the same time.
January 31, 2014
Is that what we looked like in 1999?
½ November 18, 2013
Despite being a little dates, this is a very good movie.
½ May 11, 2012
Full of dramatic irony, backstabbing, and a seemingly destined fall from grace, it has the trappings of a Shakespearean court tragedy.
March 11, 2012
This was a great documentary, and from someone's who started businesses and worked with others to start theirs, it was all the more interesting to watch them start their "dot com" from the ground up and learn from their mistakes.
½ February 28, 2012
Despite it being specific to one company, it was a good documentation of the dot com boom and bust.
September 13, 2011
The model for a business documentary
March 12, 2011
Interesting to watch, but no "wow" factor
February 28, 2011
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February 17, 2011
My favorite is when Kaleil announces near the end: "All of our competitors' sites are better than ours." Doy! What a tool.
January 30, 2011
Classic internet startup film.
½ March 12, 2010
A fascinating documentary when it was made, watching it this week (which happens to be the 10th anniversary of the NASDAQ peaking at 5132.52, heralding the burst of the bubble) confirmed that the passing of time has only made this story of the rise and fall of a dot-com hopeful even more compelling. A good yarn in its own right, it stands as a historical document of the irrational exuberance, euphoria and boundless optimism of the late-90s tech boom - and its inevitable implosion. It is a cautionary tale of hubris and nemesis that we would do well to contemplate.
Super Reviewer
October 30, 2009
I never knew youd have to go through so much crap starting your own .com site
October 16, 2009
Good story that serves as a historical record of this era of business
January 31, 2009
misscarogueye added seck as a friend
½ January 13, 2009
This doc couldn't be better if it were a scripted play by Shakespear. There are kings, betrayal, retribution and forgiveness. The filmmakers must have been jumping up and down at the end of each days filming. How could they know it would end up this riveting.
½ December 22, 2008
Great documentary about the perils of entrepreneurism and the dotcom downfall. Also, shows how going into business with friends can change people and ruin relationships... again... perils of entrepreneurism.
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