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½ August 2, 2015
Worst movie I have haver seen. First of all it had a terrible plot line that left me with a hollow and terrible feeling. Second it was super long that leaves even the most avid movie goer with a full bladder and a sour bile in the back of their mouth. Third. This movie gives a terrible portrail of Mormons and Mormon missionaries. Overall... This movie just made me sad.
July 20, 2014
From the view point of Hollywood... "great and fabulous if Mormons break the rules" from a church member point of view... not so pleased with with the exposure of broken rules a missionary should not do. However, the direction is not too shabby, but the flaw is that it seems to be almost 3 movies in one and unable to connect...and the ending while the intension is present with giving message I feel lacked idea on how to end.
March 23, 2011
Just as good as the first, if not better. Please remember, this is a drama people!!! I'm tired of hearing all the nit-picking by those who conjure up stupid mormon standards for movies like this. IT'S A DRAMA. Get it?
½ June 21, 2010
una pelicula muy sentimental
January 19, 2010
esta muy buena , obiamente la primera es la mejor
December 14, 2009
The flaws this movie contains are easily overlooked and considered non-existent on account of its hard-hitting drama. A great independent and very moving spiritually themed masterpiece.
½ April 20, 2009
Powerful low-budget religious drama.
January 19, 2009
A must see film....this is very good!
½ January 10, 2009
Best LDS themed movie I've seen.
December 14, 2008
Dutcher and the actors do a great job of sharing a message. The message is one of love, self-understanding, and forgiveness. It is a message that we all can use. Each character was well developed and well acted.
October 23, 2008
Mormon movies DO rock. This movie isn't really connected to the first Gods Army other than having the same director, so don't feel like you should see the first one before you see this one.
½ August 26, 2008
A cozy but sad movie which speaks about todays society - the expectations people put on us and how we can affect people in our surroundings greatly, both in bad and good ways.
August 14, 2008
una de mis peliculas favoritas ... buenasa ... a history vey interesant ... I wnat go to the mission ... lds
July 22, 2008
Enjoyable movie, the acting isn't great but it's still worth watching.
½ July 8, 2008
Where to begin...I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but this is honestly one of the most powerful films I have ever seen; independent or otherwise. There have been very few films that have moved me as much as this. It makes me sad that so many people have panned this as being inappropriate or what-have-you, seemingly just because it portrays the human side of missionaries. Well guess what!! That's exactly what they are! And that's exactly who Jesus Christ suffered the Atonement for. But it's not just about the missionaries. The film centers around four very interesting characters who all, in their own way, slowly discover how it is that they can apply the Atonement in their lives. Judging the film as a whole--from beginning to end--this is one of the most beautiful and powerful film testimonies of the validity and reality of the saving power of Jesus Christ I have ever seen. The writer and director Richard Dutcher does not accomplish this in the same flakey, hollow, fluffy way that other mormon films like Singles Ward and The Other Side of Heaven do. He does it in a more ambitious, more realistic way. Some of the realism will offend some--not so much with the content itself as much as the subject matter (this is not a film for kids)--but if you open your mind to the message it's trying to portray, I believe that you'll find a uniquely beautiful film, whose chief purpose is to celebrate Jesus Christ. This is not a film just for Mormons, but for other Christians everywhere, and anyone who values faith. Set aside any prenotions and just see it.
½ July 7, 2008
the best mormon movie. pretty dang intense.
July 2, 2008
aww such an amazing film! it made me cry so much! :'(
i think all mormon movies ROCK! but this one wins hands down so far!
its very dramtic and very spiritualy awakening in parts.
so much better then Gods army.
May 21, 2008
Independent film made by a Mormon independent filmmaker Richard Dutcher - although it is Mormon it's a faith-based film - before you laugh, you should see it - this movie was so powerful it sent chills up and down my spine and made me weep - it was filmed in Venice Beach, Ca. - you will have to buy it online in order to watch it so none of you ever will, but you should
April 30, 2008
Director-writer-editor Richard Dutcher breaks all the rules of the Mormon Cinema genre he singlehandedly launched eight years ago.
March 23, 2008
A powerful film that dares you to believe in Jesus' power to atone, and challenges you to follow His admonition to forgive.
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