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The Station Agent Quotes

  • Joe Oramas: Let me ask you a question Fin. Do you people have clubs?
    Finbar McBride: What do you mean?
    Joe Oramas: You know, like a "train of the month" club.
    Finbar McBride: Yeah there are clubs.

  • Joe Oramas: I'm Joe Oramas, what's your name?
    Finbar McBride: Fin.
    Joe Oramas: Fin?
    Finbar McBride: Yeah.
    Joe Oramas: Cool.

  • Louis Tiboni: You ever been out to this part of New Jersey?
    Finbar McBride: No.
    Louis Tiboni: I drove through it once. Let me tell you. I mean, it's pretty, but there's nothing out there. Nothing.

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