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July 10, 2012
A GOD AWFUL MOVIE! Its not even made with professionalism! It looks like a middle schooler filmed it, not even kidding.The acting is terrible the script is childish, and I can't get over how badly shot this is. How this made it on Starz Black i'll never know! How I managed to survive 10 minutes of this i'll never know either. 0 out of 5 stars! The timeline of story flipping from docunentary to the story should have been used through the whole movie but it would not of ( in any way) made the movie better. CORNY, PREDICTABLE, SILLY, JUST TERRIBLE! RUN AWAY IF YOU EVER SEE THIS ON TELIVISION!
½ May 11, 2012
This was a good flick, especially for those who are into the culture. So much of this movie resonated with me as a DJ who wants to get into producing. I can feel his pain because I know the struggle. The scene when he meets the older man in the record shop was dope. "What cha know about that youngster"
½ June 3, 2011
The title will throw the consumer off a bit. Sounds like "Step Off" would either be about marching or a rogue battle in the street. It's closer to the latter but not exactly. This is a DJ battle that is more in the direction of "Juice" from the early 90's.

Indie filmmakers have to make the same choices that majors do on most occasions. We just do it on a miniscule budget. Such is the case in "Step Off". There are scenes that were put together pretty quickly and possibly some that only had a take or two before moving on. Not unusual. In most cases, the actor were able convey what they needed to but there were a couple of scenes where I was a bit confused. Most of that was due to the emotions that I expected out characters transitioning from scene to scene. On a few occasions, I was surprised by a little silliness in one or two characters.

I typically don't think that stock footage shows well in indie films but I noticed the good job on this even in the trailers. Film would've benefitted from a few reverse shots of the crowd. I don't remember seeing any of their faces during performances. "Purple Rain" did this several times and it gave the movie an interesting look. In "Krush Groove" I remember them showing the crowd a few times during performances (except when the Fat Boys were on). It gives a feeling of what everyone else thinks in my opinion.

I think that Lionsgate has done these filmmakers a bit of a disservice. First, they changed the name from "Battle" to "Step Off". Battle was being used by a large scale film at the time so I can understand that but a more suitable name was possible. "Mixdown", "Wheels of Steel", or "The Tables Turn" would've been decent. The film is in Redbox but it could benefit from a bigger push in magazines and online. Lionsgate has a lot of connections for such advertisement. They seem to have left it up to the Atlanta filmmakers to do most of the promos. Tough business.

Ultimately there are more rights than wrongs in this film and we'll see the filmmakers again...I'm sure.

Tieuel Legacy! Motion
April 12, 2011
This film deserves no stars. I didn't finish watching it because it's a waste of time. I think the Jackass films have better plot and acting than this piece of junk.
April 5, 2011
good cheap movie. shitty actors though
April 5, 2011
Definetly wasted 2hrs of my life watching this movie!
½ March 15, 2011
If you like Hip Hop movies.You just might like Step off.The story concept is realistic,and it kept my attention.You'll learn a little about how beats are sampled to create a sound that makes you move.
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