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July 24, 2012
Blends the narrative, the dancing, and the music in a vibrant way that hasn't been captured before. Otherwise, it's really just more of the same.
June 29, 2012
Plotting along at an infantile level, the story here is nothing new and hardly means anything.
January 14, 2011
Incredibly stupid in just about every way. And yet, it had what may have been my favorite scene at the movies this year...[Blu-ray 3D]
December 21, 2010
The latest entry in a consistently underwhelming series...
October 29, 2010
Whilst the film attempts to advocate the organic and liberating tenets of dance, it contradicts this message though consumerism and unashamed product placement.
October 21, 2010
The only laugh comes during the end credits, when the phrase 'featuring characters created by Duane Adler' pops up onto the screen. This film had characters? Now that's entertainment.
October 2, 2010
Step Up 3D is one D too many. This gimmick-laden film is filled with clichs in the production as well as the script.
September 11, 2010
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August 23, 2010
Who needs competent acting and writing when there are so many shiny, pretty things flying right at you?
August 23, 2010
This, the latest variation on the "follow your dream" dance fantasy, draws an ever sharper line between tip-top street dance and bottom-of-the-class dialogue and acting.
August 23, 2010
The 3-D at its best pops (a red-gloved dancer bursts out from the screen as if diving through a window), but more often it's merely Dramamine-inducing.
August 17, 2010
When Step Up 3D isn't throwing stuff at the crowd, its dance sequences do jump out of the screen in a pretty cool way. The routines are impressive, but the plot less so.
August 17, 2010
A major notch above its predecessors if only for its magnificent dance sequences and skillful choreography, but that doesn't mean you should invest time in it...
August 14, 2010
For a change, the 3D gimmickry actually works, particularly with Chadd "Madd Chadd" Smith's uncanny robot-dance moves.
August 13, 2010
... the dances are juiced up with all kinds of snazzy digital effects ... Were the dances digitally created as well? Maybe not, but the suspicion alone is fatal.
August 12, 2010
Unless you're a Happy Meal-wielding tween, you should probably step off
August 12, 2010
Those who would like a storyline not caressed by clich had better beware.
August 12, 2010
There are moments of energetic charm here, but the script is so painfully poor, and the plot's creaky turns so unintentionally comedic, that they're all but lost in the noise.
August 11, 2010
It's like Muppets Take Manhattan, but replace a milquetoast young artiste for an amnesiac frog and a group of muppets for a post-racial group of seamlessly integrated metrosexuals.
August 10, 2010
If you actually like the hiphop style of dancing, much of the film is given over to energetic displays,although one is hardpressed to say why one group... deserves to win.
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