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In exchanging the chilling satire of the original into mindless camp, this remake has itself become Stepford-ized.



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Stepford has a secret: all of the wives are way too perfect, and all of the husbands are way too happy. "The Stepford Wives," a comic re-imagining of the 1975 suspense classic, follows the tale that unfolds when a young couple moves from Manhattan to the upper-class suburb of Connecticut. Once there, they soon discover that the Stepford men are replacing their wives with compliant robots.

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Nicole Kidman
as Joanna Eberhard
Matthew Broderick
as Walter Kresby
Bette Midler
as Bobbie Markowitz
Glenn Close
as Claire Wellington
Christopher Walken
as Mike Wellington
Roger Bart
as Roger Bannister
Jon Lovitz
as Dave Markowitz
Dylan Hartigan
as Peter Kresby
Fallon Brooking
as Kimberly Kresby
Faith Hill
as Sarah Sunderson
Matt Malloy
as Herb Sunderson
Kate Shindle
as Beth Peters
Tom Riis Farrell
as Stan Peters
Lorri Bagley
as Charmaine Van Sant
Robert Stanton
as Ted Van Sant
Lisa Masters
as Carol Wainwright
Colleen Dunn
as Marianne Stevens
Jason Kravits
as Vic Stevens
Emily Wing
as Additional Stepford Wife
C.S. Lee
as Additional Stepford Husband
Tony Torn
as Additional Stepford Husband
Mary Beth Peil
as Helen Devlin
Billy Bush
as `I Can Do Better' Host
Tyler McGuckin
as Adam Markowitz
Nick Reidy
as Ben Markowitz
Sebastian R. Rand
as Max Markowitz
Tanoai Reed
as Tonkiro
Blaise Corrigan
as Security Guard
George Aguilar
as Security Guard
Meredith Vieira
as `Balance of Power' Host
Larry King
as Himself
Munro M. Bonnell
as Stepford Guard
Kenny Kosek
as Square Dance Musician
Will Woodard
as Square Dance Musician
Deanna Dys
as Dancer
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Audience Reviews for The Stepford Wives

  • Apr 27, 2015
    Pretty awful. I mean, I know some people like this as a kind of cult hit, but I definitely didn't enjoy it. Haven't seen the original at all but it's supposed to be good. This is just really dumb though. And there's something just really off about the whole thing. I know that the wives are supposed to be really strange, but that's not it. I just got some kind of strange vibe from the way this film is shot, directed. and acted. And it's not deliberate, per se. The one thing I really liked about this film is that it's got Christopher Walken in it. If nothing else, youtube his scenes from this film lol.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 05, 2012
    This was supposed to be a sort of horror movie, let me just tell you it's not. The comedy is not there either. Summing it all up this movie was a mess, a shame considering all the great actors it had and you can really tell that they tried, but there are no miracles with a script this bad
    Andreia C Super Reviewer
  • Jun 23, 2011
    Weird film. Creepy how they controlled them like that and it was a great fictional story.
    Bethany M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 31, 2011
    The 1975 version is much better, but this version really surprised me. I had low expectations, but overall I enjoyed it. It's silly and cheesy in some parts, but it still has enough of the creepy elements to keep the audience interested. I prefer the dark mood of the old version more, but I thought the satire in this film was good. A different interpretation of the story is all. A good adaptation, overall. Very funny, i recommend it.
    Jameson W Super Reviewer

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