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Stephen King's 'Desperation'

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Masters of Horror creator Mick Garris joins forces with literary horror icon Stephen King for this, the pair's sixth onscreen collaboration. In the wind-swept Nevada town of Desperation, a malevolent sheriff (Ron Perlman) delivers arrestees to a jail cell from which, by all accounts, no one has emerged alive. The streets are littered with the corpses of dead residents, and it appears that a sinister supernatural force has tightened its deadly grip on the once-thriving community. Arrested by the sinister lawman and subsequently thrown behind bars, a vacationing family, a traveling writer (Tom Skeritt), and a drifting hitchhiker (Steven Weber) narrowly thwart death by escaping their cold metal confines. Upon coming into contact with a mysterious prepubescent boy named David (Shane Haboucha) who seems to possesses an eerie insight into the ancient evil that haunts the town, the brave group boldly determines to solve the combat the evil that has infected this desolate landscape. Despite some notable help from the surviving town veteran (Charles Durning) and the dejected female half of a married couple (Annabeth Gish) who recently incurred the wrath of the nefarious sheriff, this unlikely band of weakened mortals seems no match for the powerful evil that now inhabits the town of Desperation.


Tom Skerritt
as Johnny Marinville
Ron Perlman
as Collie Entragian
Steven Weber
as Steve Ames
Annabeth Gish
as Mary Jackson
Shane Haboucha
as David Carver
Matt Frewer
as Ralph Carver
Sylva Kelegian
as Ellie Carver
Charles Durning
as Tom Billingsley
Henry Thomas
as Peter Jackson
Sammi Hanratty
as Pie Carver
Trieu Tran
as Young Viet Cong
Tom Parker
as Young Johnny
Darren Victoria
as Brian Ross
Glenn Wilder
as Drunk Driver
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Critic Reviews for Stephen King's 'Desperation'

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Audience Reviews for Stephen King's 'Desperation'

  • Mar 29, 2012
    God Awful adaptation from King's novel of the same name. The cheap looking ans the obnoxious acting destroyed the film entirely. It had a promising start that could have been well developed, but the lack of budget was soon revealed as the setting was the same. The film involved characters running around and chit chatting constantly, I almost fell asleep. zzzzzzzzz.....
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Jun 04, 2010
    Terrible in so many ways. It's sad when you think about how many Stephen King books have been butchered and turned into made for TV movies. This isn't all that great to begin with and pretty dull so I don't feel that offended, but it's still a failure and makes the book look like nothing more than something by Dean Koontz. Terrible acting and production value also add to this.
    Conner R Super Reviewer
  • Jul 09, 2009
    Not a bad movie however but totally weird. I've enjoyed Ron Perlman's presence on the screen ever since he was in Beauty And The Beast way back when and I wish he would do alot more. I have read the book that this film is adapted from and i think the director did it justice. I didnt at first ever picture Ron Perlman as the cop but he did it proud. Overall a good watch.
    Lee K Super Reviewer
  • Dec 20, 2008
    I can't really remember this because I was pretty bored all the way through it. Obviously, because it was really lame. I liked some of it, but I don't remember what (so it probably wasn't that great). But I think people die and that's always a good reason to watch a movie.
    Lauren D Super Reviewer

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