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½ September 3, 2015
A fine little movie. Tobolowsky is a fine storyteller, but the film has very low budget production values (for instance, never identifies the other people interviewed). But an enjoyable watch.
June 27, 2013
Master story teller-check out his podcast if you like this movie
½ December 27, 2012
This cannot be judged as a film with respect to the typical aspects of cinematography, story, characters, etc. But for what it is, which is basically a very lengthy stand-up routine, it is indeed very enjoyable and deserves to be seen and recognized.
½ September 22, 2012
Stephen Tobolowsky tell stories from his life to his family, friends and you. CHECK IT OUT.
½ August 10, 2012
This movie spawned The Tobolowsky Files, my favorite podcast. I love Stephen Tobolowsky's stories, which is basically all this movie is, but the stories are much more poignant when he has more time to develop them in the podcast. Since I found the podcast first and the movie second, the movie had several stories that were repeats for me. The structure of the movie is a little odd, too: people come to Tobo's house for his birthday party, and his nameless friends sit around listening to him the entire night; they don't seem to serve much of a purpose or contribute many reactions to his stories. Still, I would recommend the movie and the podcast to most of my friends.
March 3, 2012
It's Ned! Ned-the-Head-Needle-nose-Ned!!
September 3, 2011
When I get older, I hope I'm this entertaining.
September 3, 2011
It's actually really entertaining. Character actor Stephen Tobolowsky can tell a good yarn. I want to party with him.
July 27, 2011
This is a pleasant little film that's almost like curling up and listening to your uncle tell stories to you all night. The deleted stories/scenes are almost as long as the film itself and are just as good if not better than the ones left in. Look out for Mena Suvari and Amy Adams as party guests and fellow audience members. Stephen Tobolowsky is a great character actor who weaves a spell with plenty of interesting stories about his life in general and career as an actor. Definitely worth a look if you're even remotely interested.
½ May 26, 2011
Mr. Tobolowsky really is a master storyteller.
September 30, 2010
Holy crap! I've never been so engaged by someone telling story than this. Stephan Tobolowsky exudes charisma. I couldn't turn away.
½ August 21, 2010
It's a good chance that if you have seen at least 10 movies in your lifetime...Steven Tobolowsky has been in at least one of them. He has some wonderful stories to tell. I just wish there was more.
Super Reviewer
March 21, 2010
Stephen Tobolowsky is a prolific character actor who can be very recognizable to many, easily characterized as the bald man with glasses. He has almost 200 credits listed on IMDB. His most recognizable would include Ned Ryerson from Groundhog's Day and Sammy Jenkins from Memento. He has also recently had reoccurring roles on the shows Glee and Heroes. Besides being a generally solid actor, he is also a gifted storyteller, which is the concern of this film.

There is no conventional story here by any means, this is basically a simple documentary about a day in Stephen's life on his birthday. He spends the 90 minute run time of the film delivering a number of very interesting stories, while preparing for the birthday party at his home, where he will continue to narrate stories for his guests. A couple of cameras and some editing are really the only elements involved, as Stephen simply speaks openly about things that have occurred in his life.

Currently, Stephen now has a weekly podcast (co-hosted by the slashfilmcast's own David Chen), which I listen to, where he continues to share stories about his life. It is a testament to how well he can deliver a story that keeps me wanting to be entertained by what he has to say, whether it be through a voice on my iPod or simply watching a non-flashy film where he sits/stands and talks everything out.

Whether or not everyone else can see the entertainment value from this is up to each individual, but its nice enough for me to listen this man share his interesting stories.
½ January 31, 2010
'That Guy" raconteur
The stagey birthday party
A word in edgewise?
January 26, 2010
Tobolwsky is such a great storyteller. I watch this and wish I could tell stories with half of his talent.
½ November 16, 2009
This movie is basically a guy cooking and getting ready for a party while he tells stories about his life for 90 min. You think it would be totally lame, but the guy is an amazing storyteller. He just has this uncanny ability to make a story totally absorbing. It was also kind of fun to see a few Hollywood yahoos at a normal party that you could see yourself at.

You will recognize Tobolowski, he is in tons of movies, most notably for me on Sneakers, Memento, and Groundhog Day. I think some would hate this, but if you enjoy a good story you will undoubtedly like it. I will also admit, and it is probably nerdy of me and donā??t tell anyone, but I listen to his Podcast where he tells stories and it is an awesome podcast, my favorite besides PTI and Around the Horn.
November 14, 2009
90 minutes of "Oh, that guy"-actor Stephen Tobolowsky telling anecdotes from his life to his friends at his birthday party shouldn't be this viciously entertaining. And yet, I only wish it could have gone on longer.

Tobolowsky is an articulate, insightful, and very funny man. He owns the room and your attention when he's speaking.

This flick might be a little hard to find, but it's 100% worth your time. If you're looking for a taste of what to expect, check out his new weekly podcast with /filmcast host David Chen, The Tobolowsky Files. It's all very good stuff.
November 8, 2009
You probably don't know Stephen Tobolowsky by name, but you recognize him from lots of movies and TV shows. This is a really cool little documentary that basically just has Mr. Tobolowsky sitting around with guests at his birthday party telling some stories from his career. Not everyone could do this and make it interesting, but he's a great storyteller, and this is really fun to watch if you're looking for something low-key and funny.
November 7, 2009
A very relaxed and confident Stephen Tobolowsky is one of the most interesting storyteller's I've ever seen on film. It's a shame this film didn't get more press when it came out. Highly recommended for those who love people who excel at storytelling.
July 14, 2009
Stephen Tobolowsky has great stories. Some hilarious, some heartbreaking. As he told his final, most heartfelt story, I realized that he's more than just a man telling tales. This man has found wisdom that all men seek, and most never find. Clair de Lune playing over the credits sealed the deal.

Also, wtf is Amy Adams doing in the background?
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