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March 31, 2015
if anyone is sick of taken and if your open minded you enjoy this film too.
½ March 19, 2015
Um,, I've got nothing to say beyond that it's just bad, incredibly bad.
March 13, 2015
Wow, a really terrible movie. The opening heist was fun to watch so I thought the movie had some promise. I was wrong. The story sounds interesting so I don't totally blame the studio for letting this be made. The writing was incredibly bad. I don't usually notice a weak script, but this one was terrible. I'm not a Nicholas Cage hater, but this movie has started taking me in that direction. The climax of the movie when he goes to get his daughter back is almost laughable. The scene is full of cliches and amazingly bad directing. For example, the bad suddenly rises out of the water behind Cage although he was previously not in the water looking in. The bad guy's makeup was not believable either. If you heard a brief synopsis of the story without watching the movie, it sounds okay. But as soon as you see or hear (the music was bad too) any of the movie, you see how much of a disaster this truly is.
March 9, 2015
Not the worst of bad Nicolas Cage movies.
February 19, 2015
Very good storyline with lots of action througout it all.
½ February 12, 2015
This wasn't a bad movie at all and I am always a little surprised when decent actors feel like making movies with Nicolas Cage.
Josh Lucas, Malin Akerman and Danny Huston star with Nicolas Cage in this thriller about a guy who gets out of prison only to have his daughter kidnapped by an old friend.
February 11, 2015
Exceptionally ordinary.
½ February 6, 2015
An Aussie Says He Wants His "Donger Dipped??", In Louisiana's French Quarter?? ..Sheezus, I Really Dislike Bad Australian Cliches Don't By Americans..& Then An Aging Nick Cage Struggles With The Stunt Work..Overall A Crummy Action Flick, But In Tiny Bits, It Is Mildly Entertaining.
January 31, 2015
In New Orleans, Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) and Vincent (Josh Lucas) are preparing for a heist, aided by Riley (Malin Åkerman), their getaway driver, and Hoyt (M.C. Gainey), a computer security expert. They are watched by FBI agent Tim Harland (Danny Huston), who knows that Will and Vincent have been casing a jewelry store for several weeks and plans to arrest them mid-crime.

Will and Vincent break into the neighboring toy store, blowing the adjacent wall. Harland gives them a few minutes before sending his agents into the jewelry store, but Will and Vincent are not there, having instead used the jewelry store to gain access to a bank. In the vault, Will collects $10 million in wrapped bills and drags away Vincent, who had been eying a stack of gold bars. They come across a janitor in a back alley. Vincent attempts to kill the man, but Will refuses, and Vincent accidentally shoots himself in the leg. As their escape van pulls up, Vincent gets in and tells the others to drive off, leaving Will stranded with the money and the FBI closing fast. After a car chase, Will is cornered in an abandoned building. Agents arrest him but find no evidence of the money.

Eight years later, Will is released from prison. He is taken back to New Orleans by Harland, believing that Will stashed the money before his arrest. He warns that he will be watching Will closely. Will returns to his daughter Alison (Sami Gayle), finding that she is struggling with abandonment issues. She refuses to let him talk to her, instead handing over a package addressed to him that was left there that morning. She goes off in a taxi, which has been shown to been trailing Will since his release.

Will goes to a nearby bar where Riley is working. As they talk, the package starts to ring. Will finds a cell phone inside, and the caller reveals himself as Vincent, the driver of the taxi, who now has kidnapped Alison, and he demands the $10 million from the heist within 12 hours. Vincent says he will be tracking Will via the phone and will make regular calls that Will must answer or Alison will die. Vincent drugs Alison and locks her in the taxi's trunk.

Will, aware that Harland's men are also following him, uses the Fat Tuesday celebration to escape. He purchases a second cell phone to redirect calls from the first, then plants the first phone on a leaving train to throw Vincent's tracking off. Will explains the situation to Harland, vowing that he burnt the $10 million just before he was arrested, and asks for help. Harland rejects this, showing that Vincent was reported dead a year prior, a burnt body identified by DNA.
½ January 26, 2015
Predictable, rerun plot, decent acting at best, "Stolen" is a film you've seen a million times. It's sad because Nic Cage used to be so great onscreen, and now it's almost like he has forgotten how to act with the older age. Josh Lucas may be the highlight here in the acting department of this film, he plays a pretty good baddie, which I never would have expected. Just don't expect a lot out of this film, you're not missing anything by not watching it. 2.5/5 JD
January 25, 2015
It's always interesting watching an intelligent thief, especially one with a big heart and honourable principles. Not a huge fan of. Nicholas Cage but enjoy many of his movies. Great location with personality which could've been highlighted more.
January 21, 2015
A sharp and fast-paced action-thriller. Director, Simon West and Star, Nicolas Cage re-team for the first time since Con Air to deliver another fast and furious thrill-ride. It`s a cool and surprisingly good film. A smart, thrilling, and wickedly entertaining movie, It starts off as a heist film then turns into a exciting cat and mouse game that delivers some solid twist and thrilling action scenes.
January 15, 2015
A movie that leaves you with more questions unanswered then answered while pondering the fact if Nicholas Cages character is brilliant or if the FBI is just oblivious
½ January 13, 2015
Goofy Nicolas Cage fun and with the exception of the Left Behind remake I'll see him in anything. Cliche all the way without a single original idea and yet it's still a good time.
½ January 11, 2015
A generic action film which you get numb by watching it.
January 11, 2015
Not the worst Cage movie ever.
But definitely not a good movie. In particular the score is heinous and Lucas is a horrible villian. Also why do all movies shot in NOLA look the same?
January 2, 2015
I didn't dig this movie. Nicholas Cage fan here but no not this
December 28, 2014
A fun time with Nick Cage. I like him a lot. The pacing is crazy at the end, but the set up is great and the villain is cool. Good ol' action.
½ December 27, 2014
Movie was awful. It was predictable and unrealistic
½ December 16, 2014
been there done that, pretty well ur typical crime thriller. crew pulls heist things go sour, one member ends up in jail gets out only to have his Partners kidnap daughter, so he schemes his way to saving her battling cops and his ex partners on the way
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