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½ September 5, 2010
This movie demonstrates the innocence I think God intends us all to view Him with but have forgotten how to do. I am Spiritual without being religious and this movie shows it takes that "faith" of doing good more so than following traditions to get to Heaven. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist or any faith cannot say they have it "right" .... they each just have faith in what they have been taught. It takes eyes like a child sometimes to see through the BS religion has fed us. This movie is not preachy, but should give many (like me) something to think about. Sweet story! Plus I was 9 in 1976, so I loved seeing the kids on banana seat bikes!! I see a lot of me in the character Pete (but I was not raised Catholic)! lol
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½ November 9, 2006
Very sweet and endearing...
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½ March 13, 2010
Sweet drama with good performances by all.
½ May 31, 2008
I remember watching the making of this film a few years back during Season 1 of Greenlight Project. I just got the chance to see the finished film. It was such a sweet story. For a first time writer/director the film was done really well. And I assumed I would get bored during this movie but instead I was finding myself invested in the characters, especially the two little boys trying to get to Heaven.
July 5, 2007
The premise--a Catholic little boy trying to get a Jewish little boy to Heaven and the way he goes about it, is a little "far out"; but the storyline and acting is very good; very believable. You can't help but identify with each character's viewpoint in some way.
April 26, 2014
Wonderful characters with real relationship development about faith, family, and how to be real neighbors.
January 6, 2014
My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.
August 1, 2013
With all the bad reviews I find this movie actually pretty good if anyone who knows kids know that these children play the roles well being that they are children the movie was heart felt and brought the picture of religion into light in a that is real and although there are differences we all look to God and that shows without overpowering the audience and or telling the audience to pick a side which I think is wonderful. I say see it for yourself and decide for yourself.
July 28, 2013
I understand the criticism, most Jewish people would criticize this film. My personal opinion, it's far too clean for the everyday movie watcher and too moralistic for the secular crowd. I think it is a wonderful story and enjoyed it.
February 8, 2013
Aidan Quinn gives it his best but he can't save this failed experiment from horrible child acting, poor pacing, and a story that feels like it belongs on a Hallmark special.
October 25, 2012
As long as the final result of Project Greenlight was this weak, at least the process of getting it made was fun to watch. The performances from all of the adults were good, but the two kids, the story and the sappiness of it is just too many crappy factors rolled into one movie. It's kind of a shock that this is the script that won.
½ September 30, 2011
What was the point of this movie?
August 20, 2011
A very good film that looks at spirituality through a young boys eyes, through his quest, the adults around him learn to appreciate there and others veiws.
½ December 9, 2010
Not many folk have liked this, but I did. It's schmaltzy, and requires suspension of disbelief. Eleanor's comment was 'kids aren't like that', but for me Adi Stein's performance was sincere and convincing. It put me into that innocent place of being eight and having a grand plan. Maybe I was just feeling vulnerable, but I was moved by this film. Leave your critical faculties at the door and enjoy it too.
½ May 23, 2010
shame on all critics who vote this movie in any way rotten. this is a beautiful story that will captivate anyone born into a irish catholic family even in todays day and age. Very captivating and the closest script I've ever seen in a movie with details comparible to a book.
½ January 25, 2006
Very touching and moving film, yes, a bit on the corny side, but it really does hit some accurate notes on growing up Catholic and Jewish. Particularly the attitudes of the parents is very on target. Nicely set in Chicago, it had a real good and genuine feel for growing up in that city. (That's where I gre up). A fine film with a nice cast.
March 13, 2004
The the movie that the first Project Greenlight ended up with. It's actually not bad, although I would probably not have any interest in watching it if not for the show. I don't think there's enough here to warrant a theatrical viewing. It would be a pretty good made for TV viewing tho. The acting by the adults (Aidan Quinn, Bonnie Hunt, and especially Kevin Pollack) is pretty good; the kids seem a little stagey. I can see why this screenplay was chosen - it was tight, focused, and small scale. But it really doesn't have much of an audience. I mean, I can't see anyone telling their friends, "Hey, let's go watch movie about this Catholic kid who wants to convert a Jewish kid." The trailer reflects this too - no mention of the plot, just a couple shot of the actors involved, and focus on the Project Greenlight premise.
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