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March 26, 2014
The state religion of Saudi Arabia is Wahhabism; the most extreme form of Islamism by witch 9/11 is justified. In this film, a terrorist bombing victim says about 9/11; "Do you know what the most chilling aspect about this whole business is? It's that the West still has not realized that the worst is yet to come."
March 31, 2012
Non sto qui a discutere sul punto di vista del regista nei confronti dell'Islam e delle civilt musulmane, penso sia stato gi bersagliato abbastanza, ma questo lavoro di Martinelli veramente un'immondizia che non sta n in cielo n in terra. Anche se lo si dovesse guardare da una prospettiva xenofoba, il film non convincerebbe nemmeno gli estremisti pi accaniti. Le tesi del "protagonista" (il presunto professore universitario invalido) sul "terrorismo islamico", sono affrontate con tanto di quel qualunquismo segregazionista, che non starebbero in piedi neanche con una sceneggiatura iper-arguta. Gli stessi dialoghi sembrano usciti da un programmino televisivo spazzatura di quart'ordine, e, fondamentalmente, nei contenuti, non vanno a parare da nessuna parte (e lo stesso vale per il soggetto e la trama...). Aggiungetegli anche degli scontri a fuoco a dir poco irrazionali nella messa in scena (per non parlare dell'aggressione domestica, con tanto di "fuga" fra le travi dell'appartamento... scena fastidiosamente patetica), delle inquadrature che ricordano le tristissime pubblicit delle automobili, e degli effetti speciali sgraziati e grossolani, e vi sarete fatti un'idea de "Il Mercante di Pietre".
½ November 4, 2010
HORRIBLE and so bad its just beyond BAD!!!!
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½ February 28, 2009
This movie is just so weak, although it makes some very valid statements about islam - and I liked this political non-correctness.
February 2, 2009
En glimrende og skarp kommentar til konflikten mellem kristenhed og islam. Hvor langt vil Vesten gå? Hvor langt vil fundamentalisterne gå? Det er dog en skam at det er en lavbudgetfilm, for den er faktisk flot, uforudsigelig og ret spændende.
½ November 9, 2008
Eeerr, emm, huh huh, mmm....Yeah and no. Story was good and thats pretty much it as a pro. ....the cons you ask?... well, For a modern day movie the visuals were a little 1960's and the acting very B...Nobody up for a oscar in this one. ...the profussly perspiring gynstic "half man" brought a kinda immature smerk to my boat-race though. hehe. Kietel looks like hes a cronic sun dome asmatic straight outa 1970's porn set. ...kinda looked like my plant 'henry' when a come back from a 3 week vacation.....I could of sworn i watered him...
September 14, 2008
The relatively catchy and very up-to-date
storyline is spoiled by how extremely the
movie is stretched out and by how easily
the female character was persuaded.
Nice scenery and atmosphere anyway...
September 11, 2008
Worst film I have EVER SEEN.
July 21, 2008
I love this movie because it's poetic and cruel, all and nothing, life and death. Another chance to innocence...
July 11, 2008
some of the worst acting ever. somali hitmen in italy? i think the high ratings on netflix etc were because the lead is an amputee and they love showing his stumps, and because the subject matter is hot now.
June 28, 2008
Scary and bloody excellent
June 20, 2008
very good! long beginning but worth seeing
½ May 5, 2008
Story was weak, acting was worse. Interesting filmography with zazzy scene transistions, but not enough to impress.
½ April 22, 2008
Great story, terriable photography and cuting.
March 8, 2008
Noe veldig bra skuespill, og noe veldig dårlig skuespill! Skjønte hva som kom til å skje på slutten, så var ikke så spennende.. Verdt å se? Tja, kanskje..
February 19, 2008
Very good. Not great... but worth the money to rent it at blockbuster.
½ February 18, 2008
This one is really good. It's an unsettling story with and ending you don't expect at first.
February 16, 2008
fantastic dark and scary movie.
½ February 11, 2008
Virkelig bra "rolig" terroristfilm, med en noe uventet avslutning. En film som bare vokser og vokser...
January 31, 2008
This was a great movie! Wow!
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