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September 4, 2014
I was surprised at how quickly I lost interest in this. Polley talks constantly about how she wants to explore the theme of stories changing depending on who's telling them, but the story itself doesn't seem all that complicated and everyone seems to generally agree on what happened. I liked it for about an hour, and then all the details become clear and it just runs out of steam; there doesn't seem to be much worth considering about it beyond that.
August 30, 2014
Amazing documentary. Exploration of love and family.
August 26, 2014
An intriguing documentary about a family and its secrets. The documentary looks at everyone's point of view, sometimes conflicting, but all relevant. It supports my view that there is no truth. Everyone has a different version and opinion of what occurred. And in the end, the director can edit out whatever she likes. AND THAT IS THE POINT. Beautifully executed as well as conceived.
August 24, 2014
A surprising documentary that begins with Sarah Polley and her family recounting a history of their mother, only to become something else entirely. The jaw-dropping revelations continue right up to the very end, with a series of admissions from both the interviewees and the director that will leave you reeling. Polley has crafted a movie that has something to say about families, technology, documentaries, narratives, entertainment, and so much more.
August 24, 2014
Excellent docu, d'une originalité et d'une clarté incroyable.
August 16, 2014
Great documentary movie by Sarah Polley. I really like the fact that not only is Stories We Tell a documentary movie, but a mystery movie as well, and that is very new to me. The history about what had happen about Sarah Polley's family is intriguing and shocking. There are some parts where it's funny and can help if the movie was getting boring. When the movie was done with the story that Sarah Polley was focusing on for the majority of the film, it kept going which I was confused and thought it was over at that point. I do like that even Sarah at the time had to find out about her mother's history, so she's kind of like the viewers that watch this, not knowing what's going to happen. It is nice to see that even if it was a long time ago, when the family talks about the stuff from the past, they get emotional about it, knowing that they are still human and there are some stuff in the past that you just can't let go.
August 15, 2014
You would normally think a regular family documentary wouldn't be that interesting, but in the case of Stores We Tell, you would be decisively wrong. Actress-turned-director Sarah Polley spent five years interviewing family members and friends, even recreating old b-roll footage, before finally pulling together her story and that of her parents on film. It also shows how people often remember things differently, complete with some twists and turns, and overall is one of the most well done and uniquely satisfying documentaries of the past couple years.
August 13, 2014
Sarah Polley. Genia.
August 8, 2014
This documentary is mainly about the level of interest a normal families life story can have. It's amazing really how they really just interviewed people on their account of the story. I highly recommend it.
½ August 7, 2014
An interesting approach to the many perspectives of storytelling within one family. Polley spends much time crafting this story but we're never fully sure of her own perspective, which feels like it would be the most important one were it included. I'm always a fan of her projects, and this is no exception.
½ August 5, 2014
Fascinating documentary about actor/director Sarah Polley's dramatic family secret. Loses a bit of steam in the unnecessary last 15-20 minutes, but that's one of the only flaws. One of the best films to come out of Canada in a long time.
½ July 27, 2014
Ett rikitigt konstverk. Rekommenderas starkt!
½ July 18, 2014
A little anti-climatic, but unique and somewhat interesting.
½ July 13, 2014
A remarkably deft meta-documentary where the only real fault is that it about twenty minutes too long. Still, the fact that this thing could be cut down into a masterpiece is good enough for me.
July 11, 2014
Provocative blend of family footage and reenactment. Gets at storytelling and truth, how to get at what's real, family tales, multiple perspectives, etc.
July 2, 2014
A look at a complicated and emotional family situation that doesn't hold back on honesty.
½ June 26, 2014
Thursday, June 26, 2014

(2013) Stories We Tell

It always helps to enhance any documentary if they're many home movies available made from a family of entertainers. Because we know Sarah Polley, the actress, we don't know too much about Sarah Polley, the person for she traces back her roots and re-evaluates her life with revelations regarding what she thought as opposed to what she suspects as she's interviews both her dad and step dad, brother and her moms friends. Taken as a grain of salt as she uncovers more things about herself she probably didn't know before about her mother to whom has already died. It's subtleness could've been turned into any drama movie so it's "Telling Stories" documentation makes it much more authentic depending how it's viewed.

3 out of 4 stars
½ June 19, 2014
Very interesting experimental documentary. She's lucky her family had filmed so much footage to be able to use decades later. It's sort of eerie, especially the fact that they filmed Harry attending the funeral; it seems like it almost HAS to be trick photography or something. I think the weakness of the movie is Sarah not stepping in front of the camera enough. She narrates her impressions a little throughout, but has no one to really interview her as thoroughly as she has with her family. It's interesting how she's using the movie to deal with the revelation herself; she's clearly been deeply affected by it and it's sort of fascinating this is how she decided to partly deal with it. It does seem like it's affected her more than she's admitted to on this film.
½ June 18, 2014
Storyteller - "When you're in the middle of a story, it isn't a story at all but rather a confusion, a dark roaring, a blindness, a wreckage of shattered glass and splintered wood, like a house in a whirlwind or else a boat crushed by the icebergs or swept over the rapids, and all aboard are powerless to stop it. It's only afterwards that it becomes anything like a story at all, when you're telling it to yourself or someone else."
June 14, 2014
A slow-moving documentary that weaves together a family bit by bit. A must-see if you are a Sarah Polley fan.
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