Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker Reviews

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November 6, 2019
Director Geoffrey Sax, fresh from the intriguing work, White Noise, seems to stay in step with Horowitz' vision, although there are several scenes that seemed over-done in the ham department.
January 1, 2011
Teen spy hero makes leap from book to screen.
March 1, 2007
A moderately enjoyable affair which only drags in the middle.
October 27, 2006
An entertaining popcorn movie featuring a veritable who's who of game British actors (and a trio of equally game American performers) who keep the proceedings lively even with a too-predictable plot.
October 21, 2006
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October 15, 2006
Stormbreaker plays with, well, not complete authenticity, but more-than-expected authenticity.
October 14, 2006
The secret agent actioner Stormbreaker is definitely more James Bond for tweens than Nickelodeon fluff like Agent Cody Banks. Maybe it has something to do with the British accents.
October 13, 2006
For those unfamiliar with Anthony Horowitz's phenomenally popular (as in New York Times' bestseller list) series of young adult spy books, Alex Rider (played in the film by Alex Pettyfer) is or thinks he is an ordinary 14-year-old English sc
October 13, 2006
Geoffrey Sax's filmmaking holds few surprises -- Whiz! Bang! Boom! Ha ha ha! -- but it's swift and competent.
October 12, 2006
If Pettyfer approached the material as a teenage James Bond movie, the actors playing the villains approached Stormbreaker as a teenage Austin Powers movie.
October 12, 2006
James Bond returns in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, disguised as a 14-year-old boy involved in a mission so outrageously top secret that even the producers of the movie deny his true identity.
October 12, 2006
Taken for what it is -- 'tweenage escapism -- Stormbreaker is moderately fun.
October 12, 2006
I think older kids will like its uptempo blend of action and camp.
October 12, 2006
Unlike many movies aimed at this demographic, Stormbreaker gives young audiences credit for taste and wit.
Top Critic
October 12, 2006
Though the film is not terribly original ... the action scenes are diverting, the veteran cast is amusing and the engaging Pettyfer makes a solid debut.
October 12, 2006
Who knew that the world was clamoring for another spy kid movie at this very moment? If we have to have one, it should be as cheeky and nonsensical as Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker.
October 12, 2006
It's better than some James Bond movies -- no matter what your age.
October 6, 2006
With all the charm of the early James Bond movies and all the heart-stopping chase scenes of the contemporary spy series ... Alex Rider heaves into view as a reluctant, but thrilling young spy.
September 19, 2006
Filled with entertaining action sequences and a dazzling supporting cast, Operation Stormbreaker succeeds in serving up tasty fare for the older set, as well as kids.
September 2, 2006
Sporting all the elements of a pre and early teens action adventure for the modern age (Biggles on steroids?), Stormbreaker uses Hollywood style filmmaking with British eccentricity to fun effect.
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