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When the isolated U.S. military moonbase is bombarded by a rogue meteor storm, Colonel Gerard Brauchman (Christian Slater) and his small crew are cut off from Earth with their life support failing. Before long, the crew discovers the meteors harbored alien spores...and they're replicating. Now a vicious, shape-shifting predatory life form is loose inside the crippled facility, picking off victims one by one. Locked in a desperate fight for survival, Brauchman and the terrified remaining astronauts have one final mission...keep the creature from escaping the moon and finding a new food supply on Earth. (c) RLJ Entertainment
Art House & International , Drama , Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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When the opening action sequence ends, you expect the film to back up or at least circle around eventually and tell us who these people are, and it never does.

Full Review… | July 25, 2013
Top Critic

It's a scrappy, unpretentious movie, with nicely calibrated pacing, but there's no logic, little motivation and above all, no personalities.

Full Review… | July 25, 2013
New York Post
Top Critic

It may be time for everyone to agree that if you've seen one trapped-in-space-with-an-alien-presence movie, you've seen them all.

Full Review… | July 25, 2013
New York Times
Top Critic

Sometimes an earnest, easily forgettable B-movie is just what you're looking for. But rarely do you feel like spending 12 bucks to see it - especially when that appears also to be the film's entire budget.

Full Review… | July 25, 2013
New York Daily News
Top Critic

"Stranded" stops at being merely seriously dull and trite, rather than tipping into train-wreck silliness.

Full Review… | July 24, 2013
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic

Slater is supposed to be incredulous about the existence of the alien threat, but he mostly seems incredulous about the script.

Full Review… | July 24, 2013
AV Club
Top Critic

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Astronauts are some of the most intelligent people in the history of human civilization who are psychologically screened and trained incredibly well to foresee and competently handle a variety of possible crises and disasters. Of course when something like the International Space Station costs over $100 Billion, you'd need to make damn sure it's in good hands. So you can quickly spot shitty sci-fi when all the astronauts are complete bumblings idiots and emotional unstable dramawhores who catastrophically fumble the most simple and basic of tasks. Yep. This is another one of those. And it delivers garbage writing in spades. Avoid at all costs.

Corgi Puppy
Corgi Puppy

If I tried to explain the plot, you would think I was insane. Lowest. Budget. Ever. Christian Slater....what happened? This is as far in the opposite direction from True Romance as possible. So bad. So, so bad. The fact that this was even made shows we are very much alone. There is no hope.

Maximus Fli
Maximus Fli

Derivative tripe, Stranded is a piece of garbage that's not even fit to air on the SyFy Channel. The acting is terrible and the sets look like they came from a cheap model kit. Additionally, the plot's little more than a bad knock-off of Alien. It's pathetic crap like this that gives sci-fi a bad name.

Dann Michalski
Dann Michalski

Super Reviewer

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