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December 11, 2008
Strange prison escape picture with biblical overtones and examination of salvation. Clark Gable and Joan Crawford's last film together. He's good and so is Peter Lorre as a sniveling bounty hunter who has the hots for Crawford.
November 7, 2008
Joan Crawford,..Clark Gable,..very classic, wonderful cargo!!
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½ October 9, 2008
Strange Cargo makes for good story.
½ October 6, 2008
Boring chemistry between Gable and Crawford. Way too many bible verses. Strangely ho-hum for a director of Borzage's spiritual intensity.
June 28, 2008
Excellent film and another fine product in the combo of Gable and Crawford. This movie was filled with so much symbolism and religious tones, it sort of surprised me, but in a good way. You can plainly see why it was denounced the way it was back in 1940 but it is still an all around great film. The plot is interesting and the way each character seems to grow and eventually discover something within themselves gives the film a good taste. Can never go wrong with the chemistry between Crawford and Gable, and that played well here. Powerful acting by Gable however, and one of his nastiest film roles, but you still couldn't help but cheer for him. Ian Hunter gave a great performance. No matter what your views are religiously, this film, in a film aspect, was one of the better ones.
June 3, 2008
O galã a chamar a miúda de "kid"! ? muito bom, adoro. Uma história bem engraçada que vale a pena ver, de preferência de telemóvel sem som...
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May 25, 2008
"strange cargo" is the last movie of the gable/crawford duo which is highly popular in the 30s until their romance got hindered by mgm louis b. mayer and their seperate marriages. (gable to carole lombard; crawford to franchot tone) practically crawford's off-and-on lifelong affair with gable is the only thing described with a positive light in the speclal feature of crawford's dvd collection despite mostly the interviewees are mocking her animalistic shrewdness with misogynism all the time.

gable plays verne, a dubious inmate who is desperate to escape his colonial jail in southern america or obtain a bit of solace of female touch, so he spots on the saloon girl julie(crawford) by sneaking into her dressing room and forcing her to conform into his bossom. tough julie reports him to jail instead, then he frames her as accomplice to get even. a stuck gender guerilla of animosity turning into affection. then on the way of her retreat to mainland america, she stumbles into him again, so they end up in the same lifeboat with other five inmates drifting to america on sea. it has albert dekker as the malicious survivor and ian hunter as the christ figure, the spiritual guide who inspires gable's conscience. peter lorre as the disdained sap who has a crush on crawford, but belittled as pig all the time while the hunky gable pushes crawford around by trashing her good wills of saving him with distrusts.

it is literarily clark gable's star vehicle, and the peak of the whole movie would be his temporal betrayal to the woman who sells herself to trade for his freedom then he's on verge of drowning his best friend to obliterate the evidence of his existence. eventually the story is turned around when he decides to go for the righteous: rescue the friend he almost drowns to death and returns to crawford and stop her from marrying pig. it might be a one-man show to demonstrate the wayward overpower of gable's chauvinistic machismo while crawford de-glamourizes herself without even a smear of lipstick as his petite love prey.

as the special feature suggests, crawford considers gable the man of her life, and she even volunteers to take carole lombard's unfinished movie "they all kissed the bride" then donoates her earn to the red cross charity to ease off gable's grief like a faithful friend and devoted lover. maybe a woman could only be appreciated when she surrenders to man, only glorified when she's under rosy color of romance, ridiculed ruthlessly while she stands aloof to fight for herself. it is apparent, considering the treatment of crawford's posthumous documentary.
May 24, 2008
this is not a typical movie for a guy like me but i love it,i own a copy of it and i never get tired of it.
May 7, 2008
Excellent Movie with great performances from Clark Gable and Joan Crawford. Adventure and Religion!
May 6, 2008
A strange film for it's time, it's studio and it's stars.

A small group of convicts - including an unknown man who appeared in their midst before the attempt - escape from an island penal colony along with a fiery bar girl. The treacherous jungle and an escape by boat across to the mainland whittle their number down and the survivors confront their own destiny before a resolution.

The film's strange atmosphere leads to forceful but muted performances from Crawford and Gable - their love story also strangely on a low-light while Borzage concentrates on the mystical character - charismatically played by Ian Hunter - who unsettles the dynamic of the convicts.
April 23, 2008
Strange Cargo is Borzage's most blatantly religious and spiritual films, and one of the strangest films from the studio era. It's unique but wonderful, a combination of religious imagery and romanticism that was rare in Hollywood during code enforcement.
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½ March 9, 2008
An intruigingly different idea presented within the confines of 40's melodrama. Very gritty for an MGM production with excellent performances.
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