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Strange Days Quotes

  • Lenny Nero: This is not like "TV-only-better" ... this is life.

  • Max Peltier: Cheer up. The world's about to end in ten minutes anyway.

  • Max Peltier: The issue's not whether you're paranoid, Lenny, I mean look at this shit, the issue is whether you're paranoid enough.

  • Lornette "Mace" Mason: Memories are meant to fade. They're designed that way for a reason.

  • Max Peltier: He's still workin' the party... actin' smooth like nothin's nothin'.

  • Faith Justin: You know one of the ways movies are still better than playback? The music comes up, there's credits, and you always know when it's over... [turns to look at Lenny] IT'S OVER!

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