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The Strange Love of Martha Ivers Quotes

  • Martha Ivers: Its the only room I didn't change. [on showing her childhood room to Sam]
    Sam Masterson: We were just a couple of kids.
    Mrs. Ivers: Sorry that you ever left here. [to Sam]

  • Walter O'Neil: And you. What have you done?
    Walter O'Neil: All life is a gamble.
    Sam Masterson: You'll do it for old times sake.
    Martha Ivers: A sure thing is never a gamble.
    Martha Ivers: There's only way you'll find out, release the girl.
    Sam Masterson: I haven't been on the rubberneck tour for years. [on being shown the house of Martha]

  • Sam Masterson: Better get out of those wet clothes.
    Toni Marachek: I was so lonesome tonight, I was about to died.
    Sam Masterson: LIke I said, we leave tomorrow.
    Sam Masterson: You don't have to tell me who you are, I can tell by the smell.
    Sam Masterson: You scared little boy. You're just about to do your old pal a great big favor.

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