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½ June 24, 2015
Ray Liotta isn't all that good of a leading man, but he isn't as bad as he was in this dismal sequel.
August 26, 2013
lame sequel don't bother with this one
August 4, 2013
Decent police drama. Ending is cliche
½ January 23, 2013
Street Kings 2 treads common ground, but it does its best on a limited budget, providing some noteworthy thrills. Decent for what it is. I say RENT IT!!!
January 20, 2013
Had no business being called Street Kings.. I think it was a good movie. Liotta and Hatosy as partners wasnt bad. 6/10
½ December 28, 2012
A surprisingly good but seemingly unconnected sequel to SK1. Good story with predictable outcome but thoroughly enjoyable film.
½ December 20, 2012
Pretty dull, predictable and lame. Really nothing going for it. Is Ray Liotta this desperate for work?
November 18, 2012
A movie that didn't need to be made. It is watchable, but the question is why would you want to? Completely unoriginal, formulaic, with uninspired acting makes me wonder why they even bothered making this.
September 17, 2012
The story was predictable but the music and ray liotta's performance made the movie watchable. Worth renting.
August 1, 2012
Not as good as the first one, though Liotta plays a good "bad" cop. The shots of Detroit are depressing, but that is the reality there, and has been for the past decade at least. The storyline just seemed a little weak on this one, I really don't get what the motive of the bad cop was, and it seems to me like the first movie did a lot better at the story part of it, and the bad guys were really quite bad.
½ June 24, 2012
not bad action movie,not a patch on the 1st but still worth a look
May 7, 2012
Cliched dirty cop thriller with ray liotta as the no good dirty cop. Few thrills and spills.
½ May 4, 2012
It has a crude start, and it eventually gets on motivated to get on with the film, transcends in the middle and it catches one attention then, fair plot, Ray Liotta gives a overall good performance, the plot has an unrealistic focus through the investigative part in this movie, yet can't really compare to the first movie.
½ May 4, 2012
Unremarkable name-only sequel to 2008 dirty cop thriller Street Kings. It doesn't flaunt name-only sequel tradition in having much of a point outside of cashing in on an established brand but it's not terrible either, providing a broadly similar tale, albeit with a noticable drop in budget and a new location - the palm trees and sunshine of L.A. giving way to the strip clubs and muscle cars of Detroit. Nothing special but watchable. Ray Liotta is the big name in the cast but as befitting a guy firmly entrenched in the Lance Henriksen "I'll do anything for a buck" stage of his career who can play these characters in his sleep, he's pretty much phoning it in. Shawn Hatosy plays the token rookie partner and while he's decent, he doesn't leave much of an impression. The most memorable thing about him is his odd habit of being sweaty and out of breath all the time!
April 13, 2012
Não teve surpresa,mas não deixa de ser um bom thriller.
½ March 29, 2012
Was good !! Not as the first one but good !
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2012
I am not a great fan of Ray Liotta since Seinfield made fun of him in the B Movie :-)... joking... but I really never thought of him as a great actor. In this movie he did well enough that we can say that the film is successfully delivering intense and electrifying performance - just enough for a positive review!

Liotta plays Detroit detective Marty Kingston, the leader of an undercover narcotics team, whose members are being systematically murdered one by one... Kingston joins forces with young (and cocky) homicide detective, but neither of them is prepared for the shocking corruption their investigation will uncover... The film is a sequel in name only, as it takes place in Detroit rather than Los Angeles and only Clifton Powell returns from the first film's cast...

Enough said! Very formulaic for most of its running time and it doesn't offer anything that hasn't been done to death within the genre already. Not terrible and worth a look if you enjoyed the first one... if you didn't, skip it!
December 29, 2011
It's wasn't anything like the first one. That's what made me even give this the time of day because the first one was interesting. Two good actors where casted in here but a very disappointment.
½ November 18, 2011
Ray Liotta was good. But Movie as a whole was pretty bad. I see why it went straight to DVD
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