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½ April 9, 2017
Under-rated movie about two guys in the business world. One is a young kid ladies man trying to get out of the mail room and the other is very successful but hates his personal life. They both try to help each other. Tommy Davidson is really good but the lead actor is terrible. He cannot act. Of course Halle Berry is hot as hell.
February 10, 2015
Tommy Davidson's energetic, comedic performance highlights thislively though standard Rom-com.
½ September 29, 2014
Good comedy for it's time.
May 3, 2014
Love this movie. One of my favorites from the 90s!
February 19, 2013
Really funny movie and a great story! And it stars the sexy and gorgeous Halle Berry!
April 18, 2012
An hip & hilarious romantic comedy. Halle Berry is an absolute delight in her first movie role.
December 21, 2011
It's simple formula works for people in their teens. It has a "70's" feel to it that makes it not worth watching. I found it interesting to see them all together before they became more famous. Halle Berry.
March 20, 2011
promising beginning that drops. rapidly
January 11, 2011
Halle Berry. The movie wasn't based on her as a main character, but the main characters centered their life around her. Tommy Davidson played a good supporting role. This movie is about a black business man who falls in love w/ a successful around the way girl.
December 23, 2010
Brings back allot of 90's Memories.
½ March 22, 2010
½ March 5, 2010
Really a great 90s movies, fun to watch, paces well enough. Actually by the time you finish, it seems more like you watched a TV episode that lasts 90 minutes, it has that kind of easy-going feel
½ October 24, 2009
one of my first best romantic movie!
June 12, 2009
I really enjoyed Halle Berry in this movie!!
May 12, 2009
keeps a smile on your face!
½ October 18, 2008
I had completely forgot I watched this movie before. Its a decent movie if you like reliving the 90s or Halle Berry.
August 31, 2008
A man looking all over New York to find this girl Natalie played by Halle Berry. Who wouldn't go looking all over New York to find her.
August 5, 2008
Something tells me Sam Rockwell has an undeservedly small part in this film. Sammy Jackson probably does to, and at the expense of trying to push Halle Berry and Tommy Davidson's careers along. What a shame.
½ July 20, 2008
Wow this movie takes me back.
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