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An innocent young woman is wrongfully accused of murdering her mother and sentenced to death in Firecracker director Steve Balderson's campy homage to the women in prison genre. Enslaved by her sadistic female warden and left to the mercy of her hardened fellow inmates, frightened innocent Daisy (Starina Johnson) struggles to maintain her integrity as her life becomes a living hell behind bars. Karen Black, Mink Stole, Jane Weidlin, Stacy Cunningham, and Pleasant Gehman star.

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The film only works because of Karen Black. Playing the next-door neighbour whose eye-witness testimony puts Daisy on a fast-track to the gallows, the lonely old woman begins to have doubts about what 'I know I saw.'

Full Review… | November 7, 2010

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What's supposed to be a homage to the "women in prison" genre fails miserably. It's boring, awful and the women in prison are not even hot. Ugh! This movie isn't even the good side of awful. If you are gng to be bad, you have to be entertainingly bad. That's at least the the requirement for low-budget b movies.

John Cockrell
John Cockrell

I feel I need to come to this movies defense after reading lewiskendell's review because I think he completely missed the point. This movie was an homage to a specific genre, and I can understand how (if you were not familiar with WIP's) you may become confused. The actresses in this movie are amazing. They really brought out the heightened acting style found in the WIP's. As for the accent comment, I hate to break this to lewiskendell, but I looked it up and the lead actress (Starina Johnson) is from the south. I think he may be misunderstanding that she apparently did research on the genre style and incorporated it. I know in this age of actresses playing themselves that can be confusing for some, but there are actual actors out there who work and research a project. I wonder if he noticed all the other actresses accents were a bit heightened as well? Perhaps lewiskendell feels that, unless all the actresses are doing a Mississippi accent they are fake (even though this film was set in Georgia). His comment reminded me of the idiots who criticized Leslie Mann in Funny People for her "bad Australian accent" even though it was obvious she was trying to do it badly. My only beef with the movie was it seemed to drag in places. I think with another round of edits this movie would have been even more powerful. Jane Wiedlin was funny, and the scene between Daisy and Dutch was almost hot enough to turn me straight. And who doesn't love any movie that can bring both Mink Stole and Karen Black together? Overall I liked it, and the audience in the theater when I saw it loved it. Maybe it's just one of those movies that's more fun in a group to see and repeat lines from later.

Jazz Hand
Jazz Hand

"Are you talking back at me, tampon socket?" Awful, boring, awful, amateurish, awful, awful, and awful. That pretty much sums up Stuck! Daisy (played by some woman with a terrible fake southern accent, whose name I certainly didn't bother to look up) walks in on her seriously ill mother plotting to end her own life with a gun, and in an attempt to prevent the suicide, the mother is accidentally shot and killed. A neighbor sees the struggle through her window and misinterprets it, resulting in Daisy getting sent to jail with a sentence of death. I don't really remember what happened after that, probably because this movie is so terrible that it gave me brain damage. What's supposed to be a modern homage to the "women in prison" genre, ends up being a mawkish bore that fails to entertain on any level. Stuck! isn't campy fun, and it's not anywhere near the good side of awful. From the acting, writing, and directing, to the incredibly cheap looking digital video it was filmed with, this movie is just a failure. Even the titillation that practically is a genre requirement is completely missing, because quite frankly, most of these women make actual prison inmates look like Adriana Lima. Skip this. Please.

Lewis C.
Lewis C.

Super Reviewer

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