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½ April 13, 2019
I really enjoyed Stanley Tucci's performance but was however quite disappointed by the end.
November 3, 2018
A cautionary tale that the #MeToo movement should be alert to. Guarding against sexual harassment can become over zealous. Watch with 1930's The Blue Angel.
July 26, 2018
pretty ok, typical script
July 17, 2018
I bought the film at my local Walmart after first seeing the trailer & synopsis online. I instantly was intrigued because I'm a huge fan of literature writing films. This reminded me of "Shattered Glass" at first glance so I convinced myself to buy it upon release date. I watched it and immediately got wrapped up in the character's motives and purpose. The movie didn't go as I expected during the middle of the film which I appreciated it not being predictable. This covers a very raw and real problematic topic with the relationship of teacher & student that this needs to be addressed. I personally really enjoyed this film and it had it's quirky funny moments, but focused more so on the quarrels on being involved in a student's life. I throughly enjoyed this work and I look forward to more films from this director/producer in the future
July 17, 2018
Great movie it was very suspenseful. Kept us at the edge of our seats until the end.
July 9, 2018
Absolutely loved the movie!
July 7, 2018
It is strange that a movie with writing t its core is so poorly written. There are no surprises here. Decent acting but predictable plot. Missed chance at showing the sinister side of how a woman can manipulate an encounter for her own purpose. And the ending, he really wants to know what if the book is good? They should have had him steal the book as his own, then the sexual harassment thing works, even if she manipulates it.
May 28, 2018
Novelist turned professor Ted Swenson (Stanley Tucci) is already chafing against campus politics and a bad case of middle age ennui when he takes an interest in creative writing student Angela Argo (Addison Timlin). Seemingly as troubled as she is talented, Angela disarms Swenson with a blend of ego-stroking flattery and provocative allure. Is there more to Angela than meets the eye? WIll Swenson's mentorship cross the line of appropriate behavior? If you've seen the trailer or read Blue Angel (the Francine Prose novel on which Submission is based) you probably have a pretty good idea. Regardless, Submission is a journey well worth taking, as its pleasures lie primarily in its razor sharp dialogue and pitch perfect casting.

While dramatic fireworks do ensue, this faithful adaptation retains much of Prose's satirical humor. Its ultimate message is open to interpretation and debate, but there's no arguing the quality of its acting. Tucci is nothing less than riveting in a role tailor made for his devilish deadpan wit. Timlin (the brilliantly understated star of future cult classics Little Sister and Like Me) more than holds her own opposite Tucci, completely nailing the ambiguity and myriad layers of Angela Argo. In fact, it's the women in Swenson's life who really steal the second half of the film, with Kyra Sedgwick making a typically strong impression as the professor's beleaguered wife.

One can quibble with Submission's third act, which feels a tad rushed in comparison to the book's impeccable pacing. The performances carry the day, however, and are the best of many reasons to see this sly, literate, button-pusher for adults.
½ March 9, 2018
(Sorry about all-cap, just stuck when I wrote this)
The movie is engaging and the chapters written by Angela Argo is steamier than Fifty Shades. As the audience, I feel bad for Ted, since he seems to do everything right, up until he did not resist and stand firm on a line he should have drawn long ago, when he made his marriage vow. anyway, his behavior was inappropriate, but i felt he was the prey and not the predator in this drama.

in fact, i was wondering if he was going to steal his student's idea about the next book he has been trying to write or the past 10 years. well, at least he has his professional integrity.
March 3, 2018
Stanley Tucci is terrific, film is timely with a twist, adapted from Francine Prose's well-wrought novel Blue Angel, published in 2000.
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