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½ October 21, 2012
This is so very nearly a perfect masterpiece, an early slice of 1970s New German Cinema, from the director of The Tin Drum. Made for TV, and shot in stark black and white, the first 30 minutes or so of this are very funny - a ragtag bunch of villagers attempt to rob the taxman who travels by their village once a month. Each time something goes wrong - but eventually they do it, and succeed. Here is where Hollywood would end - but in Germany they're interested in the consequences of bad deeds. One by one the men are caught out in lies, and as the case builds against them, so does the noose around their neck tighten.

This is a frightening film in its portrayal of unsympatheic officialdom - and its ending is up there with anything by Arthur Miller or George Orwell for political power (it's hard not to think of The Crucible at a certain moment). I would say more, but I am afraid of spoiling the film for anybody who is lucky enough to track down a copy.

Sudden Wealth Of The Poor People Of Kombach is a brilliant, honest, brutal but beautiful film, filled with some wonderful comedy to offset the darkness, and if this was what TV was like once upon a time - then why can't we have more like it?
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