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Art House & International , Drama
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The film has incredible special effects considering it's age, it was the mother of the consequent films like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It was a visually stunning piece of work that originally made for the video of the same title by Capcom. The acting was, well, from the 1960s Hollywood. And the actress playing Emi was too old. Storyline was simple, A crew of Tv show makers goes to a haunted house to get footages and accidentally released the ghost of the ex owner: Lady Mamiya. Not a bad film to watch if you like Japanese films, soundtrack is quite good by the way.

Sylvester Kuo
Sylvester Kuo

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Sweet Home is a pretty basic story. A group goes into a dead artist's abandoned mansion in order to film something, and the place is haunted. Pretty standard haunted house storyline there. The thing that makes the basic story of Sweet Home more demented than the usual film is that there are reoccurring themes of a dead infant. A few of the characters are quite memorable. Emi, a young girl, has a good stage presence about her regardless of the fact that it really doesn't seem like she does much of anything in the film; and an old man who (from what I can understand) owns a gas station is quite memorable as well. Of course, the evil house/ghost is also memorable in the few scenes where frightening things do happen. If there's one area where this film really stands out, it's in the special effects. Although the plot can be tedious to follow and quite honestly bland at times, the strange visuals keep the viewer interested. A few of the death scenes are quite gruesome, and the use of Nosferatu-esque shadow movement in a few scenes is also very nice. The main problem with the film, though, is a numerous amount of inconsistencies and pacing issues. Not a perfect film, but certainly better than a lot of other horror films out there covering the subject of a haunted house, Sweet Home is worth the hour and forty minutes it takes up. Any fans of classic horror films and J-horror will enjoy it. In schooling, a 70% is a C, and I think that's what Sweet Home deserves. So there you go.

Rubin Marshak
Rubin Marshak

Some great Dick Smith FX work is the highlight of this undeservedly obscure Japanese haunted house movie. It takes a little while to get rolling but when it does it really takes off. Definitely worth tracking down.

Jason Burchfield
Jason Burchfield

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