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June 20, 2002
Freddie Prinze Jr. has become the opposite of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. His face on a movie poster guarantees a bad time.
June 10, 2002
Whitman is right: Baseball is our poetic register, and so I've become whimsical for the days of tee-ball and George Brett and when baseball movies were beautiful.
April 12, 2002
Primarily to blame for this mess is the leaden script by Kevin Falls and John Gatins, which absorbs a bushel of baseball clichs while demonstrating a singular inability to present love, sex or even bawdy jokes.
February 6, 2002
Check it out if you're drunk and looking for a shoulder-shrugging time-waster...
January 7, 2002
Notable only for the spectacle of watching both Prinze and Biel getting out-performed in the same motion picture by Matthew Lillard.
December 12, 2001
In the interest of maintaining the status quo running time of 80-some minutes, we are subjected to a painfully ugly series of subplots and side characters.
September 5, 2001
Inoffensive, but utterly generic, the baseball-related romantic comedy does little more than kill time.
September 4, 2001
It's almost any botched play analogy you can think of, though never exciting enough to be compared to a strike-out or even to a wild pitch.
August 30, 2001
Will Ryan get a big league contract or spend the rest of his life mowing lawns? Will Ryan get the girl? Is baseball still America's pastime?
August 30, 2001
Especially in the moments when Prinze Jr. is supposed to be an "angry young man," the movie veers dangerously toward unintentional comedy.
August 30, 2001
Because I'm a baseball fan, I tend to be an easy mark for baseball-themed movies, but something as badly focused and feebly scripted as Summer Catch just makes me wish for the Fall.
August 28, 2001
Depending wholly upon the blinkered empathy of daydreamy teen viewers, a typical FPJ movie skims over character, plot, and dialogue.
August 27, 2001
[The film is] directed by Michael Tollin with such a lack of imagination that it almost boggles the mind.
August 27, 2001
Stars Freddie Prinze Jr. (strike one), features more male virgins trying to lose it (strike two) and disses the legendary baseball league in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by filming this mess in North Carolina (strike three).
August 27, 2001
So cloyingly heartfelt that it's all you can do not to giggle every time someone makes a prophetic, lovestruck proclamation.
August 27, 2001
For cheap drama, clumsy comedy and weak romances, you've come to the right place.
August 27, 2001
There's expert direction by Michael Tollin, pleasing performances by the two young stars ... and strong support from a solid supporting cast.
August 26, 2001
There are no surprises to be had--except that somehow, some way, the fluke that is Freddie Prinze Jr.'s film career has managed to go on for another couple of hours.
August 24, 2001
A glossily filmed, well-acted comedic drama that gets buried in one scene and the next of worn-out material.
August 24, 2001
This feature is like a double header, two sets of clichs for the price of one.
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