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November 25, 2012
Three siblings argue and decide what to do with their mother's house and various properties after she passes away. It sounds like a bore but it's anything but. It's a beautiful, lovely, emotional film about loss, memories, family, the changing world and our changing lives. I found it melancholy but also quite life affirming and treats the subject without manipulation or cinematic sentimentality but still manages to be quite emotional. It's a lovely, unforgettable film.
November 19, 2012
A spare and delicate film that explores the fleeting nature of history and art and culture as it passes from one generation to another. The cast is solid, but a bit too reserved to really fall in love with them. The story meanders like a tiny brook slowly flowing they a thick empty forest. But it's a beautifully shot and well composed piece of art. Makes one think about numerous philosophical questions.
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October 30, 2012
A touching portrait of a family coming to grips with the remnants of childhood after the passing of the matriarch. A difficult situation that many of us have had the misfortunate of having to endure in regular life.
½ September 20, 2012
The acting was really good. The story line flowed nicely. I liked how I could relate to it as my family too has a home where we all go to meet each othersits right next to a quiet little lake, which was built by my great grandfather, given to my grandfather when my great grandfather died and now it belongs to my father. I do worry often when my father dies where the house would go to. I have so much memories in that house that it will be sad to lose it. I am in no place to really take care of it, although perhaps with my siblings we may. This is really similar to the things that the family in the movie had to deal with. It was very relateable indeed.
½ August 25, 2012
Good movie. I just have trouble getting into any movie where I have to read subtitles.
August 23, 2012
The story line doesn't seem that interesting, but I really want to watch it for the French, since I am taking French. It's nice to see a movie that isn't Spanish or English. Diversity is good.
July 29, 2012
In spite of the hustle and bustle of the family dynamics, there's something restrained and subdued about this film. Many themes are touched on, but touched on lightly, without further exploration or explanation. The performances are exemplary, but you may be left feeling slightly unsatiated.
July 26, 2012
It doesn't seem like much on the surface, but behind the great performances and beautiful camera shots Olivier has a lot more to say.
July 22, 2012
Poignant. From one of the greatest living directors around.
July 17, 2012
no would not go see this movie
½ June 16, 2012
Simple execution with a wide array of characters and complemented with repetitive but effective motifs, Summer Hours is an exposition of the reality of the ever-changing unsentimental society we live in. There was no dull moment but there was no lead-up or hype-down throughout the cinematic experience. Everything was pretty direct-to-the-point and work for the purpose of the film as art. From a medical student's point-of-view, this is good material for teaching in family medicine.
½ June 6, 2012
Realistic film on hard topic...
½ May 21, 2012
nice movie i really like it, is a nice tribute to family and art
½ April 10, 2012
Here's a quiet, subtle film that moves slowly, but is well-written, effectively demonstrating a personal story about how a family is affected after the loss of the member that held it together. Dialogue heavy but beautifully shot. Good stuff.
½ April 8, 2012
On her 75th birthday, Hélène (Scob) senses the end is near, and during the party summons her three children (Binoche, Berling, Renier) to decide what should become of her house and her priceless art collection. Sure enough, a week later she passes away, leaving the trio and their spouses with difficult duties. The ruling vote decides to sell the house, much to one of the siblings disgust, and to donate the art collection to a high class museum. But Hélène's death does more than just give difficult tasks to her children-- it helps them come to term with their own busy lives. "L'Huere d'été" might sound like some sappy, sentimental family drama, but whoever is familiar with art house films might already be guessing that an Oliver Assayas would never succumb to clichés. And thankfully, he doesn't. Most similar movies have at least one award worthy performance, or a melodramatic script, but Assayas seems to make sure that his goal of making this a slice-of-life drama stays put. Though it may not boast the endless creativity of "Irma Vep" or the emotions of "Clean", "L'Huere d'été" works because it is just so simple. The realness of it all really comes to his benefit, and with such a talented cast, almost nothing doesn't work. And with Assayas attentioin to artistic detail, this is a film likely to become a future classic in the art house world. "L'Huere d'été" might not be the best film of anybody person involved with it, but it's still impressively unlike any other drama I've seen-- it's real and never manipulates us. Recommended.
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March 26, 2012
If you are a fan of personal and small scale family dramas then "Summer Hours" is a true treat and one of the most heartfelt and touching films I've viewed as of recently. The film looks at one family, a rather large one, consisting of a mom and her three children along with their families all revolving around the mother's beautiful country estate. In this estate there are many artistic pieces ranging from furniture, paintings, glassware, sculptures and much more all with some value; sentimental or financially valuable. The mom is sensing her mortality and tries to talk to her children, most notably her eldest Frederic who is the only one living in France still, about what comes after her passing. The subject proves a little much and it is pushed aside as their families are all moving about and have much going on while their mother sits in her estate of memories with only the housekeeper to keep her company. Shortly after a big party in which the mom had all her children over and tried discussing her will and plans, she sadly dies and the children are forced to confront and settle everything that they have put out of their minds for so long. It really is a poignant and touching Drama that shows both a personal look into one families dilemmas and situation but makes it universally applicable in the viewer's own personal life and family situations. The film really touched me and touched upon many situations and complications in my own family and really spoke to me at a very deep level. I would certainly recommend this to anyone as pretty much anyone who devotes the short film length and engages with it, can pull something useful that they may have been pushing away too.
March 21, 2012
Another family's material history has never been so captivating. What becomes our legacy when we die? Who will remember? These questions make for great drama and meditation. Quiet but effective performances from all.
March 12, 2012
I would like to think some museum would want my stuff once I'm dead. Well, that's a laugh. I mostly see it being thrown in the trash by friends and loved ones while saying "Christ that man had a lot of crap. If only he died decades earlier so we wouldn't have to break our backs throwing this junk out."
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½ February 8, 2012
"Summer Hours" is a movie about life just like life is. Such as we see in "L´eau froide", Olivier Assayas offer us great and naturalistic interpretations/characters placed in simple stories without almost any action. As realistic as it is possible.

½ February 1, 2012
beautiful performances. A character-driven, detailed script, full of interesting characters and very complex relationships. Intelligent direction. What I really loved and could connect to was the way, in which the film presented the relationships within a family - a parent and a child, but above all, the relationships between siblings. because i have this very same relationship with a human being that i deeply care about, even though most of the time i feel insulted (on a superficial level) and somehow we disagree about something that i deeply care about and we argue and it feels like a betrayal, but in the end it's somebody that i really care about and this person cares about me and loves me greatly and all the differences are something to be ignored, because we come from the same place, we share the same past, all the great summers, all the childhood memories and in the end it's our life - together. (i especially liked the vision of the film - this beautiful calmness and the very painting-like appearance of edith scob.
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