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Brian Holcomb
May 29, 2008
In attempting to create a shock effect of the new within the old, the baby is tossed out with the bathwater. The core pleasures of genre still have to be respected.
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Sid Smith
Chicago Tribune
February 21, 2008
Summer Love is fraught with feverish moods, bold imagination and a devilishly complicated exploration of the genre's iconography. It is also maddeningly paced, often like watching paint dry, albeit paint that's the garish tones of buckets of blood.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
Wade Major
Boxoffice Magazine
February 11, 2008
It's an odd, disjointed, but curiously appealing effort that could attain cult status if only for the fact that it's so incredibly strange.
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Los Angeles Times
February 8, 2008
Uklanski distances himself from the material at every turn, until it's difficult to distinguish the ironist's wit from the cynic's smirk.
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Jeff Shannon
Seattle Times
February 8, 2008
Summer Love feels more like a haphazard assembly of loose-knit components, jumbled together with obvious affinity for all varieties of a distinctly American genre.
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Sam Sweet
L.A. Weekly
February 7, 2008
By eschewing any attempt at storytelling or character development, a film with all of the Western's fecund imagery and putrid fumes still ends up feeling as flat and distant as a gallery wall.
Andy Klein
Los Angeles CityBeat
February 7, 2008
The debut feature of artist Piotr Uklanski alleges to be the first Polish western ... There's no doubt that Uklanski has an eye: the film is full of beautifully composed shots. But that's about the end of its virtues.
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Colin Covert
Minneapolis Star Tribune
January 10, 2008
This pierogi western disassembles the genre mechanics of the gunslinger movie and makes a Dada collage of its gears and springs.
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Manohla Dargis
New York Times
October 17, 2007
Summer Love has been called the first Polish western and the first Polish spaghetti western, though the truer description might be the first deconstructed art western.
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J. Hoberman
Village Voice
October 16, 2007
A mock spaghetti western that manages to be both parody and homage, albeit less western than spaghetti.
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Leslie Felperin
September 20, 2006
'Whatever' is likely to be auds' response to this occasionally engaging but often ineptly made exercise in postmodern irony.
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Ray Bennett
Hollywood Reporter
September 20, 2006
The first Pierogi Western, Summer Love is such an observant sendup of the Spaghetti variety that it falls into the trap of parody in becoming almost too serious for its own good.
Boyd van Hoeij
September 20, 2006
Though unevenly paced, the film is a lot of fun to watch as it tries to skew and at the same time re-create the typical archetypes of the western genre.
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