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May 8, 2015
Cinematic style on a shoe string budget. Amy Seimetz may prove to be as gifted a filmmaker as she is an actor. The performances are naturalistically realistic and this atmospheric little film is a disturbing experience that will haunt you long after it is over.
½ December 28, 2014
This is the feature directorial debut of actress Amy Seimetz, and while it doesn't quite go all the way, it demonstrates an interesting sense of style and a firm handle on expressing an inner world on film.
August 15, 2014
Indie darling Amy Seimetz writes and directs this obscure little film about a tense road trip between two lovers as they travel along the Gulf coast of Florida. The purpose of their journey is unclear but it is apparent that Crystal (Kate Lyn Sheil - You're Next) is growing increasingly fearful that Leo (Kentucker Audley - The Sacrament) is going to leave her in the near future for any number of reasons the audience begins to discern. The movie is not one for mass audiences as little action occurs onscreen until near the film's end. Up until then, the film focuses on mood and emotion as the situation the characters find themselves in slowly unravels as Crystal's fragile psychological state may prove to be their undoing. The actors are quite strong here as Audley's desperation and growing frustration is palpable as his Leo tries to calm Sheil's contemptible and clingy Crystal who is slowly checking out of reality. Sheil is either a great actress or one I cannot stomach as few characters have annoyed me so onscreen in the past. Seimetz proves to be a talent behind the camera here and I hope she is given more chances to further a blossoming career. I'm hopeful for her but as for Crystal and Leo -- hope is fading faster than a setting sunset.
September 22, 2013
It's a slow moving snooze fest - and, of course, AJ Bowen appears out of nowhere.
Super Reviewer
April 27, 2013
'Sun Don't Shine'. Highly combustible characters and tension that escalates nicely. Amy Seimetz is a talented gal! Sound design rocks too.
August 24, 2012
Characters don't act realistically at all. Both characters switch from one emotion to another really quickly and for no reason at all. Motivations aren't given or barely hinted at. Which makes their actions all the more baffling. Add the fact that neither of them is any sort of likeable. Just..don't bother.
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June 9, 2012
A sullen and violent man and his jealous and manipulative girlfriend flee from cops in central Florida. Good performances and sporadic emotional outbursts can't save this tale of lovers on the run that covers familiar ground too slowly.
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