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Sunday Bloody Sunday Quotes

  • Dr. Daniel Hirsh: When you're at school and you want to quit, people say 'You're going to hate it out in the world.' Well, I didn't believe them and I was right. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to be grown up, and they said 'Childhood is the best time of your life.' Well, it wasn't. And now, I want his company and they say, 'What's half a loaf? You're well shot of him'; and I say 'I know that... but I miss him, that's all' and they say 'He never made you happy' and I say 'But I am happy, apart from missing him. You might throw me a pill or two for my cough.' All my life, I've been looking for somebody courageous, resourceful. He's not it... but something. We were something. I only came about my cough.

  • Dr. Daniel Hirsh: I always expect Saturday to be the best day of the week.

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