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½ August 28, 2016
The most interesting thing about this film was realizing that WWII was going on while it was written and filmed, and that it colored the artistic choices made. Overall looks great, but just OK. The ending was long and contrasted sharply with the rest of the film.
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½ February 16, 2012
Not bad desert pic set in a time of colonialism in Kenya. Gene Tierney is fantastically beautiful but still green in front of the camera and miscast but she tries. George Sanders gives the best performance and seems looser than usual.
February 16, 2012
good WWii tale set in africa
October 18, 2009
A pretty risible little propaganda piece, with the bizarre casting of Gene Tierney as a supposedly Arab trader (although admittedly we find out later that her father's actual name was Fletcher). Whoever thought that Bruce Cabot should be given anything but supporting roles ought to be raised for ridicule. He has all the personality of a wooden plank and cannot summon enough acting ability to glance longingly at Tierney, even when she spends half the film in a bikini top. There are some marvelous character actors running around who make the film bearable. Poor George Sanders looks rather lost and bored as the requisite silly, by-the-book British officer who finally gets wise when the American (sorry, Canadian!!!) goes rogue. One gets the sense that he was probably drinking heavily between takes just to be able to repeat his pat, uninspired lines. Really, most of these actors have done better films. See those instead.
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