Sunshine State Reviews

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July 21, 2015
All this is admirable. I just wish Sayles would also put a little movie into the movie.
October 5, 2002
Sunshine State lacks the kind of dynamic that Limbo offers, and in some ways is a rather indulgent piece.
August 9, 2002
Sunshine State has the structure, the theme, the style and, at 141 minutes, the length of a great John Sayles film. What it doesn't have, alas, is the merit.
July 19, 2002
It's ambitious, sharply observed and spectacularly well-acted like so much of Sayles' canon. But it's also overstuffed and underdeveloped.
July 18, 2002
[Sayles] often underlines his Big Themes ... and his camera is usually static, as if to say, 'Quiet, please. There are actors acting.' Or, rather, Acting.
July 12, 2002
The average local news columnist has a bigger rant on the war between modern landscape architecture and small-town America.
July 12, 2002
Several plotlines with familial duty, greed and desperation as the central themes with a mix of serious topics and small-town humor.
July 7, 2002
...Sayles repeats his formula in a faded Florida beach town with distinctly lesser returns
July 6, 2002
Although ripe for an auteurist deconstruction, it falls short of the standard Sayles set for himself in his middle-late work.
July 2, 2002
Sunshine State surveys the landscape and assesses the issues with a clear passion for sociology. But the cinematography is cloudy, the picture making becalmed.
June 28, 2002
Writer-director John Sayles is too intelligent and too conscientious ever to make a frivolous movie. But he has made a lifeless one with Sunshine State.
June 28, 2002
You can agree with Sayles' questioning of land abuse, get-rich scams and weasel politics, and also savor his love of the small black enclave holding onto its roots, but yearn for real drama and style.
June 28, 2002
Neither the acting nor the script elevates the film above a ham-fisted morality play dripping with earnestness.
June 24, 2002
Rich in thoughtful ideas, but disappointingly uneven in dramatic power
June 22, 2002
June 21, 2002
With Sunshine State, the question isn't so much what you want, but what you can stand.
June 21, 2002
Got some good, organic character work, lots of obvious political insights and little room for engaging, imaginative filmmaking in its nearly 2 1/2-hour, dissipated length.
June 21, 2002
A dull, plodding, overly long drama that goes nowhere (unless around in circles counts as somewhere)
June 20, 2002
Sodden and glum, even in those moments where it's supposed to feel funny and light.
June 18, 2002
Watching it is rather like an overlong visit from a large group of your relatives. As your relatives swap one mundane story after another, you begin to wonder if they are ever going to depart.
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