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½ September 16, 2017
Questo film ha segnato la mia infanzia pre-adolescenziale,per questo forse questa valutazione non sarÓ affatto imparziale. Penso che il dark humor e il senso di impotenza del protagonista sono ben riusciti in gran parte della sua durata.
Riesce a dare un'inspiegabile misto di emozioni, Ŕ deprimente, commovente e a tratti comico.
½ September 3, 2017
All throughout "Super," I wasn't sure whether I should be dying with laughter or cringing in disgust. James Gunn's superhero dark comedy is like a mean-spirited, offensive, and unredeeming version of "Kick-Ass."
August 23, 2017
Terrible superhero movie starring the guy from the office, Ellen page, Kevin bacon and the girl from lord of the rings. I hated this movie directed by the same guy who directed guardians of the galaxy, James Gunn. Their was so much potential for this movie but in the end it was a forgettable superhero movie. I would forget this movie in t minis 10 seconds, already forgot about it.
June 28, 2017
inteligent, weird and gore
½ June 8, 2017
This movie is just annoying. Only two actors stud out and they were Ellen and Kevin.
May 8, 2017
My excitement turns into a horrified shock over the course of every viewing I have of "Super," but each time I still find myself eager for what's to come. Rainn Wilson is excellent and the supporting cast keeps up really well. And I really think this is the superhero film that highlights James Gunn's talents for the genre, despite how the box office numbers compare to his big-budget space movie outtings. The soundtrack is fantastic, and the comic book visual effects contrast the usually gritty look in a wonderfully twisted fashion.
March 14, 2017
Perfectly disturbing anti-hero black comedy. The tone was all over the place and the characters were bizarre, but it was very interesting and morbidly entertaining. I'm not sure what to make of it...definitely a movie that takes a while to digest.
March 14, 2017
Rainn Wilson is amazing so I have no doubt this movie will be too
February 23, 2017
How does this movie have bad reviews? I love this movie! It's basically Kick-Ass on steroids. See this if you like Rainn Wilson, dark comedies, or violence. Looking back, I think this movie was made specifically for me.
Super Reviewer
February 20, 2017
Working pretty well as a sympathetic character study centered on a righteous man who believes he is on a divine mission from God, this inspired movie is like a sassy brother of Kick-Ass: oddly funny, amusing and making no concessions regarding its amount of violence.
February 17, 2017
Solid black comedy elements, and a refreshing take on the superhero genre.
½ January 29, 2017
The violence isn't excessive. It's just not neutered or censored. If an unbalanced guy became a 'super' hero and tried to take on a bunch of heavily armed drug dealers, this is exactly what would happen. Frank is a 'good guy with a gun', and not only the 'bad' people pay the price. But even if his methods are misguided, his unwavering moral compass is somewhat admirable, though it could do with a bit of nuance. Gunn, Wilson and Page are on fire.
January 13, 2017
Boring with only hints of humor in it.
½ October 22, 2016
It's alright. I think that James Gunn needs to be hindered by a studio to reach his full potential.
September 29, 2016
Better than Kick-Ass.
September 11, 2016
A heartfelt and brilliant take on Kick-Ass. A surprisingly emotional and complex film.
September 10, 2016
Such a fun movie with a great cast and lots of action. Hilarious.
September 1, 2016
Super is a movie I enjoyed. Even though I enjoyed it I know it's a hard movie to recommend. It's a (no pun intended) super dark comedy. It's funny and has grat visual style and very funny moments. But there is incredibly graphic violence and can feel like the tone is all over the place. I can get past it though because I love James Gunn. I love Slither which was a horror comedy and Gaurdians of the Galaxy. To think Marvel said "Hey, let's get the guy that made a movie where Ellen Page rapes Rainn Wilson to direct our new Disney Marvel movie". This movie is very unappologetic and I love that it wasn't afraid to be ugly and gross while also being pretty funny. Nathan Fillian plays "The Holy Avenger" which is just a wonderful parody of Bibleman. I loved it. Rainn Wilson is very uncomfortable but that was the character he was playing and honestly it was fine that he was. They show he is obviously mentally unstable and very odd. I feel most poeple wouldn't want to sit through a whole movie with a very socially awkward and uncomfortable character. I have been looking forward to this ever since it was announced but I never got to watch it. It reminded me of Kick Ass but I feel that movie is easier to recommend than this. But if you're interested in seeing it I'd say check it out.
August 17, 2016
I don't very much care what the general consensus for this movie happens to be, I thought it was fantastic. Rainn Wilson has a gift for making the oddest of characters quite likeable and deserving of empathy. I don't know if the movie would have resonated as much if it wasn't for him, but either way I really liked this movie and would recommend giving it a chance if you're on the fence.
July 29, 2016
A bit too violent for me.
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