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March 20, 2018
This movie is good and i like it because the baby are funny because they talk hahaha
December 21, 2017
this is a good movie for little kids but no one else
November 29, 2017
Visual Masterpiece this may be the greatest movie of the nineties , insane this movie man edged to be legendary and have the highest rating on rotten tomato ever. Simply Stunning. God I feel so drunk comment what you think down beloow
November 16, 2017
August 1, 2017
Survival of the fittest.
It is the law of the jungle.
There is always someone trying to take away what is yours.
How do I know?
I almost passed me.
Tim Templeton...
Cease from monkeying around.
The hot dogs are cooling.
Hot dogs?
At least I remember.
Very good friend is lunchtime.
I was seven ...
and at that age, one depends on your imagination.
Our heroe!
Relax, Mom and Dad.
I got this!
Sometimes I rescued my parents.
Over there!
Other times, they me.
- I lose control! - Tim, look out!
I can not hear you well!
Slow down, Tim!
- Gira, Tim! - Turn!
- You got hurt? - I'm fine.
See those teeth.
There were only three.
Los Templeton.
And three is the perfect number.
Interesting fact.
The triangle is the strongest shape in nature.
It was the luckiest kid in the world.
My parents had a great job!
Company working for the world's largest pet:
- Yes, Mr. Francis. - PerriCorp you need.
It is time to act.
Working in an area called Marketing ...
in throwing new products.
Although my parents worked very hard ...
always they reserved enough for me.
Three stories, five hugs and my special song, okay?
Done deal.
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
Only expect this moment to take flight
Hey, Tim, how about having a little brother?
No thanks. So I'm fine.
Life was good. It was perfect.
But go falling asleep ...
something my parents said made me think.
Where do babies come from?
The day he arrived my brother began like any other ...
but I did not imagine ...
that my life would never be the same.
Wake up, shorty! They are 7 am
Wake up, shorty!
Good day, Maguin!
What great adventure is waiting for you today?
My parents always said I had a very active imagination.
But I remember clearly ...
the baby came to us in a taxi.
Tim, look who came!
Say hello to your new baby.
To me what?
Little brother.
I had a million questions.
Who is that guy? What is he doing here?
Why the suit?
Why are you so fat? Why do I look like?
Do you know karate? What's going on?
Over there?
- Good. - Good.
From the beginning, she is yelling at everyone ...
He gave them orders.
You want this?
Something was obvious. He was the boss.
Shamelessly he puts his office in the middle of the house.
He organized together.
- Called? - Want to Mr. Squeaky?
Many, many boards.
Even in the middle of the night.
I woke up, I woke up!
- We're coming! - It did not take!
If things were not done to your satisfaction ... immediately
He had a tantrum.
- What about the bottle? - Give him his bottle!
Had everyone eating out of his pudgy hands.
Everyone except me.
- Nappy! - Bottle!
- Nappy! - Bottle!
Dad, I can not sleep!
Already. Me neither.
The baby needs a lot of attention now.
OK, good bye.
- But ... - Quiet.
Daddy is here. Daddy is here.
What about me?
Year: 2057.
The alferes T-Rex and I investigated a hostile alien invasion.
It's much worse than we thought.
Mom, is naked!
I'm naked!
Say "naked".
Who is the baby Mommy? You're the baby Mommy?
No, it's the burly dad, right?
One of us should go to the convention pets.
In Las Vegas.
- You know what? See you. - No no. See you.
You need a break.
- I'll take the baby and you ... - Let the baby decide.
Who do you want to stay with you? Is Dad or Mom?
A papi?
He loves his mom.
Well, we need to talk!
In private.
- Clear. - On what, champ?
Sobre el B-E-B--S.
Without "that", Tim.
That came out of nowhere!
Do not we know it!
We can not trust him.
Calma, is just a baby.
Really? Am I the only one here who thinks that guy has something weird?
- Oh, I got it. - Still serves.
Look at him! Bring a suit!
I know, is not a tenderness? It's like a little man.
Always carrying a briefcase!
Would anyone else you think?
I do not know, a little strange?
You were wearing a Borreguita everywhere.
Borreguita has nothing to do!
Every baby is different, Tim.
And each one is special.
It is is taking over the whole house!
You're taking over the house?
Of course. Of course.
Believe me, one day know better this little ...
and then you're going to want with all my heart.
Like us.
With all my heart?
It's time for my three stories, hugs and five special song!
How about a story?
Three hugs and my special song?
Is it only my special song?
Do not they're going to wrap?
On Monday I give Mr. Francis!
Do not Cry! Do not Cry...
Hello? No, ma'am yet.
No, not excuses.
Yes ma'am, I know you've been here a long time.
Believe me, I feel as if carrying a lifetime.
I'm already making progress with parents.
The usual procedure: sleep deprivation, hunger strikes.
They are very confused.
I have them eating out of my hand.
They do everything for me.
It's hilarious.
But I think the boy suspected something.
No. I got this.
I know how important this mission for the company.
Believe me, lady, I'm the baby for the job.
Hands up, evil baby!
Gas! Butts! Caca!
I deal with the NI-N-O.
You can talk!
No, really talk. I heard you!
All right. I can talk.
Let's see if you listen.
Get me a double espresso ...
and looking for a good sushi place nearby.
Would kill for a spicy tuna roll.
And buy something for you.
Who you are?
Let's just say I'm the boss.
The boss? You're a baby! Diaper use.
You know who else wears a diaper?
Astronauts and racing drivers.
It is efficient, Templeton.
The average child spends about 45 hours a year on the potty.
I'm the boss. I do not have much free time.
Well, you're not my boss.
- Yeah I'm your boss. - Do not.
- yes. - Not.
- Yes! - Not!
- yes. - Not!
- yes. - Not!
Yes. Yes.
Yes. Yes.
I arrived first.
Wait for Mom and Dad to know.
Oh yeah? Do you think you would choose instead of me?
With your history?
You dont know nothing about me.
Yea that you want, right? Let's see.
Templeton, Timothy. Second name...
I am sorry.
- mediocre grades. - How you know too much?
Can not you ride a bike without training wheels?
Even the bears know how to ride a bike without training wheels, Leslie.
You have 7 years.
Seven and a half.
Nap! What were you saying?
I have seven and a half years.
Exact! You are old.
It is time to make way for the next generation.
So the world works.
you would not ask your parents an old toy.
Everyone wants the fashion.
Destroys. Destroys.
- Borreguita! - I have new batteries.
Mom and Dad did not even know you.
They worship Me!
Oh yeah? You have the account, child.
There is a limited amount of love.
It's how are you accounts.
You used to have all the love of your parents.
All your time. All his attention.
You were all accounts.
But then I came along.
Babies require a lot of time.
They need much attention. They receive all the love.
We could share.
Obviously you not studied Economics.
Look, Templeton, do not give numbers.
There is not enough love for both.
Not enough accounts.
And suddenly, there is no room for Tim.
Tim no longer fits.
Oh no! And Tim?
So silence. Get out of my way.
Or there will be downsizing.
They can not fire you from your own family.
Or if?
Wake up, shorty! They are 7 am
Awake, Dwarf ...!
For what?
Stand up for a nutritious breakfast!
They are 7 am
What happens, Timothy?
Does that made you sad little man?
I'll throw a curse on him!
It wont happen!
No case, Maguin.
He has deceived mom and dad.
If they knew what I know, would not let him stay.
Maybe your parents will need to open your eyes.
With a great curse!
Not pass!
Yes. Should I open their eyes ...
With proof!
That I need evidence!
Reveal your dark magic!
Testing testing.
Testing testing.
Maybe they can return it!
And their money back.
We can buy an inflatable house!
Good luck, Tim! They are 8:45 am
Babies everywhere! They spread.
Mom! Dad! What's going on?
It's an invasion!
It's game day!
What a good photo.
It is a meeting, and you're not going to attend.
Come on.
We'll see.
Thank you for coming on such short notice.
Well, before you start ...
Yes sir!
- Clear! - Affirmative!
Jimbo, generates interference.
- Babies are in crisis! - Oh no!
- That bad! - What a horror!
What's going on?
It is easier to demonstrate them. Teddy, please.
We will give a show!
Here we go!
Jimbo, lights.
You see, no longer babies receive as much love as before.
Why? Do we misbehave?
No, Staci.
But I tell you who yes.
Here is our mortal enemy. The puppies!
Do not! That's the problem.
The puppies? What is going on with them?
Along the history...
people have babies loved more than anything in the world.
We have always been indispensable ...
number one on any wish list.
The cubs were pure accessories.
But everything changed when the puppies started to leave ...
with new design models.
Each lovelier than the last.
You remember the labradoodle?
Does the peekapoo?
Does the chiweenie? Try to speak without smiling.
Impossible. Do not waste your time.
We all laughed shar pei.
And now the number one in China.
- Oh no! - How terrible!
- Horrendous! - Yes.
And things get worse.
Francis Francis, director of Perricorp, gave this announcement.
Teddy, running video.
Everything goes in a while ...
to present the most adorable puppy ever.
Whatever launch at the convention in Las Vegas pet!
Attention, Planet!
It will sweep away the competition!
- How good! - No, Jimbo.
Nothing of "how well"! We are the competition!
This is war.
Puppies are winning, we are losing babies.
Thank you, Teddy.
And if the new puppy is so cute as we fear ...
It could be the end of the baby business.
That bad!
Bad news!
What are we going to do?
My job is to figure out what ...
to BebCorp can stop it.
And you will help me.
- Genius! - tops!
You're still the best, boss!
How good!
How good.
Well, all parents work in PerriCorp.
Have you learned something from them?
- Yes sir! - Clear!
Great. What, Triplets?
- A - B.
- C. - D.
No, what have you learned about the new puppy?
Yes, puppy!
No, Jumbo! Puppies are bad.
Staci, read the notes.
I do not know how to read. What does it say?
This is my team?
A burly, a lot of activists and doodler?
- Exactly! - Affirmative!
Well said.
- Yes! - Good, BB!
I have you!
Leave that cookie. They are for those serving missions.
- We want another show! - No, Teddy. Do not.
- A hug? - No more shows!
- There is enough love. - Go to sleep!
- Boss! - Boss!
- What? - Parents!
It's like they have a small board.
- Is not it adorable? - Who wants dessert?
Heavens, how humiliating.
Heavens, how humiliating.
Wait for mom and dad to hear this.
Hey, Templeton, what have you got there?
Give me that tape.
Mom! Dad! Here!
- Hey, Timmy! - Hello! Anyway...
Flower Power!
You can not escape the law, bobo.
Put the belt. Let's move on!
Run Run Run.
What? Hears!
Run Run Run.
Catch, catch, catch.
How good!
Let me go, small ...
Look! At last the children get along.
How good.
They want to play?
Let's play.
Rescue the Boss! Rescue the Boss!
- Get him! - I am going!
- I am going! - I am going!
You're fried, Mr. Baby!
Upa, upa!
Who wants...?
Cheese sticks!
Mom Dad! I have evidence!
Can not you go downstairs?
Nothing can stop me!
Mom! Dad! Where are they?
Where have all gone?
Mom Dad! The baby can talk!
Do not tell me.
Wait, how ...?
Give me that tape. Timmy.
O Borreguita get hurt, do you see?
What do you say, Borreguita? You want a nose ring?
Not my style, but who am I to judge?
And one eyebrow? I think too, Borreguita.
How you will look at a job interview?
The recording, Timmy! Or I will pe-da-zos.
Do not! Let her go!
- Let her go you! - Let her go you!
- Tape! - Give me a Borreguita!
Oops! Too far.
Templeton! Be reasonable.
We can be reasonable, right? What do you do?
You'd have you wanted since you arrived!
We can drink a little juices and speak!
It happened when the little juices.
No, Templeton. You would not dare.
Adiosito, baby! You are fired!
What do you do?
My evidence!
Tim! I want an explanation!
Yes, an explanation.
I did not go! It's the fault of the baby.
Blame the baby?
It is true! You can speak.
Everyone can speak. They have a meeting.
They say something about puppies.
It's a conspiracy of babies!
Timothy Leslie Templeton!
We are very disappointed.
- No, we're upset with you! - Yes, annoying.
- Annoying? - You need a punishment!
- You're punished! - Yes, punished!
- Two Three!
- Three days? - Weeks!
Weeks! Three weeks!
Three eternities!
You're staying at home with your little brother ...
until they learn to get along.
It was my first time behind bars.
The confinement.
Punished for life.
The minutes turned into hours, hours into days.
Everyone has their breaking point.
This was mine.
The blackbird sings silent night
- Take these broken wings and learn to fly. - Hey, that's my song.
All your life
Only expect this moment to take flight
Not for nothing, dwarf.
Maybe I can help.
The blackbird singing in the dead of night!
Please, you take these broken wings and learn to fly!
Fly, you fools!
Thank you, Maguin.
But it's not the same.
If only I could reach my magic knife.
We could escape from this prison.
Templeton, we must speak.
Get out of here.
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
It's my song, not yours.
My parents wrote just for me.
Really? Your parents are Lennon and McCartney?
No, Ted and Janice.
I do not even know their names!
Robrmelos try.
You stole everything!
You should be in jail!
Look, it's time to put aside our differences.
Been ...?
Where it is Human Resources when you need them?
Take it.
I do not want your filthy money.
I told you not to get in my way.
I can not! You are in my house.
I do not want to be here...
Like you do not want to be here.
So why do you torture me?
The truth is that I am not an ordinary baby.
Do not tell me.
I have a mission from heaven.
Are you the child Jesus?
Yes. I am the baby Jesus.
I'm a middle manager of the company.
The company? What company?
Take it. This explains everything.
What do you want me to do with that?
- I want you to suck. - Suck it you!
It's not for you.
I Do not suck!
- Suck it. - I do not know where you've been!
The important thing is not where you've been, but where will take.
You do not want to know?
Where do babies really come from?
Hickey. Pacifier. Bibi.
Bubu. Bobo. Baba.
Chupetn. Sniffer. Muffler.
It has many names.
But their power will let you know the truth.
Where we are?
Welcome to BebCorp!
I can not believe it.
- Thank you. - What?
Quiet. They can not see us or hear us.
- Are we something like virtual? - Yes.
- You mean you will not feel? - Do not.
- Not this? Nothing.
Do not make a fool of myself, Templeton. I can see you.
So here babies come from?
What did you think? Tra that the stork.
The fairies?
No, my parents told me that ...
No. Yuck.
Yeah, I figured it was not.
I can not believe my parents did not tell this.
If they knew where babies come from, they would not have one.
Like the hot dogs, by the way.
And how come I do not remember this place?
Yes, you remembered.
When normal babies take away the pacifier ...
BebCorp forget.
And how is it that you're not normal?
Some of us, the best ...
we selected for ...
For the greatest honor.
Being senior management.
Here, Templeton, all the action.
Naptime in Sector G.
Does this place is for babies operated?
My dad says: "Those who can, do things".
"Those who do not supervise".
Your dad is a hippie.
What happens when they grow up?
We do not grow.
We drink a top-secret formula that makes us be babies forever.
To work! The hour of the formula is over!
We are in crisis!
Do not they know that we are in crisis?
Who is she?
He's my boss. The great Chief Baby.
And why is she screaming?
You see this graph?
It looks like a giant cake.
It represents all the love in the world.
- I love cake. - Who does not?
- Of Apple. - Yes.
- No, Cherry! - Perfect!
- pumpkin, no. - All right.
It is a plant.
The point is that slice of the puppies grows more and more.
Be're stealing our love!
As you stole me.
And if this continues ...
may not leave enough pie for babies.
Nothing pie?
Nothing cake.
So my mission is to find out what is this new puppy.
Are you on a spy mission? Great!
Yes! Great! And if ... When you succeed ...
I will be a legend in BebCorp.
As the Super Big Chief Baby, Baby Head Mega ...
Huge Head Baby ...
and the.
That's a very fat baby.
No, she's the Big Chief Baby Gorda ...
He is the Big Boss Baby Fat Super Colossal.
He was the youngest CEO Infante in the history of the company.
It was? What happened to him?
He retired, years ago.
But I still try to do justice to his legend.
In each situation, I wonder ...
"What would the Big Boss Super Colossal Baby Fat?"
Is all you get? Your picture on the wall?
Come here!
Will I get a promotion.
The corner office ...
with bacinica privada.
So when you finish you coming back here?
D -E. I -N -M -E -D -I -A -T -O T - I-M.
I'm not a family man. My place is behind a desk.
- Amazing! - Is that right?
I swear I will fasten his diaper on the wall!
Do we have news Little Chief Baby?
The one who sent the Templeton?
- I do not know. - You are fired!
Oh no.
They are all fired!
Pet Convention is in two days.
If you do not get answers ...
You're fired, retired!
- Bye! - the visit is over.
Why he shouted the Big Chief Baby Bossy?
Demands results.
Pet The convention is in two days and I have nothing!
It's her! Do not answer!
Siesta stress!
If I do not find out what it is that new puppy, and soon ...
not only I will not get a promotion ...
They could fire me!
Hey, easy.
Surely there are other great baby jobs, right?
Meanwhile, two days go so fast.
Better start packing.
You do not understand, Templeton.
If I get fired, I will remove the formula.
I will become a normal baby ...
and I live here with you forever.
- Do not! - Yes!
And I promise ...
every morning when you wake up ...
I'll be there.
Every night at dinner ...
I'll be there.
On every birthday party ...
I'll be there.
Each Christmas!
I'll be there
Year after year after year.
We grow old together.
You and I...
we will be brothers.
- No. No, this is terrible! - I know.
- Can not be. - But if it is!
- You can not stay! - Do not!
- Do not panic! - It is right!
I know, but we need to fix this.
We must ensure that you do not get fired.
I'll help you...
just to get rid of you.
Done deal?
Done deal.
Not to see you again.
Now to work.
Come on, come on, come on.
With effect!
No no.
There is nothing about a new puppy.
You are not going to work?
I'm very busy delegating.
Knock short!
When we find the file ...
What will we do?
To send ninjas baby?
Something better.
I will write the perfect memo.
- Pum! - Pum!
Wait. What is a memo?
A memo is something you write to inform people.
Is that your plan? Is writing a report read?
How boring.
No, Templeton.
What are memos for important things.
A memo can bring people.
A memo can be a call to arms ...
a manifesto, a poem.
A memo can change the world.
Whoops! When you explain so ...
still it sounds boring.
You'll learn, kid.
You will learn.
Just a moment. That's!
What? What thing?
Watch this. "Day take your child to work".
Because it's great!
It's disgusting.
Do not you see? We can enter PerriCorp!
And find out what the new puppy!
It's no use.
You are punishment.
Your parents do not take us anywhere.
You're right. They believe that hate us.
"Hate" is a strong word.
Correct, but strong.
We must convince them that we are truly brothers.
We ...
We please!
No. Let us ...
What what what...
What what what...
Who, who, who ...
Forget this. You do not mean ...
We want.
Vomiting a cut and I drew it.
- Here comes the little train! - Do not.
Nothing train!
Stop the train! Do not! It seems digested food!
Who's there? I have a racket!
What's going on here?
I feed the baby.
We observe.
There's your train.
I have not seen sailor. Not even it's Friday!
Come on, you're going to put this thing!
Are you going to force? You can not, bratty.
- What have you done to me? - Enough!
- Come back here! - Do not!
Do not even dream about it.
Tim, what are you doing here?
Oh no.
What is this scandal?
Is not it adorable?
Also I have one for you! All aboard!
What a pity.
Smile for the camera.
You make me feel weak.
- You have tickles? - With me it does not work.
- Here? - I do not feel anything.
Anda everyone has a weakness.
"I do not think I fit, 'said Gretel."
Come, look at this.
"I could go myself."
"And then, Hansel and Gretel ...
"They pushed the old baked.
"And the wicked witch burned to death."
Lets see if I understand.
It is a story about cannibalism and burn people alive.
No wonder kids are so confused!
Get along is exhausting.
Same here, Tim.
You should see your face in that picture.
You were ...
No it tickles me.
Once a corporate retreat. Strange things happen there.
What? Do not you ever had tickled? Not even your parents?
I am sorry. I forgot it.
You did not have parents, right?
Tim, I look like a baby ...
but I was born an adult.
I can not imagine not being a child.
Did you miss all your childhood?
Never you had someone who loved you?
You can not miss what you never had.
Wake up, shorty!
Hey, Tim. Wake up, champ.
- What? - The sun has risen.
Something happens? I am fired?
No, you're late to work.
It is the day to bring children to work. And you're my son.
You are officially descastigado.
- Seriously? - Seriously.
The baby can come too?
I dont see why not.
Yes! Yes Yes Yes!
I would go so excited.
Look, my shovel.
How good.
All right, gentlemen. Welcome to PerriCorp!
Great! It is incredible!
Y Tim, mira!
There's a pool of dogs!
What toilet.
Champion, do you want a picture with Pete PerriCorp?
No thanks. It might scare the baby.
Well thought.
Dad and I have to work.
Would you like to join us and spend time with us?
Let your brother in the PerriZona ...
to hang out with you.
With me?
We know that we could be with you as much as before.
So what do you think?
No thanks.
I prefer to spend some time with the baby.
- Cute. - How cute.
You clear your goal, Templeton.
We discover what the new puppy and go home.
Stay in the PerriZona, yes?
Yes bye.
There must be the record of the new puppy!
We not achieve through that door.
Through that door, no.
The dog door.
And how we dodged the guard?
No no no. Forget this.
Sticky gunk pants.
What a nice Perri ...!
How good!
On all fours!
I never had humiliated me so much!
Catch it!
What am I doing?
Oh no!
What a good dog.
No. Do not bite.
Timothy Templeton, ninja de oficina.
- Here. - What did you find?
You should be here.
We begs her to enter.
Yes it is a lot of paperwork.
I thought the puppies were shattered everything.
This is giving me afraid.
I come for your soul.
Do not do that!
There is!
The file!
You see? I told you!
No. I've seen this somewhere.
We must seek to be replaced.
True. Another record.
Yes! Weighing the same.
So we put in the same position.
- That despite the same. - You said it.
I know I already said. Hey, you hit me twice!
Make it three. Wait!
I think I saw one.
Manila folder, pressed edges.
As 1.5 kilos. No, 1.4.
Try this.
It's already perfect.
I think we should run.
I know, but it's fascinating.
I want to see how it ends.
I also.
Well, it did not end well.
Thanks for dropping here, kids.
Francis Francis?
I see you've met my older brother, Eugene.
A man of few words.
No, indeed.
Do you wear the mask again, please?
What is all this?
A pacifier BebCorp? Where did you get it?
Do not you recognize me?
Maybe when I was young.
Super Colossal Big Boss Baby?
He is he? And it's you?
Although older and wrinkled.
That is not right.
No. You were my hero!
How did you end up here?
You know what I do to children who ask many questions about me?
I read my record!
And I baked cookies!
Eugenio, my chair.
Well, it all started in BebCorp ...
a long long time ago.
I was a senior executive ...
I was going straight to the top.
Everybody loved me!
They gave me a promotion, luxury office!
Even my own ...!
Bacinica personal?
I had it all.
But one day...
I discovered something terrible.
It was growing.
The formula did not work anymore.
It turned out to be lactose intolerant.
- Do not! - Yes!
I had to appear before the board.
What is "vindictive" board?
Older babies heads in the world.
I thought you loved me.
But I was replaced with someone new.
Someone younger.
That's horrible.
Suddenly, she had all the love ...
all the attention.
You know what it feels like, huh, Tim?
It hurts, does not it?
Yes. Yes it hurts.
And then what happened?
I got fired!
And I took my special formula.
Then I was sent here to live with!
- Family! - Oh, no, Francis!
BebCorp betrayed me!
And I can finally take revenge!
With the Eternal Puppy!
That's it?
No no.
Imagine a puppy that never grows.
A puppy puppy that remains forever.
When you launch my Cubs Eternos in every corner of the world ...
They are so adorable ...
No one will want a baby ever, ever again.
The end of BebCorp!
A puppy that never grows? It is impossible!
Or not?
It was, until you brought me the essential ingredient.
My secret formula.
It's mine! It's mine!
It's all mine.
They brought me just what I needed to destroy BebCorp!
- Do not! - Yes!
They fell straight into my trap!
- Do not get away with it! - Yes, we're going to ...
What? To accuse?
Who will tell, Tim? To your parents?
And children?
They should stay in PerriZona.
The two go with me to Las Vegas.
So do not meddle.
I would not want that removed.
They never leave us alone.
Wait for the expert know ...
PerriCorp in child care.
Oh no.
- Do not be nervous. - It's just one day.
Back very soon.
In addition, they will be in good hands.
So is!
Eugenia is almost perfect in every way.
Please do not go with him. Francis Francis tries ...
Believe me ...
Eugenia will not take your eyes off your children.
Not for a second.
That reassures me.
Now they see.
And now, no.
To the airport!
It's over. I'm fried.
What do we do, Templeton?
What do we do?
To go to the airport to arrest Francis Francis!
Before the plane takes off!
Yes! But how do we avoid the evil nanny?
Well, we could do something.
Hey, it is not that serious.
You're good?
What happens?
Do not look at me!
Oh no!
Without the formula, I become a normal baby!
You know, Gugu gaga. All the matter!
Oh no!
I'm a time bomb baby!
I'll become a helpless baby vomits and makes poops!
Wait. That gives me an idea.
What? What thing?
I have had many nannies ...
and all are afraid of one thing.
Well, the secret to frying butter ...
It is a touch of margarita.
Hey, Miss Macho!
The baby! I think he's sick!
You have to do something!
How awful!
- Templeton! - Delicioso!
Gross! WE entered the mouth!
Me too!
I think I'm going to vomit!
An hour Lacks the plane takes off!
Use the bike.
The bike?
I dont know...
Let's move on!
- Wait! - What?
Where are you going? Templeton!
Always wear a helmet.
Adiosito, head loo!
We're not going to achieve!
Staci, responde!
Ay, enough!
- Are you you, boss? - Code Red!
I WILL pursues a murderous nanny! Gather the team!
Done, boss.
- Hello. - Hello.
- Hello! - Code Red!
code red. I repeat ...
Code Red!
What do you do? Get moving!
It's against the law!
Take, I pay the fine!
Come on!
I think we lost!
No, we did not lost.
Flower Power!
Very well done!
It broke!
Run Run Run.
Run Run Run.
Tim, faster!
I can not!
If you can!
You can, Templeton. The view to the front.
I said eyes front!
Turn up the ass! Pedaling raring!
If you do not win the day, the day you win you.
My wheels! I can not stand without training wheels!
What you think you can or you can not, it's true.
What are you talking about?
The road to success is not a straight line, Templeton ...
but a bumpy ride ...
like a ship at sea.
And you're the captain!
Let taming a turbulent sea!
I'm the captain who tames the sea!
Tree! I'm going to crash!
If you aim to fail, always triumph.
- What? - Do not point to failure!
! I'm getting there! Whatever I'm doing it!
When success is a habit ...
everything is downhill.
They are there! Mom Dad!
What do you do?
- We will make it. - I do not have a phrase for this!
You did!
Do not! We did it.
And your wheels coaches.
Make way!
Baby on Board!
Hold your diaper!
Get down and cover!
Whoa, dude!
Depth review in both.
They are there! Mom Dad!
Not so fast!
Oh no.
- Hears! - Sorry!
Where are you?
Oh no!
No again!
Not now!
No no no!
I think I ate $ 1.75.
Excuse me, with permission. Mom! Dad!
Quick! Move!
We will lose the plane!
- Do not! - I warned!
- Do not! - Do not.
Mom! Dad! Stop!
No no no.
They left.
I failed.
It would have reached my parents if I had not come back for you!
What? We had arrived with plenty of time!
If thou wilt walk in bike like a normal kid!
We can not stop the launch.
Does matters? My parents are in danger!
I care! BebCorp will go bankrupt!
It's the only thing you're talking about!
I do not even know what being part of a family!
And you do not know what it is to have a job!
You do not know anything about hugs, stories, or special songs!
Please! Stop acting like a baby.
You are a baby!
My life was perfect until you came!
Believe me, the feeling is mutual. I wish I'd met you not!
Would not you were born!
Where are you going?
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
Only expect this moment to take flight
Timothy Templeton, please take the courtesy phone.
Timothy Leslie Templeton, please take the courtesy phone.
It's me. Do not hang. Tim!
Tim, I was born. I was hired.
What do you mean?
BebCorp is the only home I've ever known.
You're right, I do not know what is ...
being part of a family.
But I do care.
And the only way to save is to stop both Francis Francis.
I can not do it without you, Tim.
I need you.
- If we make a good team. - Do not.
I literally did not reach the knobs.
Neglected, Tim.
Let's save your parents.
And your company.
But how do we go to Las Vegas?
We need a miracle.
Follow that Elvis!
Where there is Elvis, there Vegas!
There's another one!
And other!
They are everywhere!
Tim, there's our flight!
And there goes our ticket!
Hey! Don't be cruel!
I am sorry!
- Oh thanks! - Oh, baby!
Many thanks.
Input please.
Just a moment.
It was stolen!
Imitates a un imitator of Elvis?
Get him!
The ghost of Elvis!
We need seats!
Quick, over here!
What is this place?
This, Templeton, is first class.
Why it is empty?
No one can afford it.
That's why it's so wonderful.
Hello! Ross captain speaking.
Ladies and gentlemen, and economy class.
Fasten seat belts. Let's take off.
What's the matter, Templeton?
My parents always hold hands when we took off.
Actions are a shambles today.
Ladies and gentlemen, Captain Ross again.
You see, I turned off the seat belt sign.
What are you two doing here?
We are the children of Captain Ross.
He sat us here.
So they want to bring them something?
Good. Francis Francis.
You'll never kidnap the parents of Tim Turto.
Please, I wish it were that easy.
What is your plan?
You will not write a memo, do you?
Hey, you say you did not have children, right?
And if you try?
- No I can not. - It's fun!
Takes, you get into character.
I dont know. I feel silly!
You! Dile algo cruel.
Okay, okay.
So you study at a community college, right?
I dont know.
Keep going!
And you dare to ask me a bonus now?
You're getting into the role.
I can not believe it.
Your exit interview is over!
That was good.
And who was he?
- Captain! - What?
En garde!
There it goes!
Watch your rear!
- Taking! - Dodge, blocks and attacks!
It sounds like a law firm!
Nice try! Attention!
You are fired!
And here is your final settlement. Ha!
Wait! You must not end with "Ha!"
You must finish with "Argh!"
It is understood! Argh!
Thank you. I just got carried away.
Ladies and gentlemen, and tourist class ...
to the left of the plane ...
you will see that we approach the fabulous Las Vegas.
Land in sight!
That's right, comrade.
Goodbye dad! Thank you!
- You're welcome. What? - Let's move on.
- Go to Heartbreak Hotel? - I'm going to Heartbreak Hotel.
- I also! - I also!
I also!
We have to get to the convention center!
Do we take a taxi?
Ray! And I spent all my travel expenses. That's better.
Excuse me, ladies.
Could you take us home?
Jimmy is sick and needs an expensive medicine.
Where do they live, honey?
In the convention center.
Bye sweetheart!
Have fun at your party!
Girls love babies.
People do not know Long Island iced tea.
How to find my parents here?
Over there.
Well, where is PerriCorp?
PerriCorp, PerriCorp, PerriCorp...
AHA! Here it is. I found it!
But how...?
Hey, where did you get?
Not again!
Please! I need you!
I came back! I came back!
What's going on?
So is.
Let's launch a new puppy on every continent!
In each country!
We're going to take over the world one heart at a time!
- Tim, are there! - Mom Dad!
Imagine a puppy that never grows ...
and never gets old.
A puppy that is small forever.
I present all you are going to love in life:
The Eternal Puppy!
No mires, Templeton!
Hears! What are you doing here?
Mom Dad!
What are you doing here?
What do Tim and baby here?
What do all of us here, really?
What's happening here?
You got my parents!
We are here for them.
Go for them!
They go their Eternal Puppy!
We must go behind the scenes.
Over there!
Quick, quick, quick!
Left Right! Left Right!
Gas. Butts. Caca.
Look at all that formula!
What a way to launch a product.
Oh no!
He put them under rocket!
Elvis has left the building!
Mom Dad!
I'm going!
Well said! Come on, Tim! Run Run!
Launch started.
I'll throw my Cubs Eternos and there is nothing they can do!
BebCorp stole all my love ...
and now I'm going to get.
You should understand me.
You'd replaced, like me!
Do not! I'm not like you!
Let go of our parents! Her parents! Parents!
You could have had the love of your parents just for you!
But no!
You ruined it!
Let that baby you give orders.
He does not work for me.
We are partners!
I do not tickle.
Hears! And the baby?
Everyone is ticklish!
My ears!
Nothing can stop my revenge.
Neither you nor anyone!
BebCorp over!
I won! Ha!
You're wrong!
You should never end with "Ja"!
- True! - What?
You should end up with ...
En garde!
You are fired!
And here's your severance!
Take that, you bastard!
One minute and counting.
- Help! - Help us!
Tim! What are you doing?
Mom, Dad, I'm coming!
It's you?
Relax folks, dads! I got this!
- You're good? - Is the baby okay?
Yes, the baby is fine.
Who said that?
It was me!
The baby is fine.
It does not open!
What's going on?
Just a moment!
I know how to move my parents.
- How? - Using the puppies!
Upa need.
What if you become a baby again?
I'll be fine. Well well.
I'll be fine.
Hold your diaper!
We move!
Why do we move?
Mom and Dad, Hold on!
Thirty seconds.
Oh no! Wait!
Quick, Tim! Take your parents ...
from here.
You need to jump!
You can, it's a cinch!
Do not! I have no bread! Jump!
Do not Cry. I am sorry. Please do not cry!
Twenty seconds.
Fifteen seconds.
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
Only expect this moment to take flight
- Three ... - I have you!
Two one.
Hey, are you still there?
What happened? We won?
- We won! - We won?
- We won! We won! - We won! Yes!
Siesta victory!
Whatever ruined everything!
It's not fair! It's not fair!
That is not right.
Now If you are going to pay!
Oh yeah? Well Mess with someone your own size!
Eugenio! Bjame!
You heard me? I'm your boss!
This time educate well.
Sure it will be fine.
Tim, what happens?
Mom, Dad, wait!
- Tim? - Tim!
Tim! You're good?
We are ok.
Saved us.
You are our hero.
And a great big brother.
We love many both.
What the two?
With all my heart.
Let's go home.
How I look?
Team, good work.
Staci, this letter will let you enter the school you choose.
- Kinder garden? - So is.
And if there's something else ...
Staci, you have no salary.
- Many billion! - Eight!
- Tricycle! - Roller skates!
- Sweet? - Palettes!
Done deal.
You're the best boss in the world.
should not always follow the guidelines of the company, huh?
It's okay to think for themselves.
- No sir! - Never!
Bad idea!
That's the attitude!
- True! - Certainly, sir!
- You are big! - The best!
Shot, fortachn.
You earned it.
You want to hug me, right?
I'll miss you too. Yes.
- Yeah, yeah. - Everything will be fine, burly.
you did.
No. We did.
By the way, congratulations on your promotion.
Luxury office, private potty. All that.
Hey, you too.
Your parents have to yourself.
What will I tell my parents when you leave?
BebCorp has a protocol for these situations.
It will be as if he had not been born.
I almost forget it!
I can not believe it! Borreguita!
- The you fixed it! - Yes.
It was like new. It is very strong.
Well, we have what we wanted.
Everyone wins.
I think I ...
Well, keep studying.
Actually, I have no choice.
Yes it's correct.
- Bye, Tim. - Bye.
Yeah right.
He went as suddenly as it came.
At last, my life was perfect again.
Forget the baby.
Forget baby
Sorry, big guy.
You've been promoted!
Do you want to forget the baby?
No thanks. That's OK.
Very good.
Baby Dear Boss:
I do not usually write a lot ...
but now I know that the memos are very important.
Although I did not study economics ...
I learned to share in kindergarten.
And if there is enough love for both ...
then I give you all mine.
I would like to offer you a job.
It is very heavy ...
and there will be no salary.
But the good thing is that you never get fired.
And I promise something.
Every morning when you wake up, I'll be there.
Every night at dinner, I'll be there.
On every birthday, every Christmas ...
I'll be there.
Year after year after year.
We grow together.
And you and I will always be ...
Wake up, dwarf. They are 7 am
What's the point, Maguin?
Because they are 7 am
I have one mission and you do the hard stool.
Nothing happens, dwarf.
Sometimes, I also confused me.
Especially during the summer time.
Overtaking, delay.
There is no calendars in the realm of magicians!
There is no spring, there is only darkness and winter!
I'm not confused, Maguin.
It is strange.
Tim, look who came!
It's your new ...
Little brother!
You arrived! Yes you get!
Careful, careful.
Saluda a Theodore Lindsey Templeton.
Cosquillitas! Cosquillitas!
Take this.
So that's my story.
Our history.
Luckily for me and my brother, I had a happy ending.
Is it a true story, Daddy?
Well, honey, that's how I remember it.
- But you know what I discovered? - What?
There is a lot for everyone.
Also for me?
Especially for you.
Ask your Uncle Ted.
Hello, I knew that you'll have a little sister.
I wanted a horse.
Takes, small. Buy a horse.
I'm proud of you, Leslie.
Ditto, Lindsey.
Hello, little sister.
All right, kids.
Please, Mom. Just a little more.
It's okay.
Awaken, dwarves. It's time to go.
Go live your life of farmers.
Ya vyanse!
½ June 28, 2017
omg the best film I've ever seen. he says sarcastically
February 27, 2017
No. Back away. Don't watch it.
January 17, 2017
Honestly I think its meh the first film is much worse in my opinion
½ August 2, 2016
Everybody knows how much I dispised the first movie; and so did most people, it was extremely unsuccessful. But, they still decided to make a sequel. After watching this through (why I did, I do not know), I have literally lost faith in film making. Let me put it this way, it honestly can't get any worse.
Verdict: F
½ February 27, 2016
I Just want to say... Kazoo
½ February 11, 2016
I wish I could go back in time and delete this movie.
January 17, 2016
Lowest Rotten Tomato Score Ever!
Worst Dialogs Ever Recalling for!
Wait? Is This Really A Sequel?
If I saw this it would might as well be the worst.
Superbabies: Baby Genuises 2 is an insult to babies and I rather have my brain fallen out of my head than to sit through this garbage!
David T.
Super Reviewer
January 3, 2016
When I found out that there was a sequel to 'Baby Geniuses', I was like "Good Heavens! That sounds awful!" I watched the full film and it is even more revolting than the first 'Baby Geniuses'. I have seen good films and bad films as well as some that are so bad that they're enjoyable. Not one good word can be said about this hunk of drek!
November 5, 2015
No stars. A sequel nobody asked for to a film nobody liked. How does this keep happening? Sure, "Baby Geniuses" made $1million more than it's total budget at the worldwide box office, but was that some sort of sign from the studios that people wanted more of this? I guess. But I'm going to give this movie something the other movie never got and never will get: the faintest of praise. There is a plot twist (in what counts for "plot" in this) that you don't see coming. Maybe because you're bored to tears or irritated by the pisspoor attempts at humor, but you don't see it. It sneaks up on you. So I think this film is better than the original, even if, ultimately both of them are two of the worst movies ever made that deserve no stars. If you're over the age of 2 and you think either of these movies is quality family entertainment, you should not be allowed to procreate. (Sadly, this was the final film of director Bob Clark. Also director of the original. He made some great films. Neither of these two are it.)
½ November 1, 2015
This is the worst movie you'll ever see. It's so bad it's not even roastable with your friends. Just watch it alone, to spare others a cruel fate.
½ October 11, 2015
I honestly don't understand what anybody would see in this movie. A voice over for a babies uneven lips for an entire movie is honestly the worst thing I've ever heard of. Not to mention the lousy acting of even the adult actors and terrible plot line. This movie should have gone straight to the dumpster. If I could save this review with 0 stars, I would.
October 9, 2015
Why dose Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 even exist.
September 22, 2015
Why was this sequel made again? F
½ September 5, 2015
I vomited. If I had the chance, I wouldn't even give this a star.
½ August 21, 2015
even though the fact that this movie is complete garbage, as we all know, i find it as if the director/"wiriter" said, yeah fuck it just throw in a baby make it say stupid shit and we can make this worth the little money we've put into it
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