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January 24, 2003
Has a mad energy and proud idiocy that's impossible to deny.
January 24, 2003
Daniels obviously loves the medium and knows how to assemble a movie, but he needs to flesh out a story that could easily have been told between beers and burps at the Escanaba hunting camp.
January 24, 2003
A terrible movie.
January 23, 2003
Daniels turns to hackneyed stereotypes and easy plot lines, choosing to see the Midwest as a place where door-to-door salesmen rule the streets and bored housewives all lead unfulfilling cookie-cutter lives.
July 12, 2006
Simply put, this movie about sweeper salesmen is a comedic vacuum.
March 31, 2005
'Hopefully, "Super Sucker" will be Jeff Daniels final foray into directing and writing. NO MORE!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!'
March 31, 2003
February 2, 2003
Writer-Director Jeff Daniels comes up with about forty-five minutes of inspired silliness, but, eventually, Super Sucker winds up being a one-joke film, though, admittedly, that joke is often funnier than it should be.
January 26, 2003
If you think you've seen every possibility for a sex comedy, then you haven't seen Super Sucker -- and thank your lucky stars for that.
January 24, 2003
There's only one joke in Super Sucker, but it's a good one.
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