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Critic Consensus: The effects are cheesy and Supergirl's wide-eyed, cheery heroine simply isn't interesting to watch for an hour and a half.

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A big-budget spin-off from the series of three successful Superman movies, this film stars Helen Slater as the counterpart to the famous comic-book superhero. Supergirl is Kara, Superman's young cousin. She is sent to Earth is search of a Krypton power source, a lost ring that has been turned into a paperweight. She disguises herself as Linda Lee, a meek high-school student. Peter O'Toole is Zaltar, a mad villain who wants to use the power of the ring to take over the world. Faye Dunaway plays the evil sorceress Selena, who is also plotting to get the gem and uses her incredible powers of black magic in service of her scheme. Linda Lee meets Ethan (Hart Bochner), who is under a spell cast by Selena, which causes him to fall in love with the first person he sees. Selena had intended to use the spell to make Ethan fall in love with her, and she is furious when his affections are directed toward Supergirl.
Action & Adventure , Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
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TriStar Pictures

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Helen Slater
as Kara Zor-El/Supergirl/Linda Lee
Faye Dunaway
as Selena
Peter O'Toole
as Zaltar
Mia Farrow
as Alura
Peter Cook
as Nigel
Simon Ward
as Zor-El
Marc McClure
as Jimmy Olsen
Maureen Teefy
as Lucy Lane
David Healy
as Mr. Danvers
Diana Ricardo
as Mrs. Murray
Nancy Lippold
as Billy Jo
Sonya Leite
as Betsy
Nancy Wood
as Nancy
Julia Lewis
as Gloria
Matt Frewer
as Truck Driver
Bill McAllister
as Truck Driver
Sally Cranfield
as Argonian Teacher
Keith Edwards
as Lucy's Friend
Bradley Lavelle
as Lucy's Friend
Carole Charnow
as Cashier
Shezwae Powell
as Waitress
Glory Annen
as Midvale Protestor
Sandy Martin
as Selena's Astral Image
Sandra Dickinson
as Pretty Young Lady
Martha Parsey
as Argonian Citizen
Kelly Hunter
as Argonian Citizen
Ter Battenburg
as Argonian Citizen
Richard Bidwell
as Argonian Citizen
Christian Fletcher
as Argonian Citizen
Karen Hale
as Argonian Citizen
Beulah Hughes
as Argonian Citizen
Mike Pearce
as Argonian Citizen
Kevin Scott
as Argonian Citizen
James Snell
as Argonian Citizen
Jane Sumner
as Argonian Citizen
Bailie Walsh
as Argonian Citizen
Elaine Ives-Cameron
as Party Guest
Gay Baynes
as Party Guest
Fred Lee Own
as Party Guest
Edwin Van Wyk
as Party Guest
Orla Pederson
as Party Guest
Joe Cremona
as Party Guest
April Olrich
as Party Guest
Erick Ray Evans
as Party Guest
Zoot Money
as Party Guest
Ron Travis
as Party Guest
Russell Sommers
as Party Guest
Dulcie Huston
as Party Guest
David Graham
as Party Guest
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Critic Reviews for Supergirl

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Screenplay is filled with witty lines and enjoyable characters, but Jeannot Szwarc's direction is rather flat.

Full Review… | April 17, 2007
Top Critic

This is one comic-book feature that doesn't fly.

Full Review… | April 17, 2007
Chicago Reader
Top Critic

Most delightful of the Super-series for its good-natured disregard of narrative considerations.

Full Review… | February 9, 2006
Time Out
Top Critic

Why even go to the trouble of making a movie that feels like it's laughing at itself?

Full Review… | October 23, 2004
Chicago Sun-Times
Top Critic

Miss Slater makes a four-square heroine of unrelenting sincerity; a sturdy ingenue, she is great fun to look at but hardly a live wire.

May 20, 2003
New York Times
Top Critic

With catastrophe rotting its marrow, "Supergirl" exemplifies the wisdom in waiting to ensure a great female superhero movie. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel will kick down very big doors. "Supergirl" knocks itself out by heedlessly running into one.

Full Review… | January 1, 2015

Audience Reviews for Supergirl


After the third and rather dismal 'Superman' film we got this spin off from the franchise about Superman's cousin. To be totally honest any film revolving around spin off characters you know to be weary of, Superboy, Supergirl, Superdog etc...could easily be duff outcomes if created. However this film is actually a surprisingly good offering which I don't think did any harm a tall. The main reason for this is the good casting, in my books. Slater as 'Supergirl' is a great choice as she not only looks the part but does a decent job portraying the character too. The Salkind's made the right choice in going with an unknown just as they did with Reeve and for me it really shines through. The casting of Dunaway as the evil 'Selena' is again another great choice because Dunaway does the bitch thing really well and she also has a brilliant presence as the evil sorcerer, a perfect fit. Marc McClure back again as 'Olsen' gives the film some needed credit and believability within the Superman franchise and Maureen Teefy is also solid as 'Lois Lane's' younger sister. Everyone else is your standard background fluff and could of been played by many, harsh but true. Such a shame the Reeve cameo never happened as that would have been sweet. The rest of the film is naturally pretty obvious plot wise but it does exactly what you would expect for the franchise. What I like about this is the fact all the effects are still just about on par with the Superman films, Slater flying, hovering and performing super feats looks fine, it doesn't look hokey (for the time). Doesn't have the overall shine of course but it still does the job well if you ask me, apart from the 'Argo City' sets at the start maybe. We also get some nice background work/info on 'Argo City', 'the Phantom Zone' (finally) and the Omegahedron serves well for the story, it all ties in within the whole franchise nicely. What I mean by that is, it looks as if it could fit within the 'Superman' films without an issue. Looking back now it is of course hammy but its still a fun adventure, I enjoyed it more when I was a kid admittedly. Supergirl looks cute but cool in her outfit and does a much better job of disguising herself with her alter ego of 'Lisa' than Superman did, at least she actually looked different. Kinda yearns for the Superman score but I guess that wouldn't be right I suppose. Only thing, 'Argo City' is in space right? and on 'Krypton' right? so how does it still exist for this film?. Also at the end Supergirl flies into the sea to get back there, soooo is 'Argo City' under the sea? is there a portal she went through down there? is 'Argo City' in another dimension? am I being thick here of what?? kinda lost me on that one.

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer

Finally Supergirl gets a movie! If you love the comics and the Superman movies, you should check this movie out. Not that it's a classic or anything, actually I love it because it's so bad that it's good. Plus, I love Slater as Supergirl, she's cool.

Aj V
Aj V

Super Reviewer


Although the story isn't very good and the bad guy was lame I thought this was a decent flick. The flying scenes were decent and the casting of Helen Slater was a good one. The problem was that the script was silly and the villain was a joke. Most of the action scenes were a little weak as well. One of the cool things in the flick was the first look inside the Phantom Zone. The music was also very good and gave a nice feel to the overall movie.

Jason Spencer
Jason Spencer

Super Reviewer

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