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Ben Yagoda
Philadelphia Daily News
May 5, 2014
It's hard to escape the conclusion that all the originality and excitement have been drained from the series.
Candice Russell
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
May 5, 2014
It`s hard to summon much wonder when Superman goes mano-a-mano with Nuclear Man, a Lex Luthor creation with a static electricity problem.
Nell Minow
Movie Mom at Yahoo! Movies
June 25, 2004
| Original Score: 2/5
John Ferguson
Radio Times
May 5, 2014
Tthe enthusiastic hamming can't hide the clunking direction by Sidney J Furie and the sub-standard special effects.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/5
Scott Weinberg
July 26, 2002
| Original Score: 1/5
Eric D. Snider
March 12, 2005
| Original Score: 1/5
Bob Grimm
Las Vegas Mercury
July 26, 2002
| Original Score: 0/5
Rob Vaux
Flipside Movie Emporium
November 1, 2002
Quickly followed by Superman V: The Need to Explain What The Hell We Were Thinking.
| Original Score: 1/5
Jeffrey Lyles
Lyles' Movie Files
June 11, 2013
For sentimentality's sake, it's great watching Reeve and company reprise their roles even if it's in the bastard child edition of the series, but this isn't just one of the worst comic book films, it's one of the worst films ever made.
Full Review | Original Score: 1/10
Jeffrey M. Anderson
San Francisco Examiner
February 7, 2003
Godawful, pointless, preachy sequel.
| Original Score: 0/5
David Cornelius
June 18, 2005
That this movie is how the Superman movie legacy ended would be a depressing thought if the movie weren't so endlessly hilarious.
Full Review | Original Score: 1/5
Felix Vasquez Jr.
Cinema Crazed
June 13, 2013
It's a shame that "Superman" had to leave the eighties in such a disgraceful fashion.
Top Critic
Variety Staff
March 26, 2009
The earlier films in the series were far from perfect, but at their best they had some flair and agreeable humor, qualities this one sorely lacks.
Christopher Null
August 23, 2005
| Original Score: 1/5
Top Critic
Geoff Andrew
Time Out
February 9, 2006
About as dreary as a summit conference in Belgium.
Top Critic
Desson Thomson
Washington Post
January 1, 2000
More sluggish than a funeral barge, cheaper than a sale at K mart, it's a nerd, it's a shame, it's Superman IV.
Top Critic
Michael Wilmington
Los Angeles Times
May 5, 2014
The overall effect is of a story atomized and dying before our eyes, collapsing into smashed pulp, ground down into big-budget Kryptonite ash.
Mark Bourne
April 5, 2006
...this final sigh of a movie manages to send the series out with a feeble yet breathing dignity. It's bad, but it's better than III in that it does try to rise above itself.
Peter Canavese
Groucho Reviews
July 5, 2006
The cut-rate production resulted in what Reeve termed "catastrophe" for a film intended to marry a serious message to the series' signature action, humor, and romance.
| Original Score: 1.5/4
James O'Ehley
Sci-Fi Movie Page
January 1, 2000
Somewhere between the cheesy special effects and lame story the whole movie falls flat.
Full Review | Original Score: 1.5/4
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