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October 4, 2017
Ok dc animated movie.
½ July 24, 2017
Gets off to a good start with the introduction of a superpowered teen and a promising tale about finding oneself, unfortunately this is completely hijacked in the second half for an action-heavy, by-the-numbers rescue mission. This passes the time well enough with mindless violence, but trivialises the new protagonist we were introduced in the first part, removing all agency from her in the process. By the time the final fight roles in it's hard to maintain interest.
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April 21, 2017
Not as good as the first Superman/Batman animated film but it was good to see Darkseid onscreen even if he's made weaker than I expected, The story was good but it focused too much on Supergirl as this film was kind of used as a origin story for her which maybe should of been done for her own animated movie and for for me it dragged at times, It had some pretty fun action scenes but that's all it has that the kids will like.
½ September 17, 2016
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse(2010)
Starring: Summer Glau, Ed Asner, Tim Daly, Andre Braugher, Kevin Conroy, and Susan Eisenberg
Written By: Tab Murphy
Directed By: Lauren Montgomery
I'm hoping that the second half of Justice League is a little bit like this, because it would be so cool to see Supergirl on the big screen with all the other JL members like Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman. Because for those of you know me, she is my second favorite DC character right after the big kryptonian himself, Superman.
Batman discovers a mysterious teen-aged girl with superhuman powers and a connection to Superman. When the girl comes to the attention of Darkseid, the evil overlord of Apokolips, events take a decidedly dangerous turn.
The only complaint is that since this is the first animated movie on Supergirl that she would have been explored a little more. But other than that I like what they did with her and I liked how she was potrayed.
As you know I don't talk much about these animated films, so i'm just going to end the review by saying I give this a four and a half out of five
August 17, 2016
It was OK watch, not as good as other movies from DC Universe Animated Original Movies, the anime characterization was bad, Superman look bulky and mean, batmen looked lanky and weak. Besides the mediocre anime, the story itself is decent, it's a movie about the girl from Krypton, her introduction and how she became Super Girl.
July 17, 2016
A fun and action-filled movie that tells the new origin story of Supergirl. This movie, once again, perfectly brings the comic art to life. I really liked the addition of Wonder Woman to the story and Kara's time in Paradise Island was really enjoyable. And, although it doesn't have the most complex or deep story, it definitely has some of the best fight scenes of the entire DC animated universe. So, its not even comparable to Under the Red Hood or Batman Year One in terms of plot but what it lacks in story, it definitely makes up for in action.
½ March 24, 2016
for any comic book fan or general moviegoer this a fun, entertaining ride
you'd think it'd be just the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight but no, it actually has Wonder Woman and Supergirl of all things
it has a lot of well-staged action, slick animation, and is very character-driven
the focus is mainly on Kara-El who lands on Earth and is lost on how to find her place in a strange new world
Batman is very skeptical seeing as she's the only last survivor of an extinct planet but Wonder Woman feels she may be better off in an advanced-trained environment with the Amazonian warriors
all 3 heroes clash over what's best for Clark's cousin and Kara only wants to be her own champion
on the planet Apocalypse the villainous Darkseid is looking for a new guard warrior under his command, Kara looks like the perfect candidate
the film teaches the viewer that the best we can strive towards is heroism no matter where we come from
it's our own choices that have us aspire to be normal while still doing the extraordinary
fun fun fun
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½ March 19, 2016
In preparation for the upcoming Batman V Superman film, I've decided to revisit a few of each of the heroes' feature films, especially those where they come in direct conflict with one another.

It's considered a direct sequel to 2009's Worlds Finest film, but in reality, it's its own entity. It's also not really a Superman & Batman film at all. With the story line directly focusing on the appearance of Supergirl and the inclusion of Wonder Woman and the Amazonians, it's almost like a mini Justice League film. If you're going in looking for a classic Batman & Superman story, this isn't it. But if you're looking for yet another solid entry in the DC Animated Universe, then I think there's enjoyment to be had here.

Supergirl (Kara) enters the world in full Terminator glory and is discovered by none other than Batman. As him and Superman debate as to what they should do with her, Darkseid and his minions try to take things in their own hands. Wonder Woman believes Supergirl should be kept away from civilization until her powers are under control but Superman believes she should live with him as he teaches her the way of the world. Of course, Kara has her own idea of the life she should live. And that's really the basis the film goes by. Other than Batman and Superman both being in the film, it's not their story at all.

The film does pick up however once they go to Darkseid's planet of Apocalypse itself after he kidnapped Kara. Darkseid's presence in this film is pretty much the exact representation I would hope the live action universe uses. He's calculating, manipulating, cool, calm, and collected. Throw in some omega beams and an unstoppable physical presence and you get DC's potentially best villain.

Even though this film is entertaining and definitely satisfying by its end, there has to be some let down in the fact that it doesn't ever feel like a Batman and Superman film. It's one of my biggest fears of Batman V Superman. Keep the film even in tone and focus, and don't mislead your audience. If you do that, I don't think people will be disappointed. So with all that said, Superman/Batman Apocalypse is a decent entry in a distinguished line of incredible animated films, it's just unfortunate it doesn't live up to its predecessor.

+Darkseid's presence

+Well realized characters through voice work

+Supergirl is handled correctly

-But it's not a Superman/Batman film at all

-A let down in some regards

February 8, 2016
Awesome. Total rewatch. 2/8/16
January 2, 2016
This is story of Supergirl and Superman's attempt to train her. Batman has a very minor roll in the film and only gets billing because Batman sells.

Supergirl gets sent away to Amazon in order train with Wonder woman. Kent changes his mind and tries to get her to come back to Metrapologypse, in standard teenage fashion she goes all hay wire and ends up joining the dark side. (Well, Darkseid, to be precise) I bet you can end up where she ends...

Standard story line, nothing to write home about but nothing to be upset about either.
October 17, 2015
This Film Is Just Amazing You Will Be Shocked
August 8, 2015
Another enjoyable entry in the DC animated film series.
Batman and Superman deal with Darkseid and Apokolips while trying to save a Kryptonian that crash landed on earth before being abducted by Darkseid.
The animation is really nice and the story was quite entertaining,
½ August 5, 2015
This should of been called "Supergirl: The Movie" because the movie is focused on her all throughout the whole movie. Batman Superman Apocalypse offers a great villain and incredible action sequences
½ August 5, 2015
This should of been called "Supergirl: The Movie" because the movie is focused on her all throughout the whole movie. Batman Superman Apocalypse offers a great villain and incredible action sequences
April 3, 2015
The animation is in my eyes an improvement over Public Enemies, but the story feels rushed at times and could have benefited if it had time to establish characters and relationships better. Despite that though what's there is satisfying and it defiantly benefits from superb voice acting. 3/5 Decent
March 30, 2015
Ok, so this is the film. The first half or so is very choppy, going from this to that in an instant and you're just like "Wait, what?" and I feel like they could've done a lot better with the introduction of one of the characters (because the character comes off as bratty and annoying even though the character isn't). There was also a big action sequence that I felt made very little sense (keep Superman: Doomsday in mind and you'll get what I mean). The second half is a lot better, especially towards the end. In fact, if they removed pretty much all of the first half, the second half would have been a really great film at about 8 or even a 9 out of 10. Batman and Superman are portrayed pretty good, and you'll enjoy when they are on screen. The animation is good, but I feel like there were missed opportunities here and there, like certain angles and ways they could've done things that would've had more of an impact emotionally. Overall, I'd say a 6/10.
March 26, 2015
Unexpectedly disappointing. The plot lacks the heart, originality and standard of DC productions. :/
February 14, 2015
A DC Comics animated feature with an average entertaining value and same qualities. However, it can't be like that every time so it's a task to not have the qualities be the same and this film done a successful job of accomplishing such task. The animation and characterization are great as ever, while the final, climatic showdown was mesmerizing. The film also followed the quality of having a nice heart in the genre. (A-)

(Full review coming soon)
February 3, 2015
Superman/Batman: Supergirl is one of my favourite graphic novels. It's artwork is much better than Public Enemies and the story is more grand with the Darkseid angle and the coming age story of Supergirl.

In this version, they try and keep most of the good stuff. The Doomsday army is there, and lots of other plot elements are kept. They do cut out lots of good things too, such as the Kryptonite ring, as well as Superman and Darkseid fighting in front of the sun.

The change up at the end is forgiven with one of the best animated fight scenes I've ever seen. Superman is sent into space with a terrible blast, and Kara must fight Darkseid one on one.

The voice acting for these animated films is usually really good, but there seems to always be one voice that doesn't seem to go with the rest. In this case, its Andre Braugher. His Darkseid doesn't really have the menacing quality to it and he seems too soft spoken.

As for the changes, one must accept them because turning an entire graphic novel into a 75 minute movie means you have to cut things out. It was a very entertaining DC animated film, with a good climax to end it all. I hope this maybe gets a live action version someday, as that would be epic.
January 7, 2015
Pretty good but I wish the producers switching voices.
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