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June 21, 2010
Supernatural Season One on Blu-Ray
22 Episodes on 4 Discs being released June 15, 2010

"Supernatural" the series begins with the origin story of young Dean and Sam's mother's mysterious death and their father's obsession with solving it by hunting for supernatural activity. Years later when their father disappears, they take up his journal in hopes of finding him and some answers but end up taking up where he left off solving the mysterious of the paranormal.

The series has all the fun and creepiness of "The X-Files" minus romantic tension (with a substitution of sibling rivalry) and the absence of bureaucracy and Cigarette Smoking Man. Dean and Sam hit the road with reckless abandon drifting from place to place surviving on money they make hustling people at pool and poker so they can continue the hunt for answers.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) left his college to go on this road trip with his brother after a mysterious incident with his girlfriend passing the exact same way as his mother and being driven into the same obsession as his father (Jeffery Dean Morgan). Dean (Jensen Ackles) is an obedient son with a bit of swagger whose quest in the supernatural has been ongoing his entire life. In this formula, Sam is Luke Skywalker and Dean is Han Solo and their classic muscle car is the Millennium Falcon. Their relationship is constantly being tested through these ghost hunts and the buddy road trip vibe serves the series well.

Padalecki and Ackles have an easy going relationship and chemistry that ties each individual episode together. Each episode is like a mini-movie, but the fluctuations of their interactions create the overall arc of the tension in their family and search for their father and their mother's killer.

The urban legends are fantastic with everything from Bloody Mary to the man with the hook that kills the boyfriend, to the ghost woman getting picked up on the side of the road wanting to go home, to a freaky scarecrow god in a field! Doubtless, there is something for everyone here and thrills and chills galore.

Bonus Features:

There are over five hours of additional content! Tons and tons of extras for your viewing pleasure.

Supernatural: Tales from the Edge of Darkness is purely a making-of featurette about how the series was created, the casting of the two stars, and what challenges the show faced in shaping the concept to get picked up. A Day in the Life of Jared & Jensen follows them as they explore the catering table and go through filming in an episode. There is a Paley Festival Panel Discussion featuring Cast & Crew talking about the first season of "Supernatural" and answering questions from the audience and discussing how the brothers were cast.

Devil's Road Map: Interactive Map Guide to Season One's Urban Legends and Unusual facts is the best feature on this set because you can go episode by episode and watch interviews about how and why a certain story was developed, myths about actual local legends in a given area, and if you click on haunted icons, there is an easter egg surprise. There is also access to pages of their dad's journal.

Commentary on the "Pilot" by series creator Eric Kripke, director David Nutter, and producer Peter Johnson reveals what true nerds they all are and how much they love their work investigating all these urban legends and old stories and finding ways to incorporate them into the show. They talk about all the different drafts of the pilot and how it evolved over time. Commentary on "Phantom Traveler" by co-stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles consists of the two of them joking a lot but also talking about the acting perspective in creating the episode. There are a bunch of Unaired/Extended Scenes throughout the discs and a gag reel on Disc four.
April 14, 2010
This is definatley one of the best TV shows ever
March 4, 2010
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
Jared Padalenki as Sam Winchester
Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester
Adrianne Palicki as Jessica Lee Moore
Nikki Aycox as Meg Masters

Here is a series that took a franchise or genre many felt could never be good again(just mindless entertainment)and gave you exactly the opposite. Writer Eric Kripke came in and took a film idea he had years earlier and managed to expand it for 5 years(so far) and continues to impress its viewers greatly.
The story follows the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester as they begin to search for their missing father, who has been on a crusade to find the evil that murdered his wife years earlier. What's amazing about the series is its uncanny way to connect even the smallest case to what happened that first night we see in the pilot. I have yet to pick this up on DVD, so the reviews will not be coming as quickly as my other episode reviews.
Keep an eyes out for the music section, as it will get bigger, this series has some of the best Classic Rock music in the show.

The beginning of the WB/CW's "supernatural" series. We meet Sam and Dean for the first time as they reunite after several years apart. Dean has been on their father's crusade for many years, while Sam has taken it upon himself to ignore what happened years earlier and try and live a normal life(girlfriend, school, etc). However, when their father disappears Dean looks to Sam to help find their father, its not until a tragedy in Sam's life that helps to push the brothers together. Meanwhile, a legendary spirit called "The Lady In White"(Sarah Shahi) has begun to roam the nearby countryside murdering those who even think of being unfaithful to their loved ones. Excellent episode, this episode I saw when it premiered and it amazed me, if it wasn't for not having cable at the time, I would have continued watching the series right from there. Definitely worth a watch. 4 out of 5 stars {Deleted Scenes available} {Commentary by Erick Kripke, David Nutter and Peter Johnson}

Sam and Dean head into the Colorado woods to help a brother Alden Ehrenreich) and sister (Gina Holden)who are looking for their missing brother (Graham Wardle)in hopes of finding more clues to their father's disappearance. While on the search they discover that is may be a Wendigo, a cannibalistic creature who happen to be smart hunters. Kind of a step back from the pilot, while the episode features some great eerie moments, the momentum needs to pick up a bit more. The acting however, is still solid. Callum Keith Rennie guest stars. 4 out of 5 stars {Deleted Scenes Available}

EPISODE III: Dead In the Water
Great episode, definitely one of my top five favorites of S1. Here Dean and Sam head into a small Wisconsin town where there have been mysterious drowning. During further exploration they discover two families with a grisly connection to what is causing the drowning. Meanwhile, Dean begins to connect to a young boy named Lucas (Nico McEown), who witnessed one of the drowning. Amy Acker, Amber Borycki, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Bruce Dawson guest star. 4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE IV: Phantom Traveler
An old friend of Dean's ask for him and Sam's help in ridding his airplane of a spirit hat has caused 3 other plane crashes. So now, Dean and Sam must perform an air-exorcism, with Dean being afraid of flying. Another fun episode to watch, we see a bit of vulnerability coming from the Dean character(who is normally the most together of the two). Brian Markinson, Daryl Shuttleworth, Kett Turton, Jaime Ray Newman, Geoff Gustafson guest star. 4 out of 5 stars {Deleted Scenes} {Commentary by Jensen Ackles and Jared Paalicki}

EPISODE V: Bloody Mary
Excellent episode, I've always enjoyed films that deal with the Bloody Mary legend and this is no exception. Here Dean and Sam are pitted against a spirit who kills those who have a deep dark secret, by using any reflected surfaces. Now they must find the mirror in which she died in from in hopes of destroying her spirit once and for all. Meanwhile, Sam must comes to grips with his secret. Jovanna Huguet, Marnette Patterson, Chelan Simmons, Jessica King, Genevieve Buechner, Kristie Marsden, William Taylor guest star. 4 out of 5 stars

Interesting episode this time around, this time we have a prologue that is in the middle of the story. Sam and Dean end up investigating how more than one person can be convicted of beating their loved one, but was reportedly somewhere else at the same time. What they discover is the possibility of a shape shifter, one who adapts the memories and feelings of the one they imitating. Amy Grabow, Marrett Green, Anita Brown, Peter Shinkoda, Shiraine Haas, Aleks Holtz guest star. 3 out of 5 stars

Urban Legends begin to becoming true when the daughter of a local Minister is witnessed to two Legends becoming true(Hook Man/Dead Deate and Bloody Writing Next Morning), now Sam and Dean begin to investigate where the legends first came true and discover an old dead Minister, with a hook for a hand, who went on a killing spree over a decade earlier. This episode is quite good to watch, its eerie and shot very well. I love the night sequences. The acting could have been done a bit better, as it reflects those classic slasher cliches. Brian T. Skala, Dan Butler, Chelah Horsdal, Jane McGregor, Alfred E. Humphreys, Christie Laing guest star. 4 out of 5 stars {Deleted Scenes Available}

Ok, well we had to know that the momentum would stop at some point, well here it is, lol. Sam and Dean are drawn to the site of a new housing development when a construction worker is killed by a swarm of bugs. When looking into the history they learn that the housing development is on the grounds of an old sacred Indian land. Anna Marie Loder, Tyler Johnston, Michael Daingerfield, Andrew Arlie, Carrie Genzel, Jimmy Herman, Ryan Robbins guest star. 2 out of 5 stars

Awesome, that's the gist of the episode, it's a great way to kick the main story back up after a few episodes where it is not mentioned. Great companion piece to the pilot. Sam begins having nightmares of the new tenants living in his and Dean's childhood home being in grave danger and decides to tell Dean of his ability. Now Dean must overcome the fear he had long ago and go with Sam to save this new family. Meanwhile, Dean makes a call to their Dad, in hopes that he will hear his cries for help in this situation. Loretta Devine, Don Thompson, Jamie Schwanebeck, Haili Page Philippe, Kristin Richardson guest star. 4 out of 5 stars {Deleted Scenes Available}

On a tip from their father; Dean and Sam head into an old abandoned mental asylum suspected of being haunted. The biggest problem here is the spirits ability to drive anyone crazy enough to kill, next victim Sam and Dean. OK, episode, it helps to bring some of Sam's inner most feelings out in the open. Norman Armour, James Purcell, Brooke Nevin, Nicholas D'Agosto, Tom Pickett, Nicole LaPlaca, Leif Bridgman, Nancy Bell, Karly Warkentin, Peter Benson II guest star. 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE XI: Scarecrow
Not a top five, but not a bottom five either, this episode is one of those that you can miss, but you would miss out a bit. It features some great directing and for me I enjoyed the way they designed the Scarecrow look. Anyone who has seen the direct to video film Scarecrows (Mike Carpenter) knows that this is way better(and that was pretty decent). Sam and Dean have an argument that separates them, as Sam heads on his way to find their father and help hi chase down the demon that killed his girlfriend and mother, Dean heads to a small town where the Scarecrow legend happens to be true, but what Dean finds out is that the town is all in on it. Meanwhile, Sam runs into a hitchhiker, who is heading his way, with a dark secret. Lara Gilchrist, Tania Saulnier, Tom Butler, P. Lynn Johnson, Brent Stait, Leah Graham, Christian Schrapff, Tim O'Halloran, David Orth, Brendan Penny, William B. Davies guest star. 4 out of 5 stars {Deleted Scenes Available}

During a recent battle Dean is critically injured, Sam contacts Faith Healer Roy(Kevin McNulty)who miraculously heals Dean. Unfortunately they discover that for every healed life, a healthy life is taken away. Now Sam and Dean decide to stop this from happening. Rebecca Jenkins, Julie Benz, Colin Lawrence guest star. Enjoyable episode, I love it when the villain is revealed to be Death, Blue Oyster Cult fit that scene so well. 4 out of 5 stars. {Deleted Scenes Available}

Sam and Dean are called by Dean's ex-girlfriend Cassie (Megalyn Echikunwoke)to stop a rash of road deaths caused by one intimidating truck. Think Joy Ride meets Supernatural and that is what you have in this episode, a great series of scenes, well acted and directed, with great angles, but only watch able so many times. The love scene between Dean and his ex was a bit out of the norm for me. Gary Hetherington, Dee Jay Jackson, Alvin Sanders, Kathleen Noone, Mike Busswood, Ron Robinson guest stars. 3 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE XIV: Nightmares
Sam begins to having nightmares of a young man named Max(Brendan Fletcher) who may have the ability to move things with his mind. What he and Dean discover is he is more connected to them, than any person they've run into before and may begin to explain Sam's new ability of premonition. Excellent episode, on my top five, it features some really great performance and while the concept is of a supernatural force, it also features a very real drama. Beth Broderick, Dalias Blake, Susinn McFarlen, Avery Raskin, Cameron McDonald guest star {Deleted Scenes}

EPISODE XV: The Benders
Sam has gotten kidnapped by a family of human hunters, so now Dean must find a way to save his brother before Sam is stuffed and mounted like prized trophies. OK episode, not the best, I actually had to watch it twice before writing this review(distracted a lot)and still found myself not too interested by the story. The simplest way to describe this episode is The Hills Have Eyes meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(yes I like both franchises). Jon Cuthbert, Ryan Dreschner, Jessica Steen, Sadie Lawrence, Alexia Fast, Sandra Steier, John Dennis Johnston, Shawn Reis, Ken Kirzinger guest stars. 2 out of 5 stars

Sam andf Dean head to a town where mysterious murders have been occurring, while there Sam meets up with Meg, the hitchhiker(from episode "Scarecrow")and becomes suspicious of how she ended up there. What he and Dean discover is shocking enough to lure their father out of hiding. Sam and Dean must also deal with a Shadow killer. Good episode, this is where the season begins to pick more up on its arc and begins to reveal more of what Dean and his father have been hunting for so long. Melanie Papalia, Nimet Kanji, Lorena Gale guest star. 4 out of 5 stars

Sam and Dean start to investigate a house deemed "Hell House" after a group of curious teens go there and find a dead body that disappeared. What they discover when looking deeper into the house history is a story bout a farmer who lived during the Depression and killed his kids instead of allowing them to starve to death. Meanwhile Sam and Dean must also contend with wannabe Ghostbusters, who are causing more trouble, than helping. Great direction is given to this episode, the eerie atmosphere works, but is still common with episodes or films of this kind. Shane Meier, A.J Buckley, Travis Wester, Jason Griffith, Agam Darshi, Jay Nicholas Hackleman, Krista Bell, Gerry Mackay, Nicholas Harrison guest star. 4 out of 5 stars

EPISODE XVIII: Something Wicked
Sam and Dean must confront a Shtriga(Jeannie Epper), an Albino Witch that sucks the life out of children, leaving them on the verge of death. This brings horrible memories back to Dean, who has faced this creature years earlier as a child. Great episode, I always enjoy episodes that go deeper into the past and this one doesn't disappoint. However, a similar story has already been told in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Adrian Hough, Ari Cohen, Penelope Cardas, Venus Terzo, Mary Black, Alex Ferris, Colby Paul, John Prowse, Ridge Canipe, Chandra Berg, Erica Carroll, Stacee Copeland guest star. 4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE XIX: Provenance
Sam and Dean must face a malevolent spirit(Jodelle Ferland), who resides in a painting and kills anyone who owns it. Meanwhile Sam begins to fall for an antique dealer owner named Sarah(Taylor Cole). Good episode, keeps the pace going at an steady pace. The episode does focus a lot on Sam and Sarah, which is nice, but also keeps its eye on the spirit ball. Jay Brazeau, Jody Thompson, Kenton Reid guest stars 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE XX: Dead Man's Blood
THE VAMPIRE EPISODE IS HERE! Well we knew a dark series of this magnitude would eventually produce the classic monster into it. Sam and Dean are again reunited with their Dad when they discover a shotgun they can use to kill the demon that killed their mother years earlier, but before they can go get that they find themselves face to face with vampires. I love how they made the vampires look, the effects used to portray the fangs and stuff are awesome. Christine Chatelain, Brenda Campbell, Sean Tyson, Warren Christie, Terence Kelly, Dominic Zamprogna, Anne Openshaw guest star

EPISODE XXI: Salvation
Part 1 of the 2 part Season finale begins here and what a way to start, absolutely love it. Continuing from the last episode we see that John, Dean and Sam now have the Colt Gun that has the ability to kill the demon that is responsible for killing Mary Winchester. Sam ends up having a nightmarish dream of a young woman named Monica(Erin Karpluk), who will meet the same fate and its up to Sam and Dean to prevent this. Meanwhile Meg returns and challenges John to show up and save his friends by bringing the Colt back to her. This is the way a season finale should be, on your toes, edge of your seat, etc. David Lovgren, Richard Sali, Rondel Reynoldson, Sebastian Spence, Josh Blacker, Serinda Swan guest star. 5 out of 5 stars

EPISODE XXII: Devil's Trap
After an altercation with Meg, the Winchester Brothers and a family friend Bobby(Jim Beaver) manage to capture her and extract information on where there father is, whether he is alive or not is something they are not sure of. They head over to save him from the various demons that are determined o end their family forever. Great end to the season, it leaves in suspense for 3 months and that is awesome. The episode is probably one of the darkest ever, especially the scene where we find something out about John. Matt Riley guest stars

Adrianne Palicki(Jessica)has also played in two other WB/CW series. Smallville as Kara in S3 and the unaired Mercy Reef/Aquaman Pilot as one of the Evil Sirens.
Jensen Ackles previously played in S4 of Smallville as Jason Teague, Lana's boyfriend.
Beth Boderick(Nightmares) is most famous for playing Aunt Zelda on Sabrina: the Teenage Witch
Bendan Fletcher(Nightmares)played a victim in Freddy vs. Jason with fellow Supernatural co-star Ken Kirzinger.
Ken Kirzinger(The Benders)has played Jason Voorhees twice(Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan stunts only and Freddy Vs. Jason as the character).
Lorena Gale (Shadow) played Lex's doomed psychiatrist in S3 of Smallville.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan played The Comedian in Zack Snyder's The Watchmen
Jared Padalenki will go on to star in Friday the 13th Remake.

Point of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer by Jay-Z and Linkin Park {Screener Pilot Only}
Enter Sandman by Metallica {Screener of Pilot Only}
Highway to Hell by AC/DC {Bon Scott}
Back in Black by AC/DC {Brian Johnson}
Round And Round by Ratt
Paranoid by Black Sabbath {Ozzy Osbourne}
Rock of Ages by Def Lappard
Laugh, I Nearly Died by The Rolling Stones
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly {I also have Nas' Hip Hop Is Dead}
Poison Whiskey by Lynyrd Skynyrd
All Right Now by Free
Bang Your Head by Quiet Riot
No One Like You by Scorpions
Lodi by Creedance Clearwater Revival
Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh
Road To Nowhere by Ozzy Osbourne
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas
Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival
½ January 23, 2010
Ghouls, ghosts, vampires and flaming demons. All in a day's work fro Dean and Sam Winchester.
Supernatural is a horror/sci fi/drama about 2 brothers who are searching for their father who has gone missing. On the trail to their Dad, they get sidetracked and encounter all sorts of evil.
What the show does well is give some decent scares, good special effects, and decent acting. What it fails to do, for season 1 at least is to delve into the more dramatic aspect, which made the likes of Buffy and Angel so memorable.
There are some great, although partially borrowed ideas for episodes, including a killer bride who lives in mirrors, a killer scarecrow and a hook man. Unfortunately not all the episodes are as good, and the action only really heats up towards the end of the season.
Certainly a good show, and one which I expect will get better.
Hell, remember Buffy Season 1?
December 14, 2009
The best show on television! Anyone that is into action and horror is in for a suprise that will keep them asking for more, luckly their is more of 'Superenatural' to come! This is the monster movie that everyone has been waiting for.
October 19, 2009
The first season of this show makes you learn to love the characters and simpathize...the storyline darkens as the show goes on so one needs to enjoy the slivers of humor while they last, which are abundant in the first season. :)
October 16, 2009
I was one that was thinking it was a spooky Buffy spin-off, but it truly turned out to be a lot more enjoyable. These guys go after all sorts of night creeps. They run through the horror basics, but they do it in their own way and are not afraid to laugh at themselves from time to time. The look, feel, and sound of the show is really well done. The first season's writing is really well done and they made a great decision to bring some conflicts between the boys towards the end of the season. The acting gets better towards the end of the season (Jensen Ackles so much better here than his Bloody Valentine role). Lets just say I'm hooked and nearly to Season 3.
February 21, 2009
This Tv show was a good revelation of 2005, it has all the elements to capture you, to make you laugh and at the same time to scare you and disturb you.
A very good recopilation for american folklor, and urban leyends.
January 16, 2009
Jared AND Jensen have incredible chemistry as The Winchester brothers who hunt supernatural beings, Every episode has great plots/twist and scares everything a Horror/Sci Fi series should be Highly recommended!!
July 29, 2008
Just watch the show, you'll understand why it's pretty much the best show on tv right now.
January 16, 2007
[center][b][size=3][color=darkorchid]JENSEN ACKLES[/color][/size][/b][/center]
[center][b][size=3][color=darkorchid]JARED PADALECKI[/color][/size][/b][/center]

I am obsessed with this show. Like, to the point where I want some spooky shit to go down around me just so Sam and Dean can come help me kick it's evil ass!
Ok, I am not so obsessed that I don't know it's not real...
Basically, in the show you have two really hot guys fighting spooky shit. What more could you ask for, right? lol And, they added the little girl from The Nanny and the Ginger Snaps movies all grown up to the last episode, so cool there. She rocks.
Just give the show a chance.
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