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½ July 3, 2010
The season 2 finale left us with Dean selling his soul to revive Sam, giving him only 1 year of his life left. From there on, the main arc overlapping this season is the brothers trying to save Dean from hell.

The number one best thing about this show has to be the brotherly relationship between Sam and Dean, and it is pushed to the limits here, with one of them going to be in hell by the seasons end.

The season dished out some of the shows best episodes. Sam getting plagued by bad luck in "Bad Day At Black Rock",
The return of the ghostfacers (wannabee monster hunters) in the imaginitivley titled "Ghostfacers",
Gordon Walker, psychotic vampire hunter, returning as a vampire, in "Fresh Blood",
Supernatural going all festive in "A Very Supernatural Christmas",
Henricksen returning, finally capturing the brothers, in "Jus In Bello"
and, probably the shows best episode, "Mystery Spot", where Sam is forced to watch Dean dying over and over again, each in a different way.

But this season isn't all great. There are only two let down episodes, "The Magnificent Seven", involving the seven deadly sins, and "Sin City", which is just boring.

The season also introduced two new main characters, both female. Ruby, a demon and Bela, a hunter (and seller) of rare artefacts.

The problem with Bela, is that she's just genuinly unlikeable. The writers try to make us care for her in the seasons penultimate ep (she sold her soul also) but it fails, cause it seems so out of the blue, and tacked on. Bela was only in the show anyway cause the network felt there weren't enough female characters in the show.

Then theres Ruby. Katie Cassidy tries to portray the bad ass demon, but it doesn't work that well. Rubys just pretty one note "I'm here to help you and kick ass, and I can't really help you" character.

The finale is genuinly gripping. Dean actually goes to hell! A lot of shows would wussy out on promises like that *cough*Heroes*cough* but Supernatural genuinly goes through with it.

Long live the true successor to Buffy (in protector against evil type of way, True Blood is the successor in vampire kind of way)
May 15, 2010
following on from the events of the second season we now have dean and sam trying to stop the collection of dean for hell. this has got to be the strongest and darkest season yet which is great considering the other two seasons weren't slacking.
clever monsters and the chemistry of the two leads keeps adding to the success of the show. there isn't alot to this season but it what it does with the core of the story will keep you watching until the bitter end
May 15, 2010
I missed some episodes so yeah..
April 10, 2010
this is another show that just always entertains!!!the brothers personalities are perfect and im now into season 5!!if you like ghost stories and stuff about deamons and such then you will love this show!very well done im really loveing the whole angel thing thats winding in on this!!grreat show!!!!!!
½ March 10, 2010
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
Jared Padalenki as Sam Winchester
Katie Cassidy as Ruby
Lauren Cohen as Bela
Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester
Adrianne Palicki as Jessica Lee Moore
Alona Tal as Josephine "Jo" Beth Harvelle
Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle
Sterling K. Brown as Gordon Walker
Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer
Charles Malik Whitfield as Special Agent Victor Henderson

Season 3 comes back in a big way, after the S2 finale we find many things that happened have major consequences and this season is all about those consequences. First, Sam and Dean must do hunter overtime and send all the demons they released from Devil's Gate back to hell, cleaning up their mess. Secondly Sam finds himself with only a year to find Dean a way out of his deal with the demon lady, meanwhile many new Hunters are introduced trying to clean up the Winchesters mess. All this plus, a couple new characters that make up for one hell of a season, even if it is short.
NOTE: This season features no deleted scenes, in its place we get several "Closer Look" segments, each feature a crew member (usually director or producer) discussing the areas of a particular episode they enjoyed.

EPISODE I: Magnificent Seven
Sam, Dean and Bobby and married hunter couple discover that the Seven Deadly Sins are among the various demons that were let out of the Devil's Gate. Meanwhile, Sam continues his search for a way out for Dean, while Dean acts like nothing is wrong and begins to act recklessly. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman begins to stalk Sam, is she friend or foe? Great way to start the season, it manages to set the stage for what the season is about and does it nicely. Gardiner Millar, Tiara Sorensen, Allison Warnyca, Monique Ganderton, Ben Cotton, C. Ernst Harth, Katya Virshilas, Michael Rogewrs, Peter Macon, Josh Daughtery, Caroline Chikezie guest star. 5 out of 5 stars {Closer Look Available}

EPISODE II: The Kids Are Alright
Sam and Dean head to Indiana so Dean can rekindle a weekend fling and discovers that she has an 8 year old son, who acts remarkably like Dean. Meanwhile, Sam discovers from the mysterious woman from the previous episode that Changelings have taken over the children, so now Sam and Dean must find the kids and save the parents. We also discover the truth about the mysterious woman, whose named is Ruby. Excelent episode, it features some great light moments as well as great shock moments. We also manage to see a side of Dean rarely seen. Margot Berner, Nicholas Elia, Cindy Sampson, Alberto Ghsi, Kathleen Munroe, Megan Bowes, Desiree Zurowski, Todd Thomson, Daniel Brodskey, Michelle Grigor, Mitchell Duffield, Susie Wickstead, Stacy Fair guest star. 5 out of 5 stars {Closer Look Available}

EPISODE III: Bad Luck At Black Rock
Sam finds himself on the bad luck end when a beautiful woman named Bela Talbot takes a rabbits foot with special bad luck cast on it. Meanwhile, Gordon manages to send other hunters after Sam and Dean after he discovers they are among those who let out the demons at Devil's Gate. Good enough episode, we are introduced to another cast member for the season. The episode is filled with more comedy and that's not the series. John F. Parker, Forbes Angus, Stephen Dimopoulos, Christian Tessier, Hrothgar Matthews, Michael Massee, Jon Van Ness guest stars. 3 out of 5 stars. {Closer Look Available}

Sam and Dean head to investigate a town that has become high on the drinking and gambling scene. Meanwhile, Bobby is visited by Ruby, to rebuild the Colt Gun, but is unsure of her true intentions. Ok episode, something to watch again. Martin A. Papazian, Robert Curtis Brown, Elisa King, Matthew Harrison, Todd Curran, Gregory Bennett, Dean Paul Gibson, Gavin Buhr, Don S. Davis, Richard Keats, Alexandra Barrese, Julia Anderson guest star. 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE V: Bedtime Stories
Sam and Dean finds themselves against a series of real life fairy tales, when a comatose patient's dreams turn to life among those around her. Now they must find out how she ended up the way she is and how to stop her. Also Sam meets with the Crossroads Demon(Sandra McCoy) in hopes of getting Dean out of his doomed contract. Great episode, definitely a favorite of mine. Derek Lowe, Mary Black, Victoria Duffield, Tracy Spiridakos, Libby Osler, Peter Jenkins, Patrick Gilmore, Maxine Miller, Malcolm Scott, Michael Robert Coleman, Chris Cochrane, Ava Rebecca Hughes, Aaron Eastwood, Kimberley Warnat guest stars. 5 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE VI: Red Sky At Morning
Sam and Dean find themselves investigating a rash od drowning, where the victim was no where near water, with each reportedly seeing a ghost ship before dying. Meanwhile, Ruby once again gets in Sam and Dean's way. Eerie episode, it starts off extremely, but manages to pick up half way through the episodel Steve Archer, Tobias Slezak, Michael Denis, Steve Lawlor, Robert Moloney, Ellen Geer, Pater Grier, Samantha Simmons guest stars. 3 out of 5 stars
{Closer Look Available}

EPISODE VII: Fresh Blood
Sam and Dean must not only deal with Gordon Walker fresh out of prison, but also a vampire who turns unexpected women into his vampire wives, giving each woman no recollection of their nightly feedings, making them innocent. Terrific episode, great emotion is driven by the characters and it was a nice send off for the character of Gordon, very poetic. Mercedes McNab, Matthew Humphreys, Michael Massee, Clare Elliott, Katie Chapman, Jonathan Kralt, Natalie Minuta, Daniella Evangelista, Damon Johnson. 5 out of 5 stars

EPISODE VIII: A Very Supernatural Christmas
Well we knew we'd get a holiday episode, what better twist than to avoid the traditional Halloween episode and go straight for Christmas. Here Sam and Dean must face the evil brother of Santa Claus, who kill those who have been naughty. Nice little filler episode, we get to see more of how Sam(Colin Ford)and Dean (Ridge Canipe) were bought as there are flashbacks of them as kids. Spencer Garrett, Marrilyn Gann guest stars. 4 out of 5 stars. {Closer Look Available}

EPISODE IX: Malleus Maleficaium
A group of witches begin practicing dark magics against various people who have done them wrong and its up to Sam and Dean to stop them, unfortunately, one of the women are now possessed by something more powerful. Also Ruby returns to add some assistance and more of a cryptic message for the brothers. Ok, episode, not a favorite of mine. Rebecca Reichert, Marisa Ramirez, Robinne Fanfair, Jonathan Watton, Erin Cahill, Kristen Booth, Ken Tremblett guest stars. 2 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE X: Dream Little Dream Of Me
A Nightmare on Elm Street meets Supernatural, that's how it is to describe. Bobby is put into a dream state, where he is being haunted by the image of his dead wife(Elizabeth Marleau), who he killed years earlier when she was possessed. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam discover that if he dies in his sleep he will die for real, so now they must enter his dream to save him. Great episode, I really liked how we finally get more info about how Bobby became a hunter. Adrian Formosa, Damon Runyan, G. Michael Gray, Martin Christopher, Tammy Hui, Myriam Sirois, Cindy Simpson guest stars. 5 out of 5 stars.
{Closer Look Available}

EPISODE XI: Mystery Spot
Groundhog Meets Supernatural is the best way to describe this episode. Sam finds himself trapped in a time loop that resets every time he witnesses the death of Dean, with no control. Sam eventually comes to the conclusion that a trickster(Richard Speight Jr.) is involved, but not before several comedic death scenes for Dean. Excellent fun episode, it holds a great mix of comedy and serious drama in this one episode. Katherine Horsman, David Abbott, Derek Green, Denalda Williams, Dean Moen, Lloyd Berry, Rob deLeeuw, Brock Johnson, Andrew Mcllrov gues stars. 5 out of 5 stars.

Sam and Dean are put in jail by FBI Agent Henricksen, thanks to a tip by Bela and is than caught in the middle of an army of demons that are looking to kill the Winchester brothers. The Winchester also finds themselves against a new villain named Lilith, whose plans top that of Azazel(Yellow Eyed Demon). Excellent episode, features some pacing and keeps you on your toes. Peter Deluise, Amy Garcia, Val Cole, Rachel Pattee, Kurt Evans, Ron Robinson, Tyler McClendon, Stoney Westmoreland guest stars.
4 out of 5 stars {Closer Look Available}

EPISODE XIII: Ghostfacers
Ughhh Reality TV meets Supernatural. A group of wannabe ghostbusters begin to shoot a reality show on ghost hunting and run into Sam and Dean, who ar not too keen on being in the show. Horrible episode. Travis Wester, Dustin Milligan, A.J Buckley, John DeSantis, Austin Basis, Tony Morelli, Brittany Ishibashi, Dave Hospers guest stars. 1 out of 5 stars. {Featurette Available}

EPISODE XIV: Long Distance Call
Sam and Dean investigate strange suicides that occur shortly after a mysterious phone call has been placed. Meanwhile, Dean gets phone call as well and Sam must protect him and solve the case at the same time. I guess it does its job at setting up for the last two episodes of the season. We get a voice cameo by John Winchester. Ingrid Torrance, Eric Breker, Thomas Michael Dobie, Dawson Dunbar, John Shaw, David Neal, Anna Mae Routledge, Anjul Nigam, Tom O'Brien, Chrilyn Wilson guest stars. 3 out of 5 stars

EPISODE XV: Time Is On My Side
Two stories are going here and both mold well together. First, Sam is closer to finding a way to get Dean out of his deal, when he discover a Doctor Benton(Billy Drago), who harvest peoples organs to live immortally. Meanwhile, Bobby phones Dean and tells him of an ex-hunter named Rufus(Steve Williams), who knows where Bela has been hiding and decides to head that way without Sam. Great fun episode, I love the heart removal scene, it was edited well. Nathaniel Marten, Roan Curtis, Tiera Skovbye, Kaleena Kiff, Craig Veroni, Marilyn Norry, Kavan Smith, Terence Kelly, Adrian Holmes, Peter Birkenhead guest stars.
4 out of 5 stars.

EPISODE XVI: No Rest For the Wicked
Season 3 finale is here!!! In one last attempt to break Dean out of his hellish deal, the Winchesters meet up with Lilith and her army of demons to face them all. Great episode, the scene between Lilith/Ruby, Sam and Dean was amazing. We get our first mention of the Hellhounds in a way and the cliffhanger was great. The whole plot with the little girl and family was chilling. George Coe, Sierra McCormick, Jonathan Potts, Anna Galvin, Brad Loree, Peter Hanlon. 5 out of 5 stars.

Mercedes McNab(Fresh Blood)is best known for her vampire role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel.
Peter Deluise(Jus In Bello)is most famous for his role as Douglas "Doug" Penhall on 21 Jump Street.
The episode Jus In Bello was the last episode finished before the Writer's Guild Strike took effect, causing this season to be cut short by four episodes.
Brad Loree(No Rest For the Wicked)played Michel Myers in Halloween: Resurrection.

Hells Bells by AC/DC(Brian Johnson)
Running Through the Jungle by Creedance Clearwater Revival
Fool For Loving You by Whitesnake
Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison
Back In Time by Huey Lewis And the News
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas
½ December 14, 2009
Another success to the series that keeps up at the edge of your seat. Though six episodes short, it has the most shocking season finale yet! Great plot-line, good acting. Great action/adventure. But does not hold the same scares and pop-ups the first and second season held. Not scary at the least bit, but action keeps you still thirsting for more.
February 1, 2009
Supernatural is dark, edgy, scary and takes you to the very brink of sanity while maintaining and excellent sense of humour to always haul you back.
But by far the greatest thing about it is not the original plots, the sense of timing and wit, the amazing special effects, but it is the relationship between the two major characters. There is an amazing tense chemistry between the brothers that makes them seem as though they really could be brothers in real life and their acting is beyong the scope you would expect from a show like this.
It's the greatest to have hit our screens in years. Cant think of anything better
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