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September 10, 2013
In Australia this is known as Summer Dreams.

Seventeen year-old Robbie Zirpollo (Randy Wayne) is about to start his new summer job at Colorado's Water World, where he'll be working on the ground grew. Originally from the beach in California, Robbie and his mother (Lindsay Wagner) are looking for a fresh start after his father has made his own new beginning - taking the family's savings and his secretary to Mexico!

Waiting in line to get his new uniform, Robbie meets Alex a concessions worker who works for Aokee (Gabriel Iglesias) the manager of "Aokee's Surf and Snack Shack" and Tiffany (Cerina Vincent) the daughter of park owner Mike "Big Mike" Maxwell. She is drop-dead gorgeous and as the owner's daughter, does pretty much what she wants with lots of attitude. Robbie is clearly smitten.

When a position becomes available at the Snack Shack, Alex (Ben Ziff) convinces Aokee to give Robbie a shot when he learns that his new buddy is an awesome surfer. A gentle Hawaiian who works the park every summer, Aokee's dream has always been for a surfing competition in the park's wave pool. Tiffany's boyfriend Cowboy generally wins the coveted title hands down.

To prep his protege, Aokee gets Robbie together with the legendary "Pipeman" (Alan Thicke) the park plumber and former surfer who knows exactly how to make the transition from surfing the 'ocean' to surfing "the wave" at the Water Park. Robbie's summer fun is heating up, not only on the waves but also with Katie (Keri Lynn Pratt) who has a crush on the Californian golden boy.

also stars Joe Donohoe, Cara Edwards, Michael Amory, Patrick Ryan Anderson, Dave Aquino, Denis Berkfeldt, Bill Berry, Rebecca Borash, Barbie Champion and Ryan Fye.

directed by Bernard Murray Jr.
May 21, 2013
August 4, 2010
Quite possibly the worst movie ever made. Bow before your king, Kazaam.
½ August 12, 2008
Like Surf School, but worse...
½ February 26, 2008
The only reason I attempted to watch this steaming pile of **** was because it was filmed across the street from my house. I only made it about a half hour. The only thing going through my mind while watching this was "Why the hell did Water World let them film this crap in their park?"
October 12, 2007
it was corny yet good at the same time
August 16, 2007
5.5/10. A simple, and rather sweet little film. The cast is likeable, the acting isn't anything great, but it's not bad either. Harmless and entertaining.
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