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½ October 10, 2017
This sushi had a lot of worms in it!
February 28, 2016
Surprisingly enough, this was really, really good... just expected it to be just another B movie... but it honest to God surpassed my expectations.
January 6, 2016
I honestly enjoyed this film, despite the fact that it tries a bit too hard to be a Tarantino film. Considering how often imitated he is, at least this one is pretty good. The performances are a lot of fun, especially Mark Hamill's, and it's got plenty of blood to go around.
July 16, 2015
Luke Skywalker gets beat up...... and there's a naked chick who smells like raw fish!
½ April 24, 2015
Flawed for sure and trying way too hard to be Tarantino. But what makes it worth the watch is Mark Hamill's performance as Crow.
February 18, 2015
Didn't know it was so violent, with torture. Couldn't finish it.
January 31, 2015
Great Little Revenge Film....!
January 2, 2015
Fantastic thriller of diamond thieves trying to find out what happened to the spoils of their last heist. The acting is amazing (and Mark Hamil is extraordinary), and there are twists and turns aplenty as this mystery is slowly unraveled.

Highly recommended
December 23, 2014
Very much in the vein of Tarantino. Strangely entertaining if for nothing else to see Mark Hamill as a long haired, blonde psychopath and the always great Tony Todd.
May 9, 2014
One line summary: Excellent acting, but a weak plot; redeemed somewhat by the ending.


Fish has been in jail for six years, without his comrades from a diamond heist gone bad. He took the fall, he did the time, and now he's out.

Duke, Max, Francis, and Crow treat him to a sumptuous dinner in a reserved room. The food is sushi, served off the body of a naked young woman. The woman has been trained not to react to what the guests are doing, and this probably served her well.

Soon enough, the real reason for the meeting surfaces. The robbers had a bad accident: their van and a car encountered each other at speed. The gang's driver was killed, the other driver was dealt with by Duke, and the cops and firemen showed up quickly. In the process, most of the gang got away, but the diamonds seem to have gone missing. The ones who got away want Fish to tell them where the diamonds are.

There are many flashbacks as the details of the heist are rehashed, particularly the events surrounding the traffic crash. When Fish refuses to tell his erstwhile partners where the diamonds are, they decide to encourage his veracity by force.

Will there be a falling out among thieves?


Cinematography: 5/10 Perhaps this was done intentionally, as Tarantino sometimes does, but the visuals looked gritty and jumpy, rather sub-VHS quality. In other segments, the visuals were of reasonable quality.

Sound: 9/10 No problems.

Acting: 10/10 Mark Hamill, Tony Todd, and Noah Hathaway were great. In much smaller roles, Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, and Danny Trejo were fine. Cortney Palm also had a limited role, but it was pivotal to the overall effect of the film.

Screenplay: 4/10 The last five minutes were just exquisite. On the other hand, the characters played by Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, and Danny Trejo seemed to be vastly underused. The worst part for me was the disposition of the diamonds after the accident. It should have been abundantly clear where the diamonds were, and the whole extended torture sequence was unnecessary.
½ May 9, 2014
There's good Tarantino copycats, and bad Tarantino copycats. This movie was actually a pretty good Tarantino copycat, with hard graphic violence, dark humor, and also utilizing a colorful gang of characters.
½ May 6, 2014
A novel take on the film noire genre. I really enjoyed Mark Hamill's take on his character, as obscenely decadent as Hannibal Lectre without the body restraints. The musical score was well tailored to the movie, and the addition of Isaac Hayes', "Walk on By," at the end was choice. With little dialogue, only her body to speak for her, newcomer Courtney Palm, sizzled in her role. I just loved the ending. In fact, I enjoyed the movie so much, I created my own movie posters just for grins!
May 6, 2014
The Sound is AMAZING!!!!
May 6, 2014
'Sushi Girl' is the debut feature from writer/director/editor Kern Saxton and he hasn't held anything back. It makes Tarantino's 'Reservior Dogs' look like a Pg13 flick with no style (I know that comment will no doubt infuriate fans of Quentin; but hey, this is just my opinion and if you don't like it don't read it).

The film starts with 'Fish' (Noah Hathaway) fresh out of jail after a robbery that went pear- shaped 6 years earlier; and being 'invited' to a reunion with his former partners in crime for a night you won't soon forget. Seated at a table graced by the 'Sushi Girl'; laying naked if not for their meal covering her vital areas, is the ultimate group of bad guys you could ever get on the screen for a film like this.

At the table is Duke (Tony Todd), Francis (James Duval), Max (Andy Mackenzie), and Crow (Mark Hamill). Now i must say, Kern Saxton has brought out quite possibly the best performances I have ever seen out of these guys, period. As he slowly builds the tension between the characters; we are led through flashback during the 'meal', the background story that slowly twists and turns its way into a film that is certainly not for the faint hearted, so be forewarned. It well and truly earns it Ma15+ rating. I would normally think of 'Candyman' as Tony Todd's scariest character he's ever played till I saw this. His voice just carries so much depth without ever raising it, but when he does raise it in this film, your skin just crawls. I am certainly looking forward to what he does next in film as this is a true standout performance.

Mark Hamill, who I fondly remember as a child as Luke Skywalker, performs like you've never seen him before. He just chews through his dialog playing one of the more memorable torturers I've seen on film in a long time. I don't know where he drew his inspiration from for this character; but I think this film will do for his career, what 'Pulp Fiction' did for John Travolta .

James Duval also gives a sensitive and understated performance, with a character who seems to be able to just talk his way out of any situation.

Now to get to the stand out of all the bad guys, Andy Mackenzie. His character 'Max' is one man you don't ever want to get angry. This is the first film I have ever seen him in, his character really freaked me out. If you have ever met me, you will know that i'm not what you call a small guy. But if I ever, ever meet this character 'Max' in real life I would definitely wouldn't want to be interrogated by him. I would just spill the beans and soil my pants. Noah really had some balls to resist his type of punishment. Noah I remember from Battlestar as a kid. His performance I must say is Oscar worthy, how he held it together portraying his character Fish is beyond me. Man he can act, you can almost feel his pain that he is experiencing. His range of emotion, is remarkable.

The sound is wow. For a film that centers on a lot of dialog throughout the story, the 7.1 soundtrack on this film just rocks. If you have a chance to watch this on the big screen in 7.1 surround, boy are you in for a treat. Kern Saxton has really done his homework in getting you involved in a films atmosphere by getting the sound 'around you'.

The big question I must ask is? Kern Saxton, will there be a Sequel/prequel?

I did have the privilege of spending some time with the cast and crew of this feature during the Gold Coast Film Festival and Supanova last year, but there is no bias or privilege given in the above review. I have found that they are a great group of guys who enjoy their trade in entertaining us all.

Ps Destin Pfaff; you are a legend. I really did enjoy hanging with you and the guys. It was a weekend I will not forget.
May 6, 2014
Creative and clever! An amazing ensemble and a tight story make Sushi girl a very pleasant surprise. Nice to also see film with an ending that genuinely caught me off guard - loved it!
May 6, 2014
Fantastic film with great lighting, great tension, great acting, and fantastic story. And WOW! What a cast!
April 15, 2014
Sure, it's nothing Tarantino didn't do before: but it flows dry, without frills, to the point, showing the pretentiousness of its petty character and the ignorance behind a generic "idea of orient" and gives you the pleasure to meet again face-to-face on the screen Mark Hamill: from Skywalker to the killing version of Elton John. Serve it fresh.
April 6, 2014
Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase...

March 14, 2014
It looks like four-fifths of a reunion at a titty buffet in Tienanmen Square--Dishing out!!
Super Reviewer
½ January 30, 2014
Sushi Girl is a dull, bland exercise in gangster genre filmmaking. The film never is anything interesting or entertaining, and it squanders its cast on such a poorly written script. I really enjoy low budget films, but this film just lacked a truly engaging plot. Some of the cast were interesting, especially the casting of actor Mark Hamill, who is quite good in his role. However the film does leave a lot to be desired and everything just seems t5o fall flat. There never is anything to salvage the script. This film could have been terrific, but it just ends up being a pointless mess that never grabs your attention. As it is, it's a film that really relies on clichés and it's void of anything to really make it a standout feature film. The cast seem bored, and aside from Hamill, who like I said, was good, and amusing, every actor delivers dull, unimpressive performances that don't stand out. In terms of a crime film, Sushi Girl is forgettable and poorly crafted. This is a forgettable film, one that should have been good, but never becomes anything special because of its lacking script. Don't go into this one expecting a great film, you'll be disappointed. In the end, this film is awful and pointless due to the fact that it's just an overblown cliché from start to finish. We've seen this type of film before, and it's been done better as well. This film had plenty of potential, but it doesn't live up to what it should have been, and it ends up being a waste of time. Don't expect anything from this film, you'll sadly be disappointed.
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