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½ January 7, 2008
It's so sad that I can't find it on DVD anywhere!
November 25, 2007
The real title is, of course, The Scarlet Buccaneer...
October 28, 2007
Pirates - older 1970's style, but still great.
½ September 30, 2007
One great pirate movie that more people should see.
½ August 10, 2007
Great action Pirate Movie
August 2, 2007
I hope this movie is 102 minutes of Robert Shaw kicking the shit out of people. That would be a massively awesome movie.
June 18, 2007
Now that's a pirate movie!!! The opening sequence at the gallows alone merits my vote.
Super Reviewer
½ May 7, 2007
This movie is terrible!!! But for whatever reason, I really enjoy it.
May 1, 2007
Have it and love it...lots of adventure and action
March 20, 2007
Ooooh .. really want to see this.
February 17, 2007
Another Pirate movie. "Swashbuckler" is a another pirate action movie, but a good one. You get to see a younger and thinner James Earl Jones. James Earl Jones is good playing Nick Debrett. But Robert Shaw does a good job of being Red Ned Lynch. Peter Boyle and Beau Bridges in and play the villians well. Avery Schreiber of "The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour" plays one of the pirates. "Swashbuckler" is a fun fill action movie. A fun movie to watch.
½ December 10, 2006
didnt like this one.........
½ June 29, 2006
Hilariously piratesque and risque.
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