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½ May 29, 2018
I've always loved Alan Alda's style of writing, directing and acting. I really liked this 'feel good' film. Although he is getting on in age, I'd love to see him write, direct & act. Even playing Sen. Owen Brewster in The Aviator, a right wing senator, he was amazing & his role in the West Wing. He was up for a Academy (and should have won. As a liberal, he nailed the role. Alan is one of my favorite actors and regardless of being 82 years old, I sure hope he returns to the silver screen !
November 9, 2012
Fun lighthearted story with killer cast on their game.
April 15, 2012
With such an impressive line up including Michael Caine, Michelle Pfieffer, Alan Alda, Bob Hoskins et al, I was expected something at least amusing. I would have to say that this film offered my friend and I many laughs, but probably not of the expected kind... it was more like, "OMG how bad is this movie"! This one goes on the Special Shelf of Really Crappy Movies that get hauled out when I've had too much to drink and don't know any better. Frightful acting by Lise Hildboldt whose wide eyed, soppy smile and smug delivery made me wish I could give her a smack on the forehead with a spoon added to the hilarity. Alan Alda valiently gave us wise cracking, morally outraged Hawkeye Pierce in his native Crabapple Cove. As for Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins and Michelle Pfeiffer, what was their excuse? DId Alda have something over them? Was he calling in favours? Whatever it was, the adage, "You are only as good as your last movie" means that none of them would have included this on their CV! The best fun was picking out familiar faces in the extras, not least of all a couple of cast members from Scrubs Now I understand why this was in the $2 bin at Target!.
August 14, 2011
Tv's MASH Alan Alda wrote..directed and stars in this boring romantic comedy about a American history professor who's life is turned upside down when a film crew arrives in his town to make a moviie based on a book he wrote...NOTHING rings true in this movie and it's all very carbon copy by the numbers.
½ May 15, 2011
Great little trifle. Nice date flick, esp for those who love behind-the-scenes movie stuff!
May 13, 2011
I only watched this film for Alan Alda, he was alright, so was Michael Caine and Michelle Pfeiffer. I didn't really like this movie.
April 22, 2011
Though now an obvious companion piece to THE PATRIOT, I think SWEET LIBERTY was really Alda's chance to revisit M*A*S*H. It must've occurred to him during the production of M*A*S*H that he often took "sweet liberties" with the history of the Korean War in order to get a laugh, and I think the collective guilt of his many affronts to history must finally have caught up with him. Sure, SWEET LIBERTY is set in South Carolina, but really I think it's about Korea. And maybe that's one of the reasons it's not as funny as it might've been. It's allegory, when Alda probably had something more direct on his mind.
May 28, 2010
Charming film. Feather light, and shallow as hell, but its' sunny disposition makes it hard to resist

Alda stars and directs this movie about the problems a professor / writer faces when his beloved book about a woman living during the Revolutionary War, is transformed into a movie.

As the movie company takes over his small New England town at the start of summer, Alda soon realizes the cruel and sometimes silly compromises he is forced to make to appease the filmmakers.

Wonderful supporting cast headed by a luminous Michelle Pfieffer, that Alda falls for as the embodiment of his wartime heroine, but soon realizes she also is a facade

Bob Hoskins brings high energy as the Hollywood scribe who Alda fights with over every word and scene change. And old pro Michael Caine, as a womanizing cocky lead actor, could of been a cliche, but he brings delight and nuance to the role.

The end of the movie is bittersweet. The summer is over and the film company is packing up and leaving the small town, and we, and Alda soon realize, despite all the grief and misadventure, we will miss them.

For me, that's always the sign of an enjoyable movie.
February 18, 2010
Pretty consistenly amusing, although pretty light too. Lillian Gish is clearly having a good time in her small role, and the last 10 minutes or so are really hilarious. Also Bob Hoskins. This movie could have used a bit of a punch-up with the script or maybe about 10 minutes trimmed from it to quicken the pace a little bit. I did enjoy myself though.
January 4, 2010
Nice plot but a very boring movie. As much as Alan Alda is the man I am not surprised he doesn't do that many films.
August 12, 2009
Very funny, this film has all the things that make it an Alan Alda film. It is a film filled with good humour, romance, sex and the frustation seeing something you worked on for so long destroyed by Hollywood.
½ June 11, 2009
Great premise that gets lost in the execution. Starts out strong...falters fast....
May 25, 2008
A star-studded cast make this one worth watching.
March 21, 2008
God I hate Alan Alda. What a smug bastard he was! He goes around shagging loads of women (including - incredibly - Michelle Pfeiffer) and assumes he general public really would part with their hard earned cash to watch it!
Caine and Hoskins are admirable, but are obviously there just for the money. The script is average - but Alda, because he wrote and directed this trash is to blame for its shoddy delivery. He obviously wants to be the next Woody Allen, but he just doesn't cut it I'm afraid. Cool 80's music though.
Super Reviewer
March 16, 2008
what a cute movie with a young Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Caine, Alan Alda, and Lillian Gish.

This movie was written, directed and starring Alan Alda whom did a good job. Alda is a writer who's book is being turned into a movie with Caine and Pfeiffer. This movie shows what a Hollywood crew can do to a little town while filming...it is too crazy.
March 6, 2008
A good although over the top spoof of Hollywood. It has mild humour throughout and is an enjoyable watch.
September 5, 2007
I always enjoy Alan Alda - and once again - a story in a story + the final rebellion :D
July 5, 2007
I didn't really understand this one because I wasn't paying much attention or I was too young to get the vision.
April 27, 2007
A small town is taken over by a Hollywood production of a Civil War book written by Alan Alda's character. Michael Caine is a scene stealer as the actor chosen to play the lead in this film. Craziness ensues and so do the laughs. It's also hilarious how they change the factual script in order to attract the younger audiences.
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